How to Rotate Video Android Based Devices & Rotate Video iPhone Based Devices

Each one of us likes to click pictures or make videos. Some like to take selfies while others’ gallery is full of pictures of plants and sky. For most of us, our go-to device is our phone itself. It becomes inconvenient to carry big and bulky DSLR’s around with us. The Smartphone’s camera quality these days is at par with that of DSLR’s. Besides, you could always Photoshop the pictures and edit the videos, later on, to make them look better.

You might have noticed that some of the videos uploaded on social media sites like Facebook appear sideways when you play them. But, when you play the video on the phone, it plays normally. This can be fixed very easily with the help of apps that help rotate video Android-based devices or even rotate video iPhone.

How to rotate video iPhone and rotate video Android

It is a universally accepted fact that iPhones come loaded with a great camera. It is often the reason that customers choose one brand over the other. The camera is often the selling point of these Smartphones. HD camera makes it very easy and convenient to record videos in high quality. They all come with a great back and front-facing camera which are also used extensively for taking selfies.

Smartphones have replaced big bulky cameras that people used to take on trips or in everyday life as well. With the growing presence of social media, people want to share their experiences in video or photo format. You might have observed that sometimes pictures and videos upload sideways on Facebook but, they play just fine otherwise. This is because unknowingly the phone must have gone into portrait mode.

In this article, we will explain to you in simple ways how you can rotate video iPhone and rotate videos Android.

Part 1: How to Rotate Video iPhone Based Devices

The easiest way to do rotate video iPhone would be through using iMovie. It is compatible with all iPhone models from iPhone 5C to the latest iPhone X. However, it is not free to download for all models. If you own an older model like the iPhone 4 or even 5, you will have to pay in order to use the app which is not ideal for everybody. You could search up alternate apps which can be downloaded from the Playstore to rotate video iPhone. They are as follows.

rotate video on iPhone

Vlogit is a great video-editing app that can easily flip videos for you.

After downloading any of these apps, you can run the app and follow the app screen wizard to rotate video iPhone.

Part 2: How to Rotate Video Android-Based Devices

This problem is very common among Android-based phones as well where once the video has been uploaded it plays sideways. This problem can be solved as easily on Android phones as it can be on iOS. The following apps will help you rotate video Android-based devices.

App 1: VivaVideo

VivaVideo is among the best video editor app that can rotate video Android that is available on the market today. By using this mobile app, you can beautify recorded moments and save memories that you will one day look back on. It has well over 400 million downloads which in itself is an accomplishment. It is not only popular among beginners, but it is quickly becoming a favorite of professionals as well.

You get to choose from millions of themes, music, fonts, and stickers. You could use these to enhance the appeal of your videos. The themes and music will give your videos a professional look. It can help impress your co-workers or even friends. And it has over 2000+ new songs. – This app allows you to rotate video Android and also rotate video iPhone. It is available on both Playstore as well as the Appstore.

rotate video Android with VivaVideo


VivaVideo’s amazing user interface and a variety of editing tools set it apart from every other tool out there.

  • Video Editing – The app provides various tools through which you can make changes to your videos. You could cut, trim, duplicate, merge, make collage or loop video clips on your storyboard.
  • Video Effects – There are well over 1000+ components which allow you to alter your videos. You could use important features like background blur, animated texts, fonts, fade-in, and fade-out, etc. There is also music-editor available.
  • Slideshow – By allowing you the cool feature to create slideshows, you can turn boring simple pictures into an entertaining video. This could also help you at work.

New Features

  • You can crop and rotate video Android, and rotate video iPhone while editing.
  • Video importing performance is more than 200%.
  • You can also adjust the clip speed while editing.
  • Media file scanner helps you to find music and videos faster.
  • The best feature of this rotate video Android app is that it is free.

App 2: AndroVid Video Editor

AndroVid is an app for video editing. It has a very interactive user interface that can be used by beginner editors as well as experienced ones. You can also use this app to rotate video Android devices. This app is not available on iOS which means that it cannot rotate videos on iPhone. AndroVid is a very efficient app that gets the work done for you.

rotate video Android with AndroVid Video Editor


  • It can trim your videos for you with a few simple clicks.
  • This app allows you to merge multiple videos into one so you don’t have to switch in-between multiple videos.
  • It lets you edit and delete certain parts from the video.
  • You can also split your video into two or more parts.
  • It offers you a set of different video effects that will help enhance the look of your video.
  • You can also play music over videos, which is a great feature to use when you are making videos for a special occasion.
  • You can easily and conveniently sort your videos by their name, duration, size as well as the date.
  • The trial version comes free of cost.
  • It can also rotate video Android for you so you can still use the video and it does not go to waste.
  • You can use frames from the videos and use it as your wallpaper or phone/ computer background.
  • The biggest feature of this app is that it is available absolutely free of cost to everybody. However, that does mean that it displays ads which can be a hindrance.

Part 3: How to Rotate Video on Windows PC and Mac using Filmora

iMovie is only available for Mac and iPhone. You could rotate a video shot on an iPhone on iMovie. But, iMovie is not compatible with Windows if you wanted to rotate video iPhone on Windows. Windows Movie Maker is an app similar to Apple’s iMovie. It is much easier to download a third-party app called Wondershare Filmora. It will be really helpful especially if you want to make other changes to the iPhone video.

Filmora is capable of trimming your video, applying video effects, and adding background music among many other features. All these pro-editing and video-enhancing features make Filmora a great tool for not only flipping videos but also doing basic editing to make your videos appear better. Filmora offers a free 30-day trial that you should definitely try out.

It is an all-in-one Samsung video editor that provides the user with powerful performance and a variety of features to choose from. This app can also rotate video Android devices. It could also rotate video iPhone models. This variety of features and styles were always used mainly by professionals until Fimora made it available to beginners as well and made it easier to use and understand.

Filmora Features

  • It has a very easy to use drag-and-drop feature which makes the app easier to use for professionals as well as beginners.
  • It also supports animated texts which you can apply after you rotate video Android or rotate video iPhone.
  • The filters and overlays can help in making your videos much more appealing.
  • Filmora offers unique visual effects which enhance the quality of your video once you rotate video Android or rotate video iPhone. There are over 100 effects that you could choose from.
  • The design for the best MKV cutter  is user-friendly and fresh.
  • The functions and features of paid, as well as unpaid apps, are the same. However, in unpaid version, there will always be a watermark on your videos.

Download Filmora


  • In order for you to transfer the videos, connect your device to the computer.
  • The files will automatically be transferred and loaded for you.
  • Click on the video two times to open the window where you can rotate video Android or rotate video iPhone
  • You should be able to rotate the video with the left and right options.
  • Click okay once it is done to save the video.

Also, if you wonder How to Make Video Look Like Film, Filmora can help you too.

By using the apps mentioned above and software, you can rotate video Android-based devices. You could also rotate video iPhone as well. After you are done rotating the videos, you could always use the apps to better your video. The editing apps as mentioned earlier offer some great features. Using filters can make your videos appear better. Using music on your videos could help set the mood and a certain vibe. You could also use such apps for office work like creating presentations etc. These apps are used by professional editors as well as beginners.