How to Watch Movies If Putlocker is Down

Streaming services are quickly becoming the norm whilst making television broadcasting services lose popularity. This has been the case for years, and it continues to be so.

However, streaming platforms (including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu) all come with a neat price tag attached to them.

For some people that isn’t a problem, but many aren’t able to afford this luxury and seek out websites like Putlocker.

Though even with Putlocker, we’ve seen a rising number of users searching for a Putlocker alternative. As users want to find out how to watch movies if Putlocker is Down?

Let’s face it – money can be tight, and watching a Netflix original is a great way to wind down after a hard day of work.

But, if you can’t afford to get a subscription, your only option is to search for an “alternative” way of streaming. This is where Putlocker comes in.

Putlocker: What it is and How it Works

Putlocker is a streaming website that hosts both movies and TV shows. Anyone can access their content for free, and they have a lot of recently released movies and recently aired episodes too!

It sounds too good to be true, and in a way, it is – Putlocker is not a legal website. By streaming with Putlocker, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble, but thankfully there are measures you can put in place to prevent this (we’ll dive into this later).

Putlocker is down

A lot of the videos you find on Putlocker aren’t actually uploaded to the internet by Putlocker. Instead, Putlocker lists several “sources”, which are other websites that have the movie you want to watch available.

Don’t misunderstand this – even though the videos come from different websites, it is still illegal to use Putlocker for streaming.

One issue with Putlocker that users encounter on occasion is that Putlocker is down. Sometimes this is a result of hosting issues; other times it may be a sudden influx of users trying to access the site, but the more likely reason is that legal authorities are blocking access to the site. Anyone who wants to stream when this happens will head off in search of an alternative.

Important Facts About Streaming

Before you indulge in some of the Putlocker alternative options, it’s very important to understand the legal trouble you might find yourself in. Yes, it is free to use this streaming platform, and this can be tempting (especially if you’re tight on money).

Piracy laws differ in different countries, but in most places, if you get caught, you’ll be fined or sent to prison.

So, you might be saving a quick buck, but it could also backfire and cost you much more. Furthermore, your ISP (Internet Service Provider, or your broadband provider) won’t defend you either. Here’s why:

  • ISPs can get in legal trouble if they know you are using their services to access illegal content
  • ISPs will report you for illegal streaming if they would otherwise get in trouble
  • ISPs have to make sure they don’t get in trouble either, so they will cooperate with law enforcers if you are caught

Ultimately, they’re going to protect themselves before they protect you. Therefore, we recommend always using a VPN service when you are using a Putlocker alternative.

Staying Safe When You Stream with Putlocker Alternatives

If Putlocker is down and you use an alternative, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is very effective for hiding your online identity. How does it work?

Without overcomplicating things, when you connect a device to a Wi-Fi network, that network has an IP address. When you use this device to visit a website, a connection is made between your IP address and the website’s own IP address.

Now, you might think that this makes it easy to avoid getting in trouble; after all, it could be someone else using your Wi-Fi. But, there are other networking protocols involved so that the website connection is made specifically with your device.

If we introduce a VPN, then things are slightly different. Let’s say you enable a VPN on your laptop.

Now whenever you visit a website with your laptop, a connection is made with the website’s IP address and the VPN address (not your Wi-Fi network address).

Clearly, this makes it significantly harder for the authorities and your ISP to catch you in the act. Note that this won’t completely remove the risk, but instead makes it minimal. All in all, we highly recommend you use a VPN before streaming.

X Putlocker Alternatives to Use

Without further ado, and now that you’re aware of the risks involved and what precautions you can take, let’s look at what to do when Putlocker is down.


Unlock the door to endless entertainment with the beauty of an app that is Popcorn Time. Unlike Putlocker, Popcorn Time is not a website streaming platform but a downloadable app.

It offers movies and TV shows, has a fantastic selection of videos available, and has built-in download features. The download feature gives you the opportunity to download and watch later, perfect for traveling or if you have slow internet.

Downloading also means that if Popcorn Time or Putlocker is down, you can still watch your movies.

Putlocker Alternative - Popcorn Time

After you download and install the app, finding something to watch is very easy. The sleek interface design includes a search feature if you already have a movie in mind and various filters. By filtering movies based on their category or release date, you can quickly find something that piques your interest.

Having to download an app might seem inconvenient, but such a great program makes it worth the hassle. It’s also worth keeping in mind that Putlocker has popup ads, whereas this Putlocker alternative does not.

For the flawless user experience and access to all the movies and TV shows you’ll ever want to watch, Popcorn time is your friend.


Next up is SolarMovie, another streaming website that is known for high-quality movie streaming. When using this website, you’ll notice how quickly it loads and how friendly the navigation system is for users.

Like Popcorn Time, SolarMovie includes a search feature and filtering options. Whether you want to watch something different or you have a title in mind, you’ll find it with ease.

Putlocker Alternative - SolarMovie

One peculiar thing about SolarMovie is the selection that it has to offer. If you find yourself browsing this website when Putlocker is down, then you’ll likely notice that there’s a wide range of indie and low-budget movies that you can watch.

Don’t let this scare you away; there are still the classics and recent box office hits waiting for you too. The same goes for the website design: it might look old, but this doesn’t reflect the high-quality streaming they provide.

SolarMovie is popular and has proven to be a great streaming option when Putlocker is down. But like Putlocker, it has been the target of anti-piracy groups.

Therefore, you might not be able to stream for free with it all the time, which will lead you to try another alternative to Putlocker.


123Movies is beyond doubt a very popular site for streaming movies. It has been online for years and is just as popular as Putlocker has come to be.

Putlocker Alternative - 123Movies

You can expect the same features as you’d get on most other streaming sites. Category filters, new releases (which are of questionable quality), and a simplistic interface that you can navigate with ease. However, the design of this website is a little outdated and might discourage you.

Nonetheless, 123Movies provides high-quality streaming, endless movies, and TV shows for you to binge and deserves the attention it gets as a Putlocker alternative.


Last, but far from least, 1337x. This is a slightly different alternative, but one that you can definitely rely on for a long time.


1337x is a torrenting website rather than a streaming website. On this site, users can upload their own movie torrents, but the site also connects to an external database.

This database indexes torrents from hundreds of other websites, making 1337x your one-stop movie torrenting site. The benefit of using 1337x when Putlocker is down is that you can watch movies offline.

Torrenting can be riskier than streaming. Thus, it’s incredibly important that you use a VPN if this is the option you decide on.

To Conclude:

We don’t condone illegal streaming. However, if you insist, then be careful and use a VPN when you access a Putlocker alternative. All of the websites we have shown you above are fantastic choices for when you can’t access Putlocker.

They include a wide variety of movies and TV shows, and they’re easy to navigate too. So next time Putlocker is down, pick one of the sites, find a movie you want to watch, put your feet up, and enjoy!



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