Top 3 Ways on How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung

Purchasing a new mobile phone can be an incredibly exciting thing to do. You get to experience a completely new device and discover everything which it has to offer. That being said, it can also be a very frustrating experience. The thing is, while new mobile phones are being released every few months and they are being equipped with some of the most innovative features that we’ve ever seen, they still lack the ability to easily transfer data between themselves. With this in mind, our focus in this article is going to be showing you how to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung easily.

Method 1: How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung by Samsung Smart Switch

The first method that we’re going to be showing you is with Samsung Smart Switch.

Samsung Smart Switch is an application which is designed for transferring data between Samsung devices and also allows you to transfer data from a Samsung device over to an SD card. While this isn’t the most convenient method to use, it gets the job done.

Make sure that you have installed Samsung Smart Switch on both the old Samsung device and the new Samsung device before you follow the steps below.

Step #1 – After installing Samsung Smart Switch on both of your Samsung devices, launch the application.

Step #2 – Now, you will be shown two of the application’s features to choose from. On your old device, tap on the “Export to Galaxy device” option. At this stage, you don’t have to do anything on the new Samsung device.

Step #3 – You will now be able to select any data types which you want to have transferred from the old device to the new. For this method, you are only required to select “Contacts” and after doing so, tap “Transfer.”

Note: although the only necessary data type is “Contacts“, selecting any of the other available data types won’t have an impact on the process. If you want to transfer all data, you should select the “Select All” box at the top of the menu.

Step #4 – After you have started the transfer process, the new device will detect a connection and will immediately begin to receive your contact information. You can track the progress of the transfer using the bar at the top and can see how long is left using the “Remaining Time” indicator.

Step #5 – Once the process is complete, the progress bar will no longer be shown.

Step #6 – Check your device to make sure that you have successfully transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung, and once you’re sure that the process was successful, you can remove the Samsung Smart Switch application from your device.

This method may be tedious, but if you don’t have access to a computer or for whatever reason can’t use either of the programs below, this will get the job done for you.

Method 2. How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung by dr.fone Switch in 1-Click

The next program that we’re going to be introducing you to is dr.fone – Phone Transfer.

This program is developed around transferring data between two devices and can even transfer data between Android and iOS devices without running into any compatibility issues.

Before you start following the steps which we have shown you below to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung, you should make sure that you have downloaded and installed dr.fone on your computer.

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Step #1 – After you have dr.fone installed, launch it for the first time and connect both of your Samsung devices using the respective USB cables.


Step #2 – On the main menu of dr.fone you will be able to view all of the primary features which the program includes. For this method, click on the “Switch” feature on the left.

Step #3 – From the following display you will be able to select any of the data types which you want to be transferred from your old Samsung device to your new Samsung device. Check the “Contacts” box and click “Start Transfer” to begin.

Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung

There are a few things worth noting at this stage of the process.

  • You can select any other data types that you want to have transferred without the process being impacted
  • If you have data stored on your new Samsung device which you want to have completely wiped before your data is copied, check the “Clear data before copy” button below the “Destination” device.
  • Make sure that your devices are in the correct locations to prevent your contacts from being overwritten. If the “Source” and “Destination” devices need to be flipped, simply click on the “Flip” button at the top of the program.

After checking each of these things, you are ready to continue with the how to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung process.

Step #4 – A tracking window will then appear on the program’s display which will allow you to track the progress of the transfer.

Note: it’s important that during the data transfer, you don’t disconnect your device as this could risk data corruption. If you have to disconnect your device, click on the “Cancel” button first. This will prevent your data from corrupting.

Step #5 – Once the progress bar reaches 100%, you have successfully transferred all of the selected data from your old Samsung device onto your new device.

This method is efficient, fast, and allows you to select a range of different data types to transfer. If you want to keep data such as your photos, videos, and any other personal data that you have stored on the Samsung device, then this method is one of the best choices.

Which Method to Use to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung?

We’ve shown you two different methods today, all of which are effective and get the job done. Which so many great methods, it can be difficult to decide which one to use.

Our suggestion is that you use dr.fone – Phone Transfer. Samsung Smart Switch, while effective, relies on transferring data over an internet connection which is ineffective whereas dr.fone use your computer to transfer data to your device directly.

On top of this, dr.fone – Phone Transfer provide you with a lot more features than Samsung Smart Switch does and because of that, they are generally more useful than the application which we discussed.

About dr.fone

Below we have listed some of the other features which dr.fone – Switch has to offer which make the program truly unique.

Erase Your Old Phone. After transferring all of your data from your old Samsung mobile phone, you have no use for it. If you want to sell the mobile phone and make some quick money, then it’s important that you wipe all of the data off of it beforehand. With dr.fone – Erase(Android), you can completely wipe all of the data from your Samsung device so that it can’t be recovered.

Backup and Restore. Are you looking for an iTunes alternative? With dr.fone – Android Backup&Restore, you can take backups of your device’s data and restore those backups too.

Transfer iTunes Media to Device. This feature lets you transfer media from your iTunes library to any of your devices. Even if you have an Android device, dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android) lets you transfer your iTunes library onto it without compatibility issues arising.

There’s no doubting that this program goes a lot further than just being able to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung. If you haven’t already tried dr.fone out for yourself, then you should undoubtedly go ahead and download the free version of the program now.

Learn more about dr.fone

To Conclude…

All in all, knowing how to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung is a very useful skill to know as it can stop you from having to transfer data between your old and new devices manually. By using the methods that we’ve shown you above you are able to save yourself a lot of time, make the process a lot less stressful, and enjoy your new Samsung device as it should be enjoyed.