How to Format iPad or Reformat iPad? – Fixed

You might get bored with the previously stored data on your iPad. If you need to refresh your iPad and get rid of junk and unnecessary files, format iPad can be a great way to be relieved. You can simply use iTunes or the Setting option can give you the perfect way to do this. However, if you want to sell your old iPad or to go to dump that, you should be careful about your private information stored or deleted previously on your iPad which might be recoverable. Therefore, you just need to know how to format the iPad or reformat the iPad in the best way to make the information unrecoverable by other people.

Your safety is in your hand, and this article can suggest a few great ways on how to format iPad efficiently. Three effective ways to format your iOS devices are discussed here in the following for your learning.

1. Reformat iPad using the default ‘Setting’ option

You can format iPad from the setting option of your iOS device. You can simply follow the below instructions step by step to learn how to format iPad easily.

  • #1: Press the Start button after unlocking the screen (if it needs any password).
  • #2: Click on ‘Setting’ from the menu.
  • #3: Go to ‘General’ from the Setting menu and then find ‘Reset’.
  • #4: Go to the ‘Erase All Contents and Settings’ option and click on it to format your iPad permanently.
  • #5: Now double press the button to confirm the format option.
  • #6: Your iOS device will be reformatted successfully.

After following the instruction successfully, your iPad will reboot, and you can enjoy your device again.

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2. Format iPad using iTunes on Your Personal Computer

You can use your PC to format the iPad using the most popular utility of iOS devices, iTunes. An easy step-by-step instruction can lead you to format the data on your iPad in an efficient way. Make sure to go through the following instruction to learn how to format your iOS device.

  • #1: Download iTunes for your personal computer from here and install the software.
  • #2: Launch iTunes on your PC and connect your iPad to your PC using a provided USB cable.
  • #3: Go the iTunes menu list and find your iOS device.
  • #4: From the iPad details page, go to ‘Summary’ tab and find ‘Restore’ button to continue.
  • #5: Choose the backup option if you need to backup for your iPad data or simply go for ‘Don’t Back Up’.
  • #6: Wait for finishing the process and you are done successfully.

At the final step of your step-by-step instruction, the formatting will start, and it will take a few minutes to remove all the iPad data. It will then restore the iOS on your iPad. When the iPad formatting process finishes properly, ‘Connect to iTunes’ will appear on your computer screen.

Is Your Data Privacy at Risk?

The above methods of formatting your iPad again raise few confusions in most cases. Whether the processes can delete all your data or there can be a certain risk of data recovery from your formatted iOS device!!

Reformat iPad offers you to remove all the stored data, apps, music, videos, and other files to some extent and you will have your iPad as you bought earlier. However, there might be an opportunity to recover your sensitive information from these format methods. This is undoubtedly a conscious exercise, though you are willingly wanted to reformat the iPad to format all your confidential information. Therefore, you need to secure your valuable data using a very powerful and efficient iOS data eraser.

iMyFone Umate Pro is a popular and the most effective iOS data eraser as your requirement. This fantastic small tool can get you rid of the security concern after formatting your sensitive information on your iPad. You need not worry whether anyone can access your data through recovery software. iMyFone Umate Pro is the perfect option for protecting your utmost privacy by removing and reformatting your iPad data permanently.

You can check what other features are offered to you with this small but powerful tool.

  • Erase all iOS files including videos, messages, music, private information permanently.
  • Clean your iOS device and make it completely unrecoverable.
  • Format WeChat and WhatsApp attachments of videos and photos, as well as messages.
  • Make free space on your iOS device by erasing all the temporary and hidden junk files, uninstalling apps, previously deleted information, etc.
  • This tool is widely compatible including iPhone XS and iOS 12.
  • 1-Click Cleanup offers you the easiest format iPad opportunity.
  • It allows to preview your data and erase them selectively.

Therefore, some easy instructions can lead you to reformat your iPad easily and securely using iMyFone Umate Pro.

3. Format iPad Permanently using iMyFone Umate Pro on Your PC

Follow the below steps to learn how to format iPad successfully with the most powerful tool which can ensure your data privacy. Please be reminded to backup your iPhone/iPad data before proceeding with iPad format if necessary.

Format iPad
  • #1: You can download the iMyFone Umate Pro free from here, or download full version for your Windows or Mac OS.
  • #2: Install the software on your PC and then launch it to continue the process.
  • #3: Connect your iPad to your personal computer with the USB cable.
  • #4: After confirming the connection of your iPad to the software, you can go for different modes for erasing your data.
  • #5: To format your data completely, Find the ‘Erase All Data’ option and click on it to perform the reformatting.
  • #6: Click on the ‘Erase Now’ button and confirm the process by typing Delete into the prompted box.
  • #7: Wait till your iPad to be reformatted and restore to fresh iOS.

Therefore, you can get your iPad completely removed from all types of private data stored on your phone. Data privacy is a great concern nowadays while selling or dumping your old iOS devices. Format iPad or reformat iPad with iMyFone Umate Pro to confirm that no one can access your 100 percent unrecoverable information.

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