How to Transfer iPhone to iPhone XS Max (XS, XR) in 1-Click

Are you thinking of getting a new iPhone from the newly launched iPhones ranges? The Apple has launched a new range of iPhones for the year 2018. The three iPhones such as iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max come with some of the advanced features. The iPhones XS and XS Max are going to bring a revolution as these come with so many features, which you cannot think of. The new range comes with features like Super Retina display, iOS 12, a Neural engine with A12 Bionic, dual cameras on the back, dual SIM slots, and many more. We are not surprised if you have already got hands on this phone of advanced technology. Before trying out its amazing features, you might be worried about how to transfer iPhone to iPhone XS Max (XS, XR).

In this article, you will know the three different ways to transfer all your data from old iPhone to new iPhone XS Max (XS, XR). These methods will allow you to transfer everything from your old device to this new one. These methods are secure as you would not lose any data during the transfer process.

Part 1: How to transfer iPhone to iPhone XS Max (XS, XR) without iCloud or iTunes

If you want to transfer your data from old iPhone to the new one, then you can make use of the two amazing applications for this purpose. The two applications that might be really helpful for you are dr.fone – Switch and dr.fone – iOS Transfer.

If you are an iPhone user, then you must know how complicated it is to transfer the data from one device to the other via iCloud or iTunes. Using these two Apple services, you cannot customize the transfer of data as per your choice. So, you can choose one of these dr.fone applications designed by Wondershare for a hassle-free transfer. It offers an easy solution to all your problems related to smartphones.

Special features of the dr.fone toolkit for iOS:

  • In order to use this toolkit, there is no need for any technical knowledge due to its user-friendly GUI.
  • dr.fone – Transfer helps in transferring data like contacts, images, videos, messages, and music while dr.fone – Switch helps in additional data transfer like web bookmarks, notes, voicemails, calendar, and many more.
  • It offers the feature of selective data transfer, and hence, these apps are time-saving.
  • Do not read your data and therefore, you can transfer data without worrying over private information.
  • It offers 24*7 customer support.

Method 1: Transfer data via dr.fone – Switch

This is an ultimate solution on how to transfer iPhone to iPhone XS Max (XS, XR). This application allows you to transfer data from one device to another in just a single click. It takes just a few minutes for the data transfer, which makes it quite a reliable tool. Using some of the simple steps, you can do the hectic task of transferring data in an easier way.

Unique characteristics of dr.fone – Switch:

Steps on how to transfer iPhone to iPhone XS Max (XS, XR) using dr.fone – Switch:

Follow these easy steps to transfer data from one device to another:

Step 1: Download the application

Firstly, you have to download the application dr.fone – Switch from their official site on your Windows or Mac system.

Get dr.fone – Switch

Step 2: Connect your devices

Secondly, after launching the application, you need to connect both of your devices, i.e., the old as well as the new one with your computer system. Then, look for the tab “Switch”.

Step 3: Look for a snapshot

After connecting the devices, the software will automatically detect both of the devices. You will see a snapshot of both devices on the screen. Make sure before moving on further; the old device should is shown as the source while the new device as the target one. If not so, then you can interchange the selection through the option “Flip”.

Step 4: Data selection

After that, you need to select the content that you want to transfer between these devices and then, tap on “Start Transfer” to start the transfer process.

Step 5: Keep the connection secure

The process will start automatically for data transfer. Until the transfer process gets completed, you cannot disconnect the devices in between.

Step 6: Look for a notification

When the transfer gets completed, you will get a notification on the screen for that. Now, you can safely remove your devices.

Method 2: Transfer Data via dr.fone – Transfer

This iPhone XS File Manager also helps you to transfer your data from old iPhone to iPhone XS Max (XS, XR). It offers other features as well for managing your iPhone, accessing important documents, or many more. It is useful for an efficient and selective data transfer.

Unique characteristics of dr.fone – iOS Transfer:

Get dr.fone – Transfer (iOS)

Steps on how to transfer iPhone to iPhone XS Max (XS, XR) using dr.fone –Transfer:

Step 1: Go to the module “Transfer”

After launching the toolkit, go to the module “Transfer” and connect both your devices to your computer.

Step 2: Ensure the selection

The software will automatically detect both of your devices. To check this, look at the left corner of the software. You have to ensure that the source device is the old one whereas the new one is the target device.

Step 3: Selective transfer

This application comes with different options for each and every type of file such as music, videos, photos, apps, etc. If you just want to transfer just music files, then choose the tab “Music” and the same goes for other options like photos and videos. You will see a list of all the music files by clicking the tab “Music”.

Step 4: Select files

Now, you have to make a selection of those music files, which you want to transfer from your old iPhone to the new one. Then, click on the icon “Export” located on the app’s toolbar.

Step 5: Transfer the information

In order to transfer information like contacts and messages, you have to choose the tab “Information“.

Step 6: Choose the export option

After choosing the files, you have to click the option “Export” and then you have to select one option from the given choices. You can export the files on your computer and import the same on your device afterward. Your data will get transferred to your iPhone from the old device.

Part 2: How to transfer iPhone to iPhone XS Max (XS, XR) with iTunes

If you have used iTunes before, then you know how tedious it is for use. It is designed by Apple for free, but it is really complicated to use. It is used by many iPhone users regarding the problem, how to transfer iPhone to iPhone XS Max (XS, XR). There are various reasons that people do not prefer this option for transferring the data. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • It does not come with a user-friendly interface, and this consumes a lot of time.
  • It does not offer selective data transfer.
  • Get interrupted due to errors or issues in between the transfer process.
  • It erases data from the device.

Even so, you can still use it for the data transfer from your iPhone to iPhone XS Max (XS, XR).

Steps on how to transfer iPhone to iPhone XS Max (XS, XR) using iTunes:

Step 1: Launch the program

Firstly, you have to install the latest version of iTunes and launch it on your computer. Now, connect your old device to the system.

Step 2: Select the device

Now, you have to select your phone from the section for devices and then, go to “Summary”.

Step 3: Choose the option “This Computer”

After that, you have to choose the option “This Computer” rather than “iCloud” present in the backup section for creating a backup.

Step 4: Click the option “Back Up Now”

Now, you have to choose the tab “Back Up Now” to create a backup of your all data on to your computer.

Step 5: Connect your new iPhone

In order to transfer the data from your old device to the new one, you have to connect your new iPhone to the system after removing the old device safely. Select the new device and go to the window “Summary”.

Step 6: Tap on the button “Restore Backup”

In the backup section, tap on the button “Restore Backup”. After this, you will get a pop-up asking for the backup choice; you need to tap “Recent” for restoring the backup.

Step 7: Click on the button “Restore”

Now, click the button “Restore” and your data will get automatically restored on the new device, but the existing data on your target device will get deleted.

Part 3: How to transfer iPhone to iPhone XS Max (XS, XR) with iCloud

Using iCloud, you can also transfer your data from your old iPhone to your iPhone XS Max (XS, XR). It offers a free space of 5 GB to every iPhone user by default. If you want to transfer data of more than this limit, then you need to buy more space for that. It does not offer the option for selective data transfer, and this process is also very time-consuming.

You can transfer data through iCloud in two ways either by iCloud sync or with iCloud backup.

Method 1: Transfer data via iCloud sync

In order to transfer data from your old iPhone to new iPhone, you can sync all your data with iCloud. For this, you have to turn on the data sync with iCloud. Once your data get backed up on iCloud, you can sync the same on your new device.

You have to go to your settings and then click on the tab “iCloud”. Now, you have to turn on the options for syncing messages, contacts, photos, etc. Your data will be available on iCloud after that. You have to follow the same procedure to sync your data on the new device by using the same iCloud account.

Method 2: Transfer data via iCloud backup

In order to transfer data using iCloud backup, go to the iCloud settings of your old iPhone. Tap on the option “Back Up Now” to create a backup on iCloud. Your data will get saved on your iCloud account.

Now, put in the login details of your iCloud account on your new device. You have to proceed with the same account and agree to the terms and conditions to restore from iCloud. Now, all your data from the previous device will get restored to your new iPhone XS Max (XS, XR).

Thus, all these methods will provide you with all the possible solutions for your problem on how to transfer iPhone to iPhone XS Max (XS, XR). It is quite easier to do the data transfer with the dr.fone toolkit for iOS that offers two options to choose from. Download the toolkit for an easier transfer!

Learn more about dr.fone


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