How to Hack WeChat by the Best Wechat Hacker

In this article, we will show you different apps that you may use how to hack WeChat.

Why Hack WeChat?

Based on a fun fact trivia website, “Growing Wireless”; as young as two years old, parents allow toddlers to play and operate mobile phones. As early as eight years old, an increasing number of kids own their own smartphones. These eight years old basically know how to operate the call, text messaging, e-mail services, weChat, participate in centralized online games and even started to create social media accounts such as Facebook, or Instagram.

Many parents and guardians have relied on technologies such as televisions, computers, mobile phones, iPods, iPads, and other gadgets as their digital nanny. They all do these despite the negative issues brought about by exposure to technologies, because they can work conveniently, undisturbed by kids as long as they leave the child with a smartphone at hand. Or perhaps, they would not also want their kids to be left behind by other kids because that most of the kids in class own have Smartphones as well.

Although these gadgets are beneficial to parents, the problem with kids owning a mobile phone (how to backup your mobile phone) is that the possible exposure to online bullying, child predators, and other security risks.

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What is WeChat?

3 According to the website of WeChat, it has currently over 800 million user subscribers around the world. It is a messaging platform where all kinds of communication platforms are made available such as group chat; voice call, live video communication, and text messages (know more about SMS Spy).

With the 800 active million users of WeChat, probably a big portion of those are kids under 18 years old Who are vulnerable to sexual predators, online bullies, and identity theft frauds. How can you protect your kids? Don’t you wish you know how to hack WeChat, to check on your kid’s conversation in WeChat? What if your teenage daughter posted inappropriate photos that you would never have approved of? Don’t you hope that you can monitor her IG (Instagram) Account? Or perhaps, you also wanted to be an IG hacker or WeChat hacker, to monitor your kids’ IG posts on social media?

It is actually possible. Actually, with our current technology, everything is possible. What may seem impossible is now possible. We can now snoop on our kid’s, spouse’s, or employer’s mobile phones (how to rescue mobile phone data) to look after your family and business’ safety, security, and profit.

# 1 World # 1 WeChat Hacker – KidsGuard

When it comes to the WeChat Hacker, KidsGuard is sure to come at the top. This spying tool lets you spy on other’s WeChat conversations easily without any hacking techniques. Download and sign up an account for KidsGuard and then install it on your smartphone, then you can hack someone’s WeChat data effortlessly.

KidsGuard Pro

Why KidsGuard is the best tool for WeChat Hack:

  • It can monitor contacts, text messages, phone calls in one click
  • Social media including instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, and Live can also be spied aside from WeChat
  • You can also track the GPS location of your target phone and set Geofences
  • It’s allowed to preview videos and photos stored
  • Support stealth monitoring, that means the target phone won’t even know that their mobile is being hacked.
  • 100% compatible with all Android and iOS

Try KidsGuard

# 2 WeChat Hacker – How to Hack WeChat through mSpy

mSpy for Phones

  • Effective device tracker (using GPS System)
  • E-mail, Facebook, WebCat Hacker
  • Call, text message and contact monitoring
  • Real-time video, voice and camera hacker
  • Other device apps like installed games (top family games app), Office apps, etc.
  • Mobile application tracking

The most guaranteed- privacy and security device monitoring app is mSpy. Compared to the below-explained hacking applications, mSpy is the best of all. It does not only hack on social network app (how to hack Snapchat), but you will have full access to the targeted mobile or hacked device. This is a very effective hacking app that it could serve as your virtual nanny and snooping eye on everything the targeted device’s activities. It also fixes your problem with how to hack someone’s Instagram.


Steps on Wechat Hacking with mSpy

  • You can get mSpy software here easily
  • Download and install an app into your local Personal Computer (PC), and wait for the confirmation email from which were you registered your download and purchase of the app
  • Follow simple steps on setting up the installation of the mSpy app
  • Also, you have to install mSpy to the targeted phone or to all the devices you wanted to monitor and follow all activities, including hacking WeChat!
  • Just launch mSpy software, go to the main window page and click on “Track Devices”.
  • You will see the devices you installed with mSpy.
  • Just select a specific smartphone you like to monitor and check current activities.

mSpy basically replicate the mobile phone you hacked and connected all apps from your targeted device to your main source mSpy software. You are able to access all the apps your targeted device use. And view text messages, monitor calls (and even conversations), games (both offline and online games), keep track of social network accounts (like Facebook, WeChat, Instagram, among others anonymous chat apps), get hold of e-mail messages, check out photos/videos and audio recordings/music, and even control all that was installed the hacked device.

You can monitor the other connected smartphones, Android phones, iPod, iPad, and other devices through your laptop, or computer as your main source.

I was hesitant at first if the tool is able to deliver what it promised since I have little knowledge of technology and software. But mSpy is amazing!! Now, I can monitor my kids’ mobile activities and people they communicate with. With mSpy, I feel safe and secured.

Try mSpy

# 3 WeChat Hacker – How to Hack WeChat through “Account Hacker”

This is an app that is simple and yet able to do its job well to hack devices. Currently, Account Hacker launched a new version v3.9.9, and its WeChat Hacker tool can hack onto WeChat Account holder’s ID. Here are the simple steps.

How to Hack WeChat through Account Hacker
  • Download and install the Account Hacker app at
  • Launched installed app
  • Click on “Social Network” then choose the option “WeChat” found on the Main Screen of the Account Hacker app.
  • On the WeChat Account Hacker window type in WeChat User ID or e-mail address (used in WeChat Account). Make sure you know the e-mail and WeChat details of your account target.
  • Click on “Find Password“, and wait for the search result of the WeChat account password
  • In a few seconds, the app can retrieve the WeChat password account, and it will then be displayed on your screen.
  • Make sure to copy it, and you may use the password to log into the WeChat account you want to monitor.

It is simple, isn’t it? You do not have to be a genius to be a professional hacker to know how to hack the WeChat account password (Know more about Instagram Hack Password).

# 4 WeChat Hacker – How to Hack WeChat through “WeChat Spy Software”

WeChat Spy Software is an exclusive hacker for WeChat. It is limited to hack WeChat social network account, the same as the first app product, aspiring noob hacker; it is easy to operate and navigate.

How to Hack WeChat through WeChat Spy Software
  • Download and install WeChat Spy Software at on your computer. The downloaded file is still in its zip file form, so you still have to unzip it before clicking on the installation setup file.
  • Run the app, after successfully installed
  • The same as the above first product, on the main window screen of WeChat Spy Software, just enter WeChat account ID you would like to hack.
  • The App will provide you the WeChat account you needed to know the password.

And you are done!

# 5 WeChat Hacker – How to Hack WeChat through “WeChat Hack Tool”

This is an online hacker app that has two ways of how to hack WeChat.

A. First method:

WeChat Hack Tool does not need any download or installation to the local computer. This WeChat Hack Tool app can only be used by a newbie hacker through the website of the WeChat Hack Tool.

  • Simple visit WeChat Hack Tool website at
  • Enter WeChat user account ID
  • Click “Next” button
  • Before the password is displayed, short survey questions will be answered (probably as part of their marketing, advertising, and data mining strategy )
  • Finally, the password of the WeChat account targeted will be displayed shortly

B. Second method:

The aspiring hacker should have details about the mobile or phone number used by the target WeChat account holder. Using WeChat Hack Tool v3.2, you can do the same as the previously mentioned hacking app.

  • Download and install WeChat Spy Software at Follow each instruction during the installation process.
  • Launch the WeChat Hack Tool app.
  • On the main interface screen of the app, and enter the phone number of the targeted WeChat account.
  • Then click on the option “Hack It
  • The WeChat Hack Tool app will be able to give you the details of the WeChat account you wanted to hack into.
    How to hack WeChat, made really easy, right?