How to Record Xbox 360 Gameplay via the Best Xbox 360 Recorder

Microsoft has designed a new video game console called Xbox 360. It has many great features like network capabilities, a cordless controller system, 3 USB ports, RAM of 512MB. Additionally, it has an optional hard drive and capabilities of the media center. Plus, it has an audio processor of 32 bit and many other great features. It has eight times more memory as compared to the original Xbox.

If you wish to share your video games with your friends, then you should use your capture card to record all the games you like in high quality. Mentioned below is a way through which you can record gameplay by making use of Xbox 360 recorder. Also, you may like to know more about those best Wii games for kidsAndroid modded games, Android game hacker app, and how to Record gameplay on PC.

What is Xbox 360?

Before getting to know about the different ways through which you can record gameplay by using Xbox 360 recorder, let us first get to know about Xbox 360 and its features. Xbox 360 is a videogame console that has been created by Microsoft. This is the next console of the series of Xbox. This product has competed with Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 of Sony. It was first launched on MTV on 12th May 2005. Xbox 360 has features like Xbox live and online services. It is available on a subscription basis as well as for free.

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Features of Xbox 360

1) RAM of 512MB

This Xbox of Microsoft has eight times more memory as compared to the old Xbox. It provides quick access to the software of gaming.

2) Cordless controller system

If you have Xbox 360, then there is no need for you to worry about tripping because of the spread wires. It provides cordless controllers that can be operated in the frequency band of 2.4 GHz. This item is not present in all types of Xbox 360. At the time of using the cordless system, you can link a maximum of four controllers.

3) Network capabilities

It has a pot of Ethernet networking that enables you to link your home network with your console for media purposes and digital gaming. Additionally, Microsoft sells cordless networking adaptors, which will allow you to link to a wireless network.

4) Three ports of USB

Xbox 360 has two USB ports on the front and the third port of USB at the back that allows you to link devices like Sony PSP, digital camera, and iPod.

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Part 1: How to Record Xbox 360 Gameplay in the absence of Capture Card

This is one of the ways through which you can come to know how to record Xbox 360 gameplay. If you have a desire of recording online games, then you should definitely use the best Xbox 360 recorder – Filmora Scrn as it is a great video editor.

It is a screen recorder which can be used easily and is also very powerful. One of its best characteristics is that it can record games of high pace. Additionally, it can record webcam and screen recorder together at the same time. Moreover, it is a great tool that can be used for editing videos. Through the use of this tool, you can do basic editing & fix the issue of how to rotate a video in Windows Media Player as well as fix on the OBS studio black screen issue. Furthermore, you can add callouts, texts, and annotations. The users have an option of downloading its free version.

Part 2: How to Record Xbox 360 Gameplay by making use of the Capture Card

If you are looking for capture high definition gameplay, then you will require the help of a capture card as it has recorded as well as streaming capacities. For this purpose, you will require three things which are two cables of high definition multimedia interface, USB cable, and high definition device of Elgato game capture card. Through the use of this capture card, you can come to know how to record Xbox 360 gameplay.

Follow the steps mentioned-below for completing the connections from the computer to the Xbox.

1: Get your cable of the universal serial bus (USB), after place the end of the mini USB and then finally insert it into the output port of USB on Elgato.

2: Take one of the cords of HDMI and insert one of its ends in the output port, which is placed next to the mini-port of USB.

3: Now, take the second HDMI cable and place it inside the port of input on Elgato, which is placed near the AV input

4: Now, take the other side of the HDMI wire and insert it at the end of the Xbox console.

5: Now, place the second end of the USB wire and then plug it into the computer system.

6: Turn on your computer system and please ensure that you have downloaded the high definition software of Elgato Game. This is how you will be able to initiate the system of capture gameplay from your Xbox console.

So, these were the steps through which you can come to know how to record Xbox 360 gameplay with the best Xbox 360 recorder. After the completion of all the steps, it is advisable for you to take a trial. You can start the test preview by clicking on the button of record, where you will be able to watch the live streaming.


So above-mentioned were two ways through which you can come to know how to record Xbox 360 gameplay that records the gameplay of Xbox 360 in the absence of capture card and record the gameplay of Xbox 360 by making use of the capture card. Now, through the use of these two ways, you can play video games in high quality. Filmora Scrn is the great Xbox 360 recorder that helps you in recording the screen easily.

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