How to Remove Signatures from PDF Files Effortlessly

Why need to Sign & Remove Signatures from PDF Files?

As you know, the lives of professionals like doctors revolve around emergencies, and they do not get much time to sign prescriptions and other documents. Professionals like these take the help of applications in order to sign documents electronically. Not only professionals but you can also create your signature electronically with a signature generator application. These applications such as Wondershare SignX & other doctor signature generators are even used in business to get signatures electronically on a document of multiple signers. You can also use signature generator apps to create your e-signatures. It is not such a difficult task in today’s world as you get tools for every activity at hand.

Due to the advent of technology, you cannot only sign your document with an electronic signature but also remove it at your ease. So, there are situations where you look for different means to remove your signature but with no effect. It could happen with anyone like signature done in the wrong place or were not needed. Sometimes you want to remove the signatures of others from a PDF file. In situations like these, you have to take the help of a tool so as to remove signatures from PDFs. If you are looking for answers for “how to remove signatures from PDF”, then you have arrived at the right place.

You cannot perform this hectic task without the help of the right tools and the right procedure on “how to remove signatures from PDF“. There are various applications available on the internet to help you accomplish these tasks but better to go with the best ones. Wondershare has created a name for itself in the market of technology and then, what can be best than tools of this widely popular name. However, it is not a simple task as it may sound. So, read further on to tackle one of the most important aspects of electronic signatures.

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Solution A: How to Remove signature from PDF via SignX

Wondershare SignX can resolve all issues related to electronic signatures, which make it the best DocuSign Competitors in the market. This software helps you to sign documents more simply. The created signatures are as good as handwritten ones. You can create e-signatures with Wondershare SignX within a few seconds. The signatures created by SignX are secure and legally binding.

On the other hand, this tool even allows you to delete signatures created on the incorrect area. SignX is helpful when you need to send a file to multiple users to get their signatures. It makes the whole process cost-effective and really simple. It saves a lot of money as well as time. In this case, you do not have to courier papers to others just to get their signatures. So, what can be better than SignX when the idea “how to remove signatures from PDF” strikes.

Special features of Wondershare SignX:

  • SignX is very effective and fast as you receive documents immediately after signers done with it.
  • The complete signing process is highly secured due to the latest SSL technology.
  • You can allow an access code to enhance further security and then, only the assigned people could access the document and sign it.
  • The created signatures through SignX are legally valid and just good as the physical signatures.
  • You can sign documents from any device like mobile phones with the help of SignX. So, it gives you freedom and flexibility to sign documents even when you are not in the office.

Steps on “how to remove signatures from PDF”:

How to remove signatures from PDF? If you are struggling with this question, then read further on. To remove a signature from PDF, you need to follow certain instructions as stated below:

Step 1: Create an account

Initially, you have to create an account on SignX and then on the option “Send New Document“. Now, click on the browsing sign and upload your PDF file.

Step 2: Enter email IDs

After uploading your document, you can enter email IDs of signers whom signatures needed on the document. In order to add your signature, you have to tap on the option “I need to sign the document“. Now, press the button “Signature” to drag-drop your signature to the designated area.

Step 3: Remove/Clear Signature

In case, you have added your signature to the wrong place; you don’t need to worry about it. Just click on your signature in order to highlight and then tap on the button “X” present at the top right corner of your signature. However, you can even click on the button “Clear” to remove all signatures from the concerned PDF. Now, you have successfully solved your issue of “how to remove signatures from PDF”.

how to remove signatures from PDF Using SignX

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Solution B: How to remove signatures from PDF via PDFelement

There is another way to remove signatures from PDFs with the use of PDFElement. It is an important tool that helps in the overall management of PDFs in every aspect. This ultimate tool helps you to manage, create, protect, edit, and convert PDFs in various ways. Wondershare PDFelement also comes in handy to sign and remove your signature from PDF. This tool makes PDF management a lot easier in businesses. Read on to know “how to remove signatures from PDF”!

Special features of Wondershare PDFelement:

  • PDFelement is a perfect tool that lets you edit PDFs, edit a PDF in InDesign as well as insert PDF into word, and its every aspect like text and image.
  • It allows you to add or delete images and text within the file wherever you want to. It even helps you to change the text’s font.
  • This tool helps you to convert INDD to PDF and convert the PDF format to various other formats like PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, or Word.
  • It arrives with an OCR feature that helps to edit PDFs rich in images and scanned files.
  • You can apply your signature to documents to validate them and even protect those files.

Steps on “how to remove signatures from PDF”:

The process of removing signatures from documents is not a difficult task anymore with Wondershare PDFelement. In order to remove digital signatures from PDFs, you need to follow some simple steps as instructed below:

Get PDFElement

Step 1: Install the program

Firstly, you need to install the program on your computer. After launching it, click on the button “Open” to upload your signed document. Else, you can just drag and drop your PDF to the interface so as to open that file.

Step 2: Tap “Protect”

In order to erase all signatures from your PDF document, tap on the button “Protect” and after that, on “Validate All Signatures“. Now, all signatures will be removed from the document. You have successfully solved your issue of “how to remove signatures from PDF”.

how to remove signatures from PDF Using PDFElement

On the other hand, these tools are effective to add signatures to documents as well. You can make use of Wondershare SignX to add your signature to any document. It is a professional tool that helps you in signing any document within a few seconds. With SignX, you can send the same document to other signers in order to get their signatures on it. It is a highly secure program where you can assign a code to protect the document.

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Other characteristics of Wondershare SignX:

  • It allows you to save documents to the Cloud.
  • Help you to draw a pixel perfect and smooth signature.
  • It has a centralized dashboard to keep track of all activities.
  • It sends real-time notifications to users.
  • Create legal-binding electronic signatures only.
  • It stores templates that can be reused.

Now, you do not have to worry about “how to remove signatures from PDF” anymore. These two ways are effective methods to remove signatures effectively from a PDF file. You can choose any method to erase signatures from your PDFs. So, what are you waiting for? Just get your hands on Wondershare SignX and Wondershare PDFelement to sign any document as well as to remove your signature from PDFs. Download Wondershare SignX and Wondershare PDFelement NOW!