How to Unlock Password Protected Word Document?

The best feature in Microsoft Office Word is the Password Protection feature. This feature is specifically helpful to people who make and share some confidential documents. Password Protection feature lets you guard the document or protect a few aspects of your document. However, this feature can get you in trouble if you forget the password. You won’t be able to open the document or make any amendments.

If you think you will have to create a new document in case you forget the password, you are wrong. There are multiple ways to solve this issue. Most of the methods are easy, and they recover the passwords in a concise time.

Apart from how to unlock Password Protected Word Document, we will also look at different ways to remove the restrictions from the Microsoft Word document. You might have come across the ‘Read-Only’ mode after opening a Word document. This mode lets you view the document but doesn’t allow you to make any amendments. A lot of us wonder how to remove this mode; therefore, we have found solutions to your problem.

In this article, we will learn about different kinds of Word Protection and ways to unlock Password Protected Word documents. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

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Part 1: How many kinds of Word Protection are there?

Before discussing how to unlock a Microsoft Word Document, it is essential to understand the different kinds of Word Protection. If you know about Word Protection, it will be easier to identify and restore the password. This will make your task easier to access the Word documents. Also, you may like to know how to rotate a table in Word and how to unlock a word document easily. And here is the best Excel password breaker and Word password remover for your reference.

There are two kinds of MS Word protection. We have given a detailed analysis below; therefore, don’t skip this part.

Full Document Protection

If you add a password to the document after saving it with the help of the ‘Protect Document’ button in the ‘File Menu,’ it means the entire document has been locked. Full protection is a feature in which you can’t view the Word document or make changes to it.

If you wish to unlock the protected document, read part 2 of the article.

Segment Document Protection

This feature is helpful if you wish to make the document’ Read-Only.’ You can’t edit in Read-Only mode in MS Word. This is the best protection for people who wish others to view and read the document but don’t want them to make changes to the document.

If the document is in Read-Only mode, you can just view and read the document but won’t be able to make even a slight change in it. We will learn about unlocking the documents in Part 3 of this article.

Part 2: How to Unlock Password Protected Word Document?

If you have a password-protected document and do not remember the password, you require an advance method to unlock the document and restore the password.

An excellent tool to unlock password-protected Word documents is Passper for Word. Passper utilizes high technology to unlock the document and restore the password irrespective of the complexity of the password.

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1. Restore password to view and modify the document

Recovers the password to access the document as well as eliminates restrictions on ‘Read-Only’ mode in the Word document.

2. Quick Recovery Speed

The speed of recovering passwords is 10x faster compared to other tools. It is because of the implementation of GPU and multiple-core processing.

3. 100% results

The protection and password are removed from the Word document within two seconds at a success rate of 100%. Along with the removal of the password, there is no loss of any data from your document.

Download and launch the program ‘Passper for Word’ to erase protection from any MS Word document. This program is recommended by tech YouTubers who have around 300,000 subscribers.

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4. 3-Step Unlock

Any password type can be unlocked within three steps. The steps for unlocking a Microsoft Word document are listed as follows.

Steps to use Passper

Passper for Word

Step 1: Open the program on your PC. Choose ‘Recover Passwords‘ to restore the passwords for obtaining access to the document.

Step 2: Tap on the ‘+‘ button to browse the password-protected document and upload that file to Passper for Word.

unlock Password Protected Word Document with Passper for Word

As soon as the document opens, you will notice four attack modes. Each attack mode is created to restore passwords in different conditions. Let’s know about the four attack modes in detail.

Combination Attack

In this attack mode, you are free to customize character settings. Moreover, you can join random characters to search for your password.

Dictionary Attack

Dictionary attack mode provides a library of the dictionary to find combinations of the passwords and restore them.

Brute Force Attack

If a person has no clue of the password, this is the best mode to solve the issue. In this particular case, the program analyzes every password combination to find the password. However, this mode takes time to identify the correct password compared to other modes.

Mask Attack

This mode is for those people who remember some things about their passwords. It can be the password length or special characters. When you provide these details, the program will display the possible password combination for the Word document.

unlock Password Protected Word Document with Passper for Word

Step 3: Now that you are aware of all the modes and their specifications, choose a mode according to your situation and select the ‘Recover‘ option. The process of recovery will take some time, depending on the attack mode. After the process is complete, you will notice a password on your screen.

Use that password to open your MS Word document.

Part 3: Can I edit protected documents without a password on MS Word?

One common and well-known form of protection is the ‘Read-Only Mode,’ commonly known as Segment Document Protection. This feature is useful in restricting unnecessary amendments in the document. However, this mode causes trouble in editing the document.

There are possibilities when a person accidentally puts a document in read-only mode. If you have faced a similar situation, you might want to know how you can get rid of the edit restriction mode. The following two methods are the best ways to remove the Read-only mode.

1. Renaming the name of the file

Steps for this method

unlock Password Protected Word Document Using Rename word

Step 1: Open the document that is in ‘Read-Only‘ mode and click on ‘Save as‘ in the File menu to save the particular document with a new name on a different location.

Step 2: The above step should remove the mode and make the document available for editing. However, if this doesn’t work for you, try the steps that are mentioned below.

Step 3: Head to the place where you save your documents and rename the document’s extension from .docx or .doc to .zip. Select ‘Yes‘ upon asking for confirmation of this change

Step 4: With the help of Windows Explorer, launch the Zip file on the PC

Step 5: Select the Word folder and look for ‘settings.xml.’ Delete that file change the extension of the file back to .docx or .doc.

All these steps should probably help you get rid of the ‘Read-Only’ mode. After eliminating this mode, you can make changes to your document easily.

2. Passper for Word

This tool helps to unlock password-protected Word documents as well as remove restrictions from the MS Word document. Passper for Word is very easy to use and gives 100% results. It is the most suitable choice to solve the issue of removing restrictions. In the following steps, we will guide you to get rid of the restrictions from the MS Word document.

Step 1: Open Passper for Word and select the ‘Remove Restrictions‘ option. Add the restricted MS Word document using the ‘Import File‘ option to this program.

Step 2: After adding the restricted document, select ‘Remove.’ As soon as you click on this option, every restriction will be removed within a span of a few seconds.

Removing protection from MS Word documents can be a very lengthy procedure if you don’t have the correct tool. With the help of ‘Passper for Word,’ you can quickly solve the issue regarding how to unlock a Microsoft Word document or unlock a password-protected Word Document. Passper for Word is also useful in recovering password-protected Word documents. This program has got good reviews from various customers. It is time for you to try Passper for Word and get to know the uniqueness of the program.

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So, we hope that you are clear with recovering passwords and getting rid of the restrictions from MS Word documents. If you have any further doubts or queries, feel free to tell us in the comment section. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.