How to Unlock iPhone 6S Plus Without Passcode

Have you got an iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone 6 Plus that is locked by a carrier service provider?

Don’t worry. We have composed this article to announce to you the good news. That means, in this article, we are going to explain how to unlock iPhone 6S Plus.

However, when it comes to unlocking your iPhone, you should adhere to a safe and reliable method.

Otherwise, you could end up causing more harm than good. Some of the tools used to unlock iPhones come with hidden agendas as well.

However, we have done some research for you and found excellent tools to unlock iOS devices. In fact, there are three options listed in this article that can save money as well as time.

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Part 1: How to Unlock iPhone 6S Plus using DoctorSIM

One of the most effective tools we have found during our research is DoctorSIM. This is a superb tool particularly to unlock an iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 6 Plus.

As of now, they claim to have unlocked a large number of iPhones of different models. DoctorSIM claims to have the ability to unlock devices of different carrier services no matter where they are.

Features Associated with DoctorSIM Unlock

  • This is a simple but efficient way to unlock your iPhone 6S Plus or other devices
  • It is claimed to be a completely legal service
  • Your device’s warranty will not be breached even after unlocking the device
  • Their service is valid in more than 60 countries across the globe
  • It doesn’t affect the privacy of your data stored in the device
  • It works perfectly no matter whether the device is jailbroken or not

Let’s See How to Unlock iPhone 6s Plus with DoctorSIM Now.

how to unlock iPhone 6S Plus with DoctorSIM

1) Define the Brand of the Device

Before everything else, you will have to select the device you intend to unlock. Assuming that you have to unlock an iPhone 6S, select the model accordingly. The brand will be displayed under the Apple logo. However, if you have a device of a different model, select the brand accordingly.

2) Select the Service Provider and Model

After defining the brand, you will have to select the device’s model. Since this article is about “how to unlock iPhone 6S Plus, choose iPhone 6S. Now, you should fill in the other information as well. You will have to fill in information such as the country, network provider, etc.

3) Select the Payment Plan

As the next step, you will have to choose a payment plan as well. Of course, their service isn’t for free, and you will have to make a payment to get their services.

4) Enter the Device IMEI and Your Email Address

The next step is to find and enter the IMEI number of the device you intend to unlock. To do this, you should get hold of the device and dial *#06# on the device. You will receive a unique code. We should remind you that the device’s IMEI number is different from the number that appears on the package.

Also, be sure that you enter the exact IMEI number displayed on the device’s screen. After entering the IMEI number, you should also provide a valid email address. Please be sure that you have access to the email address you provide in the given field.

That is because the unlock code will be sent to you at this email address. Take time to read the terms and conditions and their privacy policy. To proceed, you should agree to the conditions.

So, tick the box and then add it to the cart. Through this option, you will get the opportunity to check if the respective device has a bad IMEI.

5) Get the Unlock Code

As the last step, you will have to wait until you receive the unlock code on the email address. Please note that this code will be on your email address after making the payment only.

Usually, it takes about 24 hours to get the unlock code on your email address. However, the duration might vary depending on various reasons. After receiving the unlock code, you will be able to enter it on the device. Then, you can easily get the device unlocked and use it without any trouble.

Get DoctorSIM

Tip: What is IMEI? IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique code assigned to each mobile phone manufactured regardless of the brand. Through the IMEI number, you can acquire all the important information related to the device.

Part 2: How to Unlock iPhone 6S Plus using IMEIDoctor

IMEIDoctor is another powerful tool that has the ability to unlock your iPhone 6S in a legitimate manner. In fact, this service communicates with Apple’s database and whitelists your IMEI number, which has been blacklisted. Because of this feature, the iPhone you use won’t be locked again.

More importantly, you can even update the OS of the respective device without getting locked. It can also be synchronized with iTunes if you need to do so.

As of now, IMEIDoctor can unlock pretty much all iPhone models, including iPhone 6S. It works even with iPhone 4, for your information.

How to Unlock iPhone 6S Plus using IMEIDoctor

Here are the simple steps you should follow to unlock your iPhone 6S Plus or another device.

Select the Model and Network

As the first step, you should visit IMEIDoctor (their official website) on any web browser. Then, you will have to select the iPhone model and the device’s network, which is currently locked. Then, press the button labeled “Unlock“.

Enter the IMEI

As the next step, you will have to enter the IMEI number of the locked device. To obtain the IMEI number, you should follow the steps we have mentioned in Part 01. Then, you should enter the IMEI number on the given space and click on the option “Unlock Now”. You will then be directed to the payment page.

Make the Payment

After the payment, IMEIDoctor‘s system will communicate with Apple’s database. Then, your device’s IMEI number will be whitelisted, allowing you to use the device once again. However, please note that this process can take up to 5 days.

Some users claim that the process took little more than 24 hours though. You will receive a notification on your email account once the process is completed.

Get IMEIDoctor

Part 3: How to Unlock iPhone 6S Plus using iCloud Activation Lock

The third option we mention here is quite different from the previous options we have explained. In this case, we will be utilizing the option iCloud activation lock. The steps to this method are mentioned below for your reference.

1) Go to Their Official Website

To start the process, you should visit their official website – Then, you will be able to see a nice interface that is not complicated at all. To begin the process, you should click on the option “iCloud Unlock” from the left pane.

2) Enter the IMEI and Other Information

Now that you have clicked on “iCloud Unlock“, you are directed to a different page. On this page, you will have to provide some information related to the device. For instance, you will have to enter the model of your handset and IMEI number.

Assuming that you need to unlock an iPhone 6S Plus, select the model accordingly from the interface. Then, you should enter the IMEI number of the device as well. We hope that it is not necessary to explain how to obtain the IMEI number once again.

how to unlock iPhone 6S Plus with OfficialiPhoneUnlocks

3) Make the Payment and Get the Unlock Code

Once all the information is entered correctly (which is really easy), you will have to wait. In general, they send you the unlock code within 1-3 days. This code will be sent to the email account you have already provided during the process.

So, it is really important to provide a valid email address to which you have access. After getting the unlock code, all you have to do is enter it on your device, and voila!

Get Official iPhone Unlock

Well, that is exactly how to unlock iPhone 6S Plus or any other iPhone. All these methods we have mentioned have gained a decent reputation from thousands of users already.

We encourage you to visit their official websites and get an idea about what they offer.


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