OnePlus 3 Root | How to Root OnePlus 3 & OnePlus 3T

If you love the Android phone, you would be aware of how OnePlus had changed the Android market forever when it was launched. Many users quit their loyalty to Samsung and switched to OnePlus forever. OnePlus never disappointed its customers as it had all the state of the art features and it gave an absolute value for money. Also, OnePlus provides great customer service and you do not have to wait forever to buy the OnePlus phone as the company maintains high stock. Apart from OnePlus, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X have also left their mark on the consumers soon after they were launched. The manufacturer of these phones delivers the best quality products with impressive specifications at affordable prices.

No doubt that OnePlus phones are powerful gadgets in themselves, but won’t it be amazing if you could unleash the entire features of such an awesome product? In other words, how would you feel if you could have access to even the restricted features of your Smartphone? It will let you do anything you want, install the restricted applications, and access features that are normally restricted. All this can be done if you root OnePlus 3 phone as it gives you full control over your phone.

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How to Root OnePlus 3 & 3T with dr.fone – the best OnePlus 3 Root?

You may find several programs in the market that can let you root OnePlus 3 or other Android phones, but they make you follow innumerable tedious steps. The complicated process of rooting an Android phone or tablet with such software often discourages the users to stay away from rooting. Moreover, many of these rooting programs are not reliable and safe as they cause data loss during the process of rooting. On the other hand, you can trust the OnePlus 3 Root – dr.fone – Root for OnePlus 3 Root.

dr.fone – OnePlus 3 Root gives you an amazing ‘One Click Root’ feature that lets you root your Android device in just one click. In addition to rooting, you can use this software to backup all your data of your Android device to your PC. This including backing up all kinds of data such as photos, contacts, videos, messages, document files, applications, games, media files, and much more. Therefore, even if you lose your Android phone in any case, you do not have to lose all your memories and other precious data. Above all, dr.fone lets you manage your data with its Phone Manager so that you can have better control over your data with the amazing features of this software.

Features of dr.fone

dr.fone – OnePlus 3 Root is amazing software that provides the following features:

  • You can backup your photos, videos, contacts, text messages, media files, document files, and much more to your PC and recover them easily whenever you want.
  • You can export, import, and manage your contacts, text messages, reply to your messages on all platforms using your PC, de-duplicate your contacts with dr.fone-Phone Manager(Android).
  • One-click Root function of the software lets you root OnePlus 3 and any other Android phone with just a single click so that you can have complete control of your Android phone or tablet and access its deepest features.
  • The Phone to Phone transfer feature of dr.fone-Phone Transfer lets you transfer all kinds of data such as photos, music, videos, contacts, and messages between two phones. The software supports both iPhone and Android phones for this feature.
  • Using the App Manager, you can import, backup, install or uninstall your applications in batches.
  • The iTunes Manager of the software lets you sync your audio files from iTunes to your Android phone. You can also transfer music from your Android device to iTunes.
  • dr.fone is absolutely compatible with more than 6000 Android phones and tablets running on Android version 2.2 to Android version 8.0 for brands such as OnePlus, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, Sony, etc.
  • You can download the free version of this program before buying the advanced version.
    dr.fone lets you have complete access to any Android phone by rooting the phone easily.

How to Root OnePlus 3 using the Best OnePlus 3 Root tool – dr.fone Root

You can root the OnePlus 3 phone using the dr.fone toolkit in just a few simple steps. Follow the guidelines given below to root your phone:

Step 1: Download the dr.fone and install it. The process of installation is very simple and safe and is completed in just a few minutes.

Get dr.fone – Root

Step 2: Run the software and enter the “Root” function.

Step 3: Connect your OnePlus 3 phone or OnePlus 3T phone to the computer using a good quality USB cable. The software will recognize your phone and it will appear on the homepage. You will see the name of your phone on the homepage.

Step 4: Click ‘Root Now’ tab.

Step 5: You will see a warning message stating, ‘After rooting your device, you have full access to the entire system and can run special types of apps that require root permissions. Caution: Rooting may affect your device warranty. Are you sure you want to root your device?’. You need to click ‘Start’ if you want to proceed.

Step 6: You need to wait as the rooting process takes place. While the rooting process is going on, do not disconnect your phone from the PC and do not use your phone as it may restart several times. While the software gets root access to your phone, let the phone be connected to the PC without interruption; do not move your desktop or laptop.

Step 7: When the rooting process is complete, you will be notified of the same. As you saw, it is really simple to root OnePlus 3T or any other Android phone with dr.fone-Root. The One-Click Root feature of the software makes the tedious process of rooting so easy. You must download the free trial version of this program and try it once.

Pros of the OnePlus 3 Root – dr.fone-Root

The advantages of this software are innumerable as you could see in the entire article.

  • You can have more safety for your data as you can backup the entire data in just a few minutes with dr.fone. You may lose your phone under any unforeseen circumstances, but having all your data backed up in your PC gives you mental relief that you do not have to rebuild your memories and other data.
  • The software is capable of performing several functions at one time, so you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on every new function. But the other software is capable of performing only selected functions, and they require you to pay more to access more functions.
  • The dr.fone toolkit is capable of multitasking, which means that you do not have to stick to one function at a time, such as root OnePlus 3, Sony Xperia Root. Some of its functions can be performed simultaneously, for example, Backup and Restore Android Phone Data, Transfer Music from Android to iPhone 7 Plus, and so on.

Get dr.fone – Root