Kodi for Chromebook | How to Use Kodi on Chromebook Effortlessly

Google’s brand of laptop, the Chromebook, has been living in the shadows. In recent years though, a surge of people have been buying one of their own (and with good reason!). Chromebooks are great for using apps on the Google Play Store, running Linux-based programs, and can even play an important role in home theatres. As such, if you have this type of laptop, you might want to set up Kodi on Chromebook.

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Kodi has many purposes, but for the most part, users make use of installing Kodi add-ons for streaming. Currently, Kodi is available for Windows and Mac computers, iOS and Android devices, and even Raspberry Pi devices. However, there is no official version for Chromebooks. So, if you’re a Chromebook owner who wants to use Kodi on their laptop, we’ll be showing you the different methods for installing it.

The Importance of Using a VPN with Kodi

Prior to using Kodi, you should strongly consider installing a VPN, especially if you plan on streaming. The reason for this is that Kodi addons which stream copyright content are illegal, regardless of which country you live in. Some other reasons to use a VPN with Kodi on Chromebook are:

Access Geo-Restricted Content.

It’s no secret that Netflix and other streaming services have location filters. This means that only users in certain countries can watch some movies and TV shows they have to offer. If you use a VPN that masks your IP address and makes it look like you’re from a different country, you can unlock more content. Similarly, some Kodi add-ons (e.g., BBC iPlayer and Hulu) have the same restrictions which a VPN can bypass.

Streaming copyright content is incredibly illegal, and if you are caught by the police, they will charge you. This can result in either a hefty fine or in some cases, prison time. However, if you use a VPN whenever you are streaming on Kodi on Chromebook, the chances that you’ll get caught are virtually gone.

This also applies to other Kodi add-ons that you might decide to use. Add-ons that allow you to watch live television, watch movies and TV shows, or watch live events that you’d usually need to pay to watch – these are all illegal and could get you in trouble.

Extra Cyber Security.

Most importantly, a VPN is a great way of adding an extra layer of security to your computer. It makes it harder for hackers to intercept your connection, preventing credit card details and other personal information from being stolen.

We simply can’t emphasize enough how important it is for you to use a VPN. Even if you aren’t streaming with Kodi, it’s a good idea to enable a VPN.

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3 Methods for Kodi on Chromebook

After deciding on whether you want to use a VPN (which we highly recommend you do), it’s time to set up Kodi on Chromebook. There are 3 different methods you can use. They are all easy to follow, and we’ve explained them below to help you along the way.

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Method #1 – Downloading Kodi from the Play Store

For this first method, we will be using the Google Play Store. Not all Chromebooks have access to the app store, but if you do, this is the easiest method to use.

#1 – Turn on your Chromebook and after it loads, launch the Google Play Store.

#2 – In the store’s search bar, type in “Kodi” and click the enter key.

Search Kodi on Chromebook

#3 – Find the search result that has the Kodi icon next to it and clicks on the app.

Install Kodi on Chromebook

Note: to double-check that you have the correct application, make sure the developer of the app is XBMC Foundation and that it is free to use.

#4 – Next, click on the “Install” button and wait for Kodi to download onto your Chromebook.

Kodi on Chromebook

#5 – After the installation is complete, you can go to your Chromebook’s applications in order to access it.

If you have Google Play Store available on your laptop, then it’ll be easy to set up Kodi on Chromebook. However, if not, you will have to try another method.

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Method #2 – Using the Arc Welder Extension

Alternatively, you can set up Kodi on your Chromebook using a special extension. Arc Welder is the name of this extension. With it, we can install APK files like Kodi or any other third-party apps. The steps below will show you what to do.

#1 – Start by downloading the Arc Welder Chrome extension on your computer. Once the download finishes, you can go ahead and install it.

#2 – Next, head over to the Kodi website and scroll down to the download options.

#3 – Click on the Android option to download the Kodi APK file, and select either 32bit or 64bit.

Note: unsure about which version you need? In the Google Chrome address bar, type “chrome://help” and the program’s version info will appear.

#4 – Once the APK finishes downloading, open Arc Welder and wait while it loads for the first time.

#5 – Click on the plus icon. Using the window that appears, locate and select the Kodi APK file that you have just downloaded.

#6 – After locating the file, click on “Open” and wait a few minutes while Arc Welder loads the APK file.

Note: depending on how fast your Chromebook is, Arc Welder may take a few minutes to load the Kodi APK. However, if it takes several minutes, it shouldn’t take as long the next time you use Kodi on Chromebook.

#7 – Arc Welder will, after a few minutes, show you that the APK file is ready for you to open it. When it is ready, click on the “Test” button.

#8 – Kodi will now launch for the first time, and you’ll be able to customize it and add the addons you want to!

Given that Chromebooks can already support APK files, it doesn’t matter too much if you don’t have the Google Play Store program. With Arc Welder, you can load any APK files regardless of whether the app is on the Play Store. Thus, it is a good tool to have if you frequently use third-party APKs.

Method #3 – Installing Kodi as a Chromebook Extension

In this final method, we’ll be following on from the previous section. One complaint that you might have when using Method 2 is that you need to open Arc Welder to use Kodi on Chromebook. It’s understandable, and we have a way to get around this.

#1 – Start by following all of the steps in the previous method (Method #2).

#2 – After you complete that solution, open Google Chrome and click on the three dots icon at the top-right of the program.

#3 – From the drop-down menu that appears, hover over “More Tools” and then click the “Extensions” option.

#4 – All of the extensions you have active in Google Chrome will now be shown. Enable the “Developer Mode” setting which can be found at the top right, if it isn’t already on.

#5 – Next, at the top-left of the window, click on “Load unpacked extensions“.

#6 – For this final step, locate the APK file that was made by Arc Welder when installing the original APK.

Note: when searching for this APK that was made by Arc Welder, look for a file name that includes “apk_export“.

#7 – After finding the correct APK file, Google Chrome will now identify Kodi as a Chrome extension. You can easily use it without loading Arc Welder from now on!

There might be some extra steps to take care of, but if it frustrates you having to load Kodi on Chromebook through Arc Welder every time you want to stream, this will remove Arc Welder from the process.

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Things to Remember When Using Kodi on Chromebook

Whatever method you decide to use to enjoy Kodi on your Chromebook, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Illegally streaming content can get you into trouble with your internet provider or the police
  • Using a VPN is crucial if you don’t want to get caught but can also give you access to more movies
  • Kodi is not illegal to use, but some of the add-ons that you can install may be
  • To use Kodi to watch movies and TV shows, you will need certain add-ons (such as Exodus)
  • Some add-ons that allow you to watch movies and TV shows are completely legal, including BBC iPlayer and Netflix (only if you have a subscription)

Regardless of the solution you use when setting up Kodi on a Chromebook laptop, remember each of these things, and you’ll avoid any legal problems.

To Conclude

There you have it! Even though there isn’t an official Chromebook version of Kodi on their website, the above are 3 great solutions for using it anyway. Kodi on Chromebook allows you to enjoy the different features of this open-source program. Whether you’re catching up with your favorite TV shows on BBC iPlayer or trying to watch the latest blockbusters, you can start with Kodi and add a few extensions with ease to fulfill your desires.