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iPhone Backup Unlocker: How to Unlock iPhone without Password

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Setting a password for an iPhone is the safest and easiest method to protect the data of your phone such as contacts, photos, text messages, videos, notes, and other documents. However, these days you have so many passwords for each app that you have to remember, so there is no doubt that you forget a few of them. iPhone also asks you to enter the password to unlock your iPhone backup, but you may forget the password of your iPhone backup, which is quite common for several iPhone users. What if we forget the iTunes backup password? You do not have to worry when you have a quick method to fix the problem on How to unlock iPhone without Password.

How to unlock iPhone without password by using the iPhone Backup Unlocker

Your backup for the iPhone is locked by Apple with a unique tool. That is why; if you want to unlock your backup, you need to use any of the third- party tools. Presently, the easiest and most efficient method to unlock the backup is iPhone Backup Unlocker created by Tenorshare. Thousands of people have used this tool and benefitted from it. You can use this program to unlock the backup for all iOS devices such as iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5. If you do not want to invest in the advanced version of this software, you can download its trial version as well. You can unlock your iPhone backup without password in just these simple steps:

Method 1 for “How to Unlock iPhone without Password” by iPhone Backup Unlocker

Step 1
Download the iPhone Backup Unlocker program and install on in your PC.

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How to Unlock iPhone without Password
Step 2
Add the ‘Key Container File‘ to the iPhone Backup Unlocker. Press the ‘Add‘ button given on the homepage of the program. The software will automatically find and detect the directory of your Key Container File. You just have to click the relevant file and conclude importing the file. FYI, the Key Container file is the file generated by Apple when you had set the password for iTunes backup. In case this file is rifted, you can unlock your backup code for iPhone successfully.

Step 3
Now select the ‘Password Attack Type‘ and define your settings accordingly. You can choose from three kinds of attack for your software to unlock your iPhone backup file. You can choose from:

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  • Brute- force attack: The program will try all the possible combinations of your possible password. This method typically takes more time to guess your password.
  • Brute- Force with Mask Attack: For this approach, you need to customize the characters, numbers, and symbols, etc.
  • Dictionary Attack: With this method, the software quickly find your password from the customized or inbuilt dictionary.

GPU Acceleration: The software improves the process of decryption with the GPU acceleration.

Choose the type of attack and set up your Settings. For instance, when you choose ‘Brute- force with Mask Attack‘ and ‘Dictionary Attack‘ from these options, you will be given the ‘Settings‘ tab to adjust the settings according to your preference.

Step 4
Click ‘Start‘ after you have selected the required option. For instance, you can select ‘Dictionary Attack‘.

Step 5
Click the ‘Settings‘ button and define your customized settings. You can use the built- in dictionary or a customized dictionary file. If you do not know about the dictionary file, you can click on ‘What is dictionary file‘.

Click ‘OK’.

Step 6
Click ‘Start‘ tab given at the bottom of the homepage to start the program. If the software runs successfully, you will be able to see your password in just a few minutes. Now, you can use the displayed password when iTunes asks for the password in order to unlock the backup file for your iPhone.

iPhone Backup Unlocker
When the password is detected, you will see the following message on the screen:

‘Congratulations! The password has been found successfully. Please use it to unlock your backup file now!’

You can use the ‘Copy‘ button to copy the password shown in the given space. You can also click ‘Open Password Folder‘ to open the intended folder, or click ‘OK’ to exit the wizard. The last tab titled ‘Recover data for iTunes backup file‘ can also be used to proceed to recover your data.

Other Methods for “How to Unlock iPhone without Password”

There are other methods to unlock your iPhone backup file apart from iPhone Backup Unlocker. You can try these methods to unlock the backup file. These methods should be hopefully to you if you have not yet bought iPhone Backup Unlocker. In case they do not work, you should definitely give a try to iPhone Backup Unlocker.

  • Since you are required to enter the password to unlock your iPhone backup, you can try the iTunes Store Password in the first place.
  • You can try to enter the password to unlock your iPhone backup as ‘0000‘. Sometimes, ‘0000’ is the default password for iTunes.
  • If you are operating a Windows PC, you can try changing the iTunes password on the actual account to access your iTunes Store. After that, try your previous password on the Backup Password window and then enter the newly created password.
  • If you are not satisfied with above methods, swtich to or How to Unlock iPhone X without Password or  more ways for solving the problem of “Forget iTunes Backup Password”.

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I hope you know how to unlock iPhone without password with these tips as well if you have not yet downloaded the iPhone Backup Unlocker. In case you want to find out more tricks and tips for your iPhone, you can go through 'iPhone Tips & Tricks' on the official website of iStarsoft to read the wide range of trending topics. Unlocking an iPhone backup file could never have been easier than using this simple software. Without any hassle, you can access your personal data of your phone.

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