How to Transfer Photos from iPhone X to Windows Easily

Just over two weeks ago Apple finally announced that they are going to release the iPhone X as well as the iPhone 8. The iPhone X has shown to be one of the most innovative mobile phones out there, and there’s no doubting that everyone is going to be jumping at the slightest chance of them getting themselves on. One of the key features of the iPhone X is that Apple majorly upgraded the camera – thus, many people are curious about how to transfer photos from iPhone X to Windows.

It’s a question that we’ve all been wondering about. iTunes just doesn’t cut it anymore and given that Apple continues to leave iTunes full of bugs, it’s not worth your time to use iTunes. In today’s article, we are going to be showing you some of the different methods that you can use to transfer the photos that you have taken with your iPhone X onto your Windows computer.

# 1. How to Transfer Photos from iPhone X to Windows In a Batch

For the first couple of methods, we are going to be using dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS). This third-party program is exceptional when it comes to data management not only for all iOS devices but Android devices too. After we show you how to transfer photos and selectively transfer photos, we will discuss some of the other features that you get access to when using this program. You will definitely want to get your hands on it!

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone X to Windows

The first method that we are going to be jumping into will walk you through how to transfer photos from iPhone X to Windows. As we mentioned previously, we are going to be using dr.fone for this and this method is by no means difficult – definitely worth looking at if you’re looking for an iTunes alternative!

Prior to following our guide below, make sure that you have downloaded and installed dr.fone for Windows on your computer so that you are ready to continue. Also, dr.fone for Mac is for people who would like to know How to Transfer Photos from iPhone X to Mac.

Get dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

#1 – Connect your iPhone X to your computer using a lightning cable and launch dr.fone when you’re ready to get started.

#2 – Once the program has loaded, click on the “Transfer Device Photos to PC” feature from the main menu under “Transfer” Option.

Backup All iPhone Photos to Windows PC

#3 – A window will appear. Use this file explorer to select a file location where you want to have the photos to be saved.

#4 – Click “OK” after you’ve selected a location and instantly, your photos will be saved on your computer.

This is a fantastic method to use for transferring your photos, especially if you are someone who takes a lot of photos with their iPhone. On the other hand, if you want to selectively transfer your photos to prevent yourself from having to wait so long, you can do that with dr.fone too.

# 2. How to Transfer Photos from iPhone X to Windows Selectively

Selectively transferring photos from your iPhone to Windows is beneficial for a lot of reasons. Not only does it allows you to transfer the photos that you want to transfer, but it stops your limited computer storage from filling up so fast. With the guide that we have put together for you below, you can select the photos that you want to be transferred with dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS).

Before following these steps, download and install dr.fone on your computer.

#1 – Start by connecting your iPhone X to your computer using a USB cable and launching dr.fone to begin.

#2 – Once you have the program open, click on the “Photos” tab on the top panel.

#3 – Using the menu on the left you can browse your albums. Take a minute to select all of the photos which you want to transfer.

Export iPhone Photos to PC Selectively

#4 – After you have all of them selected, click on the “Export” button followed by “Export to PC“.

#5 – A file explorer window will then appear. Select a file location where you want the photos to be saved and click “OK“.

#6 – After a few seconds of data transferring, the selected photos will be stored on your PC.

Just like the first method that we showed you, this is an incredibly easy method to follow, and within less than a minute, you can have any of your iPhone photos saved on your computer. With this method, you save yourself time and storage space!

# 3. How to Transfer Photos from iPhone X to Windows 10 PC

Not everyone is interested in using a third-party program such as dr.fone, which is entirely fine. However, the only other options that you have is to use either iTunes or the default Windows features. With this method, we will be showing Windows 10 PC users how they can use built-in features to transfer their photos from an iPhone to a PC.

#1 – Make sure that you have iTunes installed on your computer, if not install it now. Connect your iPhone using a lightning cable.

#2 – Open up a “Windows Explorer” window and using the left menu, click on the “This PC” destination.

#3 – Your connected storage devices will be shown. Double-click on your connected iPhone and double-click on the “DCIM” folder as well.

#4 – The photos that are stored on your iPhone will now be shown. Select all of the photos that are stored on your iPhone that you want to transfer.

Note: to select multiple photos, hold down the CTRL key while selecting photos.

#5 – Right-click on any of the selected photos and click “Copy“.

#6 – Create a folder on your desktop, or wherever you want to store the photos, and open it up.

#7 – Now that you’re in the folder, simply right-click on the white space and click “Paste“.

It’s clear that this method is not as efficient than if you were to use dr.fone, but it gets the job done. Of course, the benefit of this option is that it’s already setup on your computer and ready to go, hence why it’s a popular option for many.

# 4. How to Transfer Photos from iPhone X to Windows 8 PC

Just as with Windows 10, if you have Windows 8 installed on your computer then there are built-in features that allow you to transfer photos from an iPhone to your computer. Simply follow our steps below and find out exactly how to get it done.

#1 – Connect your iPhone to your Windows 8 PC using a USB cable.

#2 – Once your iPhone has been detected by the PC, open up a “Windows Explorer” window and click on the “This PC” option from the left menu.

#3 – From here, right-click on your iPhone and click on “Import pictures and videos“.

#4 – Your iPhone will be scanned and once the scan is complete, check the “Review, organize, and group items to import” option.

#5 – At the bottom-left of the window, click on “More options” and select a location to save the photos. Click “Next” to proceed.

#6 – You will now be able to view all of your photos. Either select all of your photos or selectively click on the photos that you want to be transferred.

#7 – Lastly, click on the “Import” button and after a few minutes, you will be able to find your photos in the designated storage folder.

Unlike with Windows 10, you don’t have to have iTunes installed for this method. As a result, it’s easier to use this built-in feature than with Windows 10, and it isn’t a difficult method either.

# 5. How to Transfer Photos from iPhone X to Windows 7 PC

Our last method in this article is going to be to show you how to transfer photos from iPhone X to Windows 7 PCs. Since the release of Windows 10, there hasn’t been a lot of people using the Windows 7 platform, but it’s still handy to know these different methods.

#1 – Start by connecting your iPhone to your PC, and once it has been detected, an AutoPlay window will appear.

#2 – From this window, click on the “Import pictures and videos” option.

#3 – On the following screen, click on “Settings” and change the album to “Camera Roll“.

#4 – Lastly, click on “OK” and all of your photos will be transferred from iPhone X to Windows 7 PC.

The downside to this is that all of your photos are transferred and that it doesn’t allow you to transfer your photos selectively.

As you can tell from the different methods that we have shown you, there’s always a way to transfer photos between your device. Regardless of whether you want to transfer photos using dr.fone or not, you can get the job done.

More Features of dr.fone Toolkit for iOS

Before we wrap up this article, below are some of the other features that dr.fone has to offer.

  • If your iTunes library corrupts due to updating iTunes or a computer virus, you can use dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS) to rebuild your iTunes library.
  • One click for iPhone X data backup & restore. Just learn How to Import Photos to iPhone X in 1-Click here.
  • Just purchased the new iPhone X? Transfer all of the data from your old iPhone straight over to your new iPhone X with dr.fone – Phone Transfer.
  • Spend only a few seconds installing your favorite apps with dr.fone’s batch app installer (you can batch uninstall apps too!).

To Conclude

It’s important that you know how to transfer photos from iPhone X to Windows for a lot of different reasons. Not only can it help save storage space on your iPhone, but it allows you to have a safe backup of your photos too – incredibly important in the event of data corruption or losing your iPhone. Although our recommendation is to use dr.fone toolkit for iOS, any of the methods which we have shown you will work.