How to Switch from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus) With Ease

Every few months, new and innovative mobile phones are being released to the public. There are quite literally thousands of mobile phones available at the moment, and that number will only continue to grow. Because of this, more and more people are making the switch from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8, and vice versa. Now, if you’re someone who values the data which they have on their mobile phone, then this can be a problem. Neither iOS or Android have features which allow for you to transfer cross-platform, and so comes the need for dr.fone – Phone Switch. So, on that note, let’s jump right in and take a look at how to transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8.

Part 1. How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus) in One Click by dr.fone – Phone Transfer

The program that we’ll be focussing on for the switching process is dr.fone – Phone Transfer; a third-party program which has a keen focus on data management and thus allows data transferring between devices to be done very easily.

Before you begin to follow the steps below, make sure that you have downloaded and installed the program. There is a free version of it available, so there’s no reason for not trying it out for yourself!

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Step #1 – Start things off by launching dr.fone, and connecting both the iPhone as well as the Samsung Galaxy S8 devices.


Step #2 – The main menu will display four different options to choose from. For this method, we are going to be using the “Phone Transfer” option, so go ahead and click on that.

Transfer data from iPhone to Galaxy S8 Plus

Step #3 – The next display requires the most attention. Both devices will be shown, and it’s important that the “Source” device is your iPhone, and the “Destination” device is your Samsung Galaxy S8. If that isn’t the case, click on the “Flip” button at the top.

Step #4 – Next, select the different types of data which you would like to have transferred using the menu in the middle of your display.

Note: due to compatibility issues, you are not able to transfer mobile applications or applications across iOS and Android platforms, and thus neither can be transferred during this process.

Step #5 – If you’d like to have the Samsung Galaxy S8 wiped before transferring data, make sure that the “Clear data before copy” box is checked. If you just purchased the device, this isn’t necessary. Click “Start Transfer” when you’re ready to begin.

Switch from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8

Step #6 – A window will then appear on the program allowing you to track the progress of the switch from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8. It’s important that during this time, you do not disconnect either of the devices as this can result in data corruption.

Step #7 – Once the transfer is complete, you will have successfully and quickly learned about switching from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8.

dr.fone is one of the easiest programs to use, and as you can see from the method above, there are no difficulties at all. Simply follow each of the steps accordingly, take your time, and in no time at all, you will have learned all about how to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8.

If you find yourself struggling with the method, our suggestion would be to go back to the main menu and simply guide yourself around the program for a few minutes. You’ll quickly get an understanding of how to use some of the different features and afterward, should have no issue with the Phone to Phone transfer.

Part 2. Taking a Backup After Switching from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus)

After you’ve taken the time to switch from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8, you have to make sure that you back up your data regularly. There are many different ways to take a backup for both iPhones and Android devices.

For iPhone devices, you can use either the iTunes program or you can use the free iCloud service. The only catch with using iCloud is that not only are you limited to the data size of the backups which you take, but you will be uploading your backup through an internet connection, and so it takes longer.

For Android devices, you are able to connect your device to a Google account and upload your backups to a service that is similar to iCloud. Again, this limits you in the sense that it takes longer and uses your internet connection. Alternatively, Samsung Kies is available and is the iTunes equivalent of Android.

Aside from the limits, there is virtually no reason for you not to take a backup of your device once you learn how to transfer data from the iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

What dr.fone Can Do

Aside from the fact that dr.fone is the perfect tool for switching from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8, there are several other features that make the program perfect.

Data Backup & Restore. Not everyone is a fan of iTunes or Samsung Kies. In fact, there are so many issues with both of these programs that the majority of mobile phone users would rather look elsewhere. With dr.fone – Android Backup&Retore, you can take a backup of your device’s data and if need be, you are able to restore that backup too.

Erase Your Old iPhone. After purchasing a new phone, there’s no need for you to have the old phone lying around when you aren’t using it. Due to this, most people choose to either get rid of their device or sell it. Regardless of how you get rid of it, it’s always a good idea to completely wipe the device so that none of your data is recoverable.

There’s no argument when it comes to saying that dr.fone is a must-have program and if you don’t try it out for yourself to switch from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8, then you’re missing out.

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