How to Restore New iPhone X from Backup in 1-Click

The new iPhone X is about to be released, and it is one of the most anticipated releases in the tech world this year. With the iPhone X, we see a lot of new and innovative features such as facial recognition and a whole surface screen, but we have also seen the removal of the iconic home button. One of the things that a lot of users are going to be wondering when the iPhone X is released is how to restore new iPhone X from backup so that they can transfer their data from their old iPhone straight over to their new iPhone X. We will be focussing on some of the different methods that you can use to transfer your data to your new iPhone, so let’s get right into it.
For people who didn’t make the backup regularly, you may like to know How to Transfer Data from old iPhone to new iPhone X directly.

Using iTunes to Restore New iPhone X from Backup

Before we go ahead and show you how to restore new iPhone X from backup using iMyFone D-Port Pro, we’re going to cover the basics and show you how to do so with iTunes. This isn’t the ideal method to use, but if you can only gain access to iTunes, it will get the job done, and it’s better than nothing.

#1 – Start by downloading iTunes on your computer, installing it, and connecting your old iPhone using the appropriate USB cable.

#2 – Once iTunes has loaded, allow a moment for your device to be detected and once it has been detected by iTunes, click on the device icon at the top of the program.

#3 – From the left menu, click on “Summary” followed by “Back Up Now“.

#4 – iTunes will now take a backup of all of your iPhone’s data. Once the backup has been taken, you can disconnect your old iPhone.

With this first section, you have discovered how to take a backup of your device using iTunes. However, to restore this backup onto your new iPhone X, follow the steps below.

#5 – Connect your new iPhone X to the computer with a lightning cable and allow a few moments for iTunes to detect this connection.

#6 – Once your iPhone has been detected, click on the device icon at the top followed by the “Summary” tab on the left panel.

#7 – From the menu that is shown, click on “Restore Backup“.

#8 – A window will now appear which gives you the chance to select a backup that you want to be restored. Select the most recent backup that you have taken and click on “Restore“.

#9 – iTunes will now restore the backup, and after a few minutes, you will find all of your iOS data transferred over to your new iPhone X.

Even though this method will get the job done, it still isn’t ideal, and we highly recommend that you use iMyFone D-Port Pro instead. Not only is it the best program to use to restore new iPhone X from backup but it is equipped with a lot of other useful features too.

About iMyFone iTransor Lite

As we previously mentioned, even though iTunes can get the job done, it is far from ideal. iTunes is not a reliable program, and by using it, you risk losing some of your valuable data, and for that reason, we recommend that you use iMyFone iTransor Lite.

This program is designed as an iTunes alternative and provides you with a lot of additional features that you don’t get access to when you use iTunes.

Using iMyFone D-Port Pro to Restore New iPhone X from Backup

Now that we’ve briefed you on what iMyFone iTransor Lite is, we are going to show you how you can easily restore new iPhone X from backup with the help of this program.

#1 – First, download and install iMyFone iTransor Lite on your computer and once it’s installed, launch it to begin.

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#2 – We will now use the program to take a backup of your old iPhone’s data, so go ahead and connect it now.

#3 – From the main menu of iMyFone iTransor Lite, click on the “Back Up & Export from Device” tab, and from the next menu which is shown, click on the “Make a Full Backup” feature.

#4 – You will be shown a short explanation of what this feature does and after reading this information, click on “Back Up” at the bottom right.

After a few minutes, the program will have successfully taken a backup of your device’s data, and once it has, you can disconnect your old iPhone from the computer. In the next steps, we are going to be restoring the backup that you have just taken onto your new iPhone X.

#5 – Next, connect your new iPhone X using the appropriate USB cable.

#6 – Using the left panel, click on “Restore Backup to Device“.

#7 – You will be shown a list of all the backups that have been taken using iTunes or iMyFone D-Port Pro. Select the backup that you had taken moments ago and click “Next” to proceed.

#8 – You will be given two options to select for restoring the backup. For this method, we will be using “Restore Full Backup“, so click on that now.

#9 – The following display will provide you with some basic information about this process and after reading it, click “Next“. The selected backup will now be restored to your iPhone X.

In less than a minute, you will be able to find all of your data transferred and available on your iPhone X. If you only want to restore some of the data that is stored in the backup that you had taken, then you can select the “Restore Partial Backup” and selectively restore the data using this feature instead.

Other Features of iMyFone iTransor Lite

Now that we have shown you both of the methods to restore the new iPhone X from backup, we are going to show you some of the different features that are included in iMyFone iTransor Lite.

  • Data Backup and Restore. In just one click, you are able to take a full backup of your iOS device’s data or even restore a backup that you have taken to your device.
  • Compatibility. You don’t have to worry about your device or computer not being compatible with iMyFone D-Port Pro. This program is compatible with Windows computers (a Mac version will be released in the near future) and is compatible with all iOS devices!
  • Selectively Restore iCloud Backups. You can also use iMyFone D-Port Pro to restore your iCloud backups selectively. After the backup is downloaded, it is scanned, and you can select the data that you want to have restored to your iPhone X.

If you didn’t download the program to try out the methods that we showed you before, make sure that you go ahead and download it now so that you can get a hands-on experience with each of these features; you won’t regret it!

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To Conclude

Over the years a lot of iTunes users have begun to look into some of the different iTunes alternatives that there are due to how iTunes isn’t reliable and is full of problems. It’s understandable that iOS users want to do this and luckily, iMyFone iTransor Lite is the perfect alternative. Not only can you use this program to restore the new iPhone X from backup but you’re able to extract data from backup files to your computer, as well as selectively take backups of your device’s data. Whether you’re looking for an iTunes alternative or you’re just looking for a tool that is designed for data management, it’s definitely worth checking out iMyFone D-Port Pro.