How to Reverse a Clip in Premiere Pro With Ease

In the video editing field, you can notice that different trends come into play from time to time. The reverse effect is one of those recent trends which is embraced by many video editors across the globe. Are you a novice video editor and wondering how to reverse a clip in Premiere Pro? Well, this is just the article you should read on.

As you already know, Adobe Premiere Pro is an exceptionally powerful and sophisticated video editing tool. With this tool, your video editing possibilities are endless. However, using Adobe Premiere Pro is not the most convenient task if you are a beginner. That is why many of the novice individuals keep asking how to reverse a clip in Premiere Pro. Well, if you wonder how to do that, you can follow the step-by-step guidance we have mentioned.

How to reverse a clip in Premiere Pro: the step-by-step guide

You can follow the steps mentioned below and get a clip reversed in Adobe Premiere Pro.

First, launch Premiere and click on the file menu. This menu lets you select the clip you intend to reverse. If not, you can simply use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + I.

Now, at the bottom left of the main screen, you will be able to see the imported video.

how to reverse a clip in premiere

You should then drag the respective video clip into the panel located at the top left. If not, you can simply double click on the video already placed in the bin.

Now, just click on “Insert” or drag the video down and place it in the sequence.

As of now, you will see that the respective clip appears in the sequence. After that, you should right-click on the same.

Now, you should adjust the speed and the duration of the playback of the clip.

how to reverse a clip in premiere

You will then see a separate popup on the screen. You don’t need to change any of the configurations on this popup. The only change you should make is to check the “Reverse Speed” option.

Now, you should click “OK” to complete the process.

Voila… your clip is now reversed.

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Let’s be frank though!

It is true that Adobe Premiere Pro comes with loads of features and a great reputation. However, there’s one catch with this professional software. Adobe Premiere Pro can be pretty complicated particularly for novice users. Although they offer a trial period, it is considerably shorter. Therefore, many users look for alternatives to Adobe Premiere Pro. If you are such a user and you are looking for an alternative to Premiere, try FilmoraPro, which can also fix how to reverse a clip in Premiere Pro for you.

In fact, FilmoraPro is a professional video editing software that comes with plenty of features to impress users. Any video editor will be glad to use Wondershare FilmoraPro because of its large number of tools. Moreover, many users consider FilmoraPro to be exceptionally user-friendly software. So, for those who are looking for professional AND user-friendly software, FilmoraPro is a perfect solution. When it comes to applying an effect like reverse video, FilmoraPro is an impressive option. Apart from applying the reverse option, this tool can even change video speed as well. Also, it can change the size of your video as well.

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Features of Wondershare FilmoraPro

There are plenty of features associated with Wondershare FilmoraPro. Listed below are those features for your reference.

Video Editing

  • Unlimited tracks can be added to videos and then apply transitions and other effects.
  • Advanced editing mode to slip, slide, stretch, ripple effect, etc.
  • Range makers to add effects to in and out points
  • It also lets you group videos based on your requirement
  • With the Isolating video from audio so you can edit them differently
  • Hotkeys feature to create a better workflow
  • Split Editing to make your videos look more sophisticated

Audio Editing

  • Fading audio of the respective clip with various fading techniques.
  • The Audio synchronization combines a camera and audio devices.
  • The Mixing feature to mix and fine-tune the audio of the preferred video.
  • You can improve the quality of the sound simply by using creative presets or customized settings.
  • Noise reduction that allows you to reduce unwanted noise off your audio project.


  • You can enhance the color of the video using the color wheel.
  • The ability to create their own animation presets or using a one which is already available.
  • Color correction feature.
  • Reduce color branding.
  • Visual cinematic effects.

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In addition to that, it comes with an excellent workspace that is perfectly customizable. With such an approach, you can expect better productivity from your software. Thanks to customizable shortcuts, you will be able to make it more efficient. It also supports multi-monitor support so you can work with sophistication.

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A step-by-step guide to reverse video clips using Wondershare FimoraPro

Although it is exceptionally easy to reverse video clips using Wondershare FilmoraPro, we thought of providing a step-by-step guide. By following this guideline, you will be able to get a video reversed within a couple of minutes. You will see how easy it would be to reverse a video clip using Wondershare FilmoraPro.

  • Import the video clip you intend to edit or reverse.
  • Then, you should drag the clip into the timeline of the software.
  • Find the effect called “Reverse” located at the Effects library.
  • In order to reverse the video clip, you should drag the option “Time Reverse” into the timeline.
  • If you intend to reverse the audio clip, you should use the filer “Audio Reverse” and drag it.

That’s it!

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Conclusion on How to Reverse a Clip in Premiere

As you might see, both Premiere and Wondershare FilmoraPro have some superb features to impress any video editor. If you are a novice and wonder how to reverse a video clip in Premiere Pro, things would be a bit hard. In this case, it is better to look for simplified software like Wondershare FilmoraPro. It is an affordable, convenient and efficient software for any user. More importantly, it comprises of loads of features that suit any video editing project. Also, find out how to Freeze Frame in Premiere, and as well, here is the best Online Video Cropper for you to try.

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