How to Insert PDF Into Word for Free Easily

Word Documents have become a norm among computer users for a very long time. Users can customize Word Documents with ease.

More importantly, you can create any type of document using Word. Thanks to its flexibility, Word lets you insert a wide array of objects into documents.

That means, if necessary, you can insert even a PDF into Word. This article is written focusing on those who wonder how to insert PDF into Word.

So, read on if you wonder how to insert PDF into Word with no hassle.

It is not difficult to insert PDF into Word. However, the catch is that you must have the correct type of tool to do it. Otherwise, it can be a time-consuming and difficult task for most individuals.

Also, get to know how to convert PDF to Midi and convert or add text to PDF.

Part 1. Free Method to Insert PDF into Word

Inserting a PDF into Word Document in the form of an object can be done without costing any money. After doing so, it might be openable resizable, and of course, viewable.

However, this method doesn’t allow you to edit it. This is not the best method if you want to edit PDF within the Word Document itself.

Mentioned Below is the Process of Embedding a PDF into a Word Document.

1) After opening the Word Document you need to work on, you should click on the “Insert” menu. Then, select the option labeled “Object“. Then, you will see a dialog box on which you should choose the option “Create from File“. After that, you should click on “Browse“. Then, you can navigate to the PDF document and hit “Insert“.

can you insert a pdf into word

2) If it is required to have the PDF icon displayed on the screen, you should check the “Display as icon” option. You should leave it unchecked if you don’t want to have the first page of the document displayed. You should then click on the “OK” button to finish the process.

Part 2. Insert Pdf into Word in Batch Using a Professional Tool – PDFElement

PDFelement is a software specifically designed to deal with an abundance of tasks associated with PDF documents.

This special tool can be used to insert PDF into Word as well. Once inserted, you can view the content of the PDF within the document.

Features of PDFelement

Let’s take a look at the features associated with PDFElement now. To Remove Signatures from PDF Files, click to know more.

  • This software supports both Windows (XP to 11) and macOS (10.10 and newer).
  • It can read and fill XFA PDF forms conveniently thanks to its user-friendliness.
  • You can use it to edit graphical object (for instance, to rotate, mirror, crop, etc.) with advanced features.
  • It comes with exceptional accuracy when it comes to table recognition which is backed by a virtual server.
  • It supports languages such as English, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese.
  • Very handy help center that allows you to resolve potential issues.

Get PDFelement

Mentioned Below Are the Steps You Should Follow in Order to Insert PDF into Word.

First, download and install PDFelement on your computer and launch it. Then, you will be able to drag and drop the multipage PDF document into its interface. You can do this conveniently without any issue.

Then, you will be able to right-click on the same page (on the thumbnail). Then, from the available options, select “Adjoin all pages into one single image“.

Insert PDF Into Word Using PDFElement

Now that the conversion is completed, you should see an image file with multiple pages in it. You should open the target Word document now. Then, click on the “Insert” menu and go to the option labeled “Picture“. Then, please navigate to the multipage file in order to get it inserted.

How to Edit or Read the PDF You Have Inserted

The above steps can be used to insert PDF into Word in the form of an object. However, if you intend to edit the file right after inserting it, a PDF editor should be installed. This can be done either before or after adding the PDF to Word. In fact, software like PDFelement can be exceptionally handy in this case. This software lets you annotate, read and even edit the PDF document.

Thanks to the variety of software included in PDFelement, you can conveniently edit, transform, combine, and reorganize your PDF. In general, this software becomes incredibly handy when it comes to converting PDF into other file formats. For instance, it lets you convert PDF into Word, PowerPoint, and even Excel.

Apart from that, you can use it to insert new pages into an existing PDF document from external PDF files. With its impressive features, you can use it to combine different formats of files as well.

In addition to the impressive features associated with PDFelement, it shows superb user-friendliness as well. No matter even if you are a beginner, you can use this software conveniently with no complications. One of the most impressive features we have found with this software is its OCR functionality.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the ability to recognize the characters in scanned PDF documents. It can also recognize the characters based on images. Then, it can convert the identified characters into editable text.

In fact, doing OCR scanning on PDF documents is mandatory before converting those files into Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. And the formatting of the document will stay the same.

Editing a PDF As if You Are Working with a Word Document

The need for reading or modifying the text arises either after or before inserting the PDF into Word. With PDFelement, you can edit and view the contents exceptionally easier.

Apart from letting you experience various reading modes, this software enables you to edit PDFs very smoothly. The editing can be done as if you are doing it with Word files.

Attaching Word Document to PDF

When you need to present a document to someone, PDF is one of the most suitable options. The most important thing about PDF is that its contents don’t change regardless of the device. You don’t even need to have the fonts to open it. The formatting will stay the same.

To display both the formats together (Word and PDF), you can attach a Word file into a PDF. That is, instead of using the feature called “attachment” integrated into PDFelement.

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A Brief Introduction to PDF

PDF is the shortened form for Portable Document Format. This specific tool has become an exceptionally popular format across the globe. This universal file format was introduced by Adobe.

The most significant thing about PDF is that they preserve all the formatting, fonts, and all other properties. Also, PDF documents can be opened on any platform regardless of the device.

Because of the characteristics mentioned above, PDF documents are widely used to share and publish documents. Since its introduction, it has undergone a variety of changes. Now, PDF documents come with a variety of features. Since these files don’t depend on platform or device, PDF has become the obvious choice to share documents.

The release of PDF files as an open standard took place back in 2008. That means PDF doesn’t generate any licensing fee. Because of this aspect, the popularity of PDF has skyrocketed since then.

To view PDF documents, you will need special software. However, most mobile devices have a built-in software tool to open PDF documents. Nevertheless, Adobe Acrobat Reader is the standard software that is offered to view PDF.

The great thing about Adobe Acrobat Reader is that it is free to download. In addition to that, pretty much all the browsers have special plugins that can view PDF documents.

Creating PDF documents can be done pretty conveniently. For instance, you might be able to create PDF files even with Microsoft Office (Office 2010 and newer).

To create PDF documents, you can either use the “Save As” or the “Export” option depending on the version used. In addition to that, software packages like CorelDraw, Photoshop, and Illustrator have PDF as an option when saving files.

Converting PDF files into Word or other editable formats is a need of many individuals due to various reasons. To edit PDF, however, you will need special software packages.

When editing PDF files, the OCR functionality (Onscreen Character Recognition) feature matters a lot. So, whichever tool you use to edit PDF & insert PDF into Word must have a precise OCR functionality.


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