Your iPhone Speaker Not Working? Fix-It Now

When you find your iPhone speaker not working, it can cause a considerable amount of frustration.

With the absence of a speaker’s functionality, you will not be able to enjoy many features associated with iPhones.

In a nutshell, if your ‘iPhone sound not working,’ the overall value of the iPhone diminishes. You cannot hear any music, or you cannot make a phone call using its speakerphone.

In addition to that, you will not get the ‘ding’ notification with the text message or emails. All in all, your iPhone’s speaker is a vital aspect of its function.

That’s why users get really frustrated when the iPhone speaker not working and look for remedies instantly.

In this article, we will show you how to fix this issue and get your iPhone working again.

My iPhone Speaker Not Working; Is It Broken?

iPhone sound not working? We cannot predict it at a glance though there is a possibility to be so. In order to determine what has happened to your iPhone speaker, you should know the functionality of the iPhone speaker.

To make a sound, two aspects should be fulfilled.

  • Software functionality: your iPhone’s software should make the decision to play a particular sound.
  • The built-in speaker located at the bottom of the iPhone should convert the respective signal into an audible sound.
iPhone speaker not working

So, What Makes the iPhone Sound Not Working?

In this section, let’s take a look at the causes behind this iPhone sound not working issue and get a better idea. Basically, it can happen due to defects in two major areas which are mentioned below.

Software Issue

As mentioned earlier, there is software that sends commands to the speaker to make different types of sounds. If the respective software doesn’t work properly, it might send false signals or send no signal at all.

So, the speaker will not produce any sound even if it is in excellent physical condition. That is because the speaker cannot make any sound without the assistance of the software.

However, the good news is that most of the software problems are fixable without much effort. Also, such fixes usually don’t cost a lot. With that said, when it comes to a hardware issue, it is a pretty complex process.

Hardware Issue

The speaker of your iPhone is susceptible to physical damage, and it is one of the most vulnerable components. These speakers are designed to be fragile pieces. To produce sound, it vibrates very quickly, and the piece is very sensitive.

Because of this high level of sensitivity, it can get damaged very easily. If physical damage has taken place, your speaker will stop making any sound or even make disturbing sounds.

Users who have issues related to speakers of their iPhones find it difficult to determine the issue at once. However, it is always better to check if the software is working properly before checking for hardware-related issues.

In fact, fixing the software doesn’t cost you in most cases. You don’t need to handle any physical components when fixing software issues. So, it is safe, easy, and free to check the issues related to software.

Suppose that you have replaced the speaker without checking the software issue. In that case, you will end up replacing many speakers without gaining any satisfactory results.

In fact, the same type of issue may occur when you handle battery-related matters as well. For instance, some users find their iPhone batteries drain very fast and wrongfully assume that their batteries are faulty.

As a result, they replace batteries and end up finding that the issue is persisting. They realize the truth later on when they identify the battery drain is a result of a software error.

Likewise, the same thing can happen with the speaker. So, checking for software issues before physical errors is the best approach you should rely on.

How to Fix iPhone Speaker Not Working Issue?

Now you have a good idea about how the iPhone speaker functions and what can trigger the issues. Well, it’s time to take a look at the solutions now. Mentioned below are the fixes you can try to resolve this issue.

01. Check if You Have Put Your iPhone on Silent Mode

Check Silent mode on iPhone to fix iPhone speaker not working

A surprising number of users think that their iPhone speaker is not working while it is on silent mode. Many of the Apple Store staff members have experienced such issues at least once in their careers.

So, if you think your speaker isn’t working, you must first check whether you have put that in silent. If it is in silent mode – needless to say – you have to undo it and see if it works.

If it works, you don’t need to worry about the rest of the steps. However, if the problem persists, you can check the other solutions too.

02. Increase the Volume to the Maximum Level

If you have accidentally turned the volume down, you will not hear the notifications. Also, you may have hit the silent switch accidentally, particularly if you are using a large iPhone case.

To rectify this issue, you must turn the volume up and let it reach the maximum volume. Interestingly, some novice iPhone users aren’t familiar with all the buttons and configurations of their devices. So, check it and make sure the volume is up before proceeding to the next option.

Increase the volume to maximum level to fix iPhone speaker not working

Well, if the volume doesn’t go up even if you hold the volume up button, do not worry. Go to the ‘Settings‘ app and tap on the option called ‘Sounds & Haptics‘. Then, ensure that the switch next to ‘Change with Buttons‘ is enabled. When the button is enabled, it will appear in green color.

If you hear the sound in a very quiet manner even after turning up the volume, the speaker is faulty. In this case, you will have to consider the repair options for the speaker.

03. Check If the ‘Headphones Mode’ is Causing the Problem

If you are using the headphones for your iPhone and they are connected, all the sounds play through them. In that case, the speaker will be disabled. In general, speakers are supposed to be enabled after unplugging the headphones.

However, in rare cases, iPhone can assume that the speakers are still plugged in even when they are unplugged. As a result, your iPhone will try to play the sound through your headphones instead of the built-in speaker. Eventually, it will make your iPhone speaker be disabled.

Check Headphones mode on iPhone

Such an instance can trigger because of a piece of debris or a chunk of dust. Such external substances can get inside the headphone jack and force the iPhone to assume that the headphones are still connected. When you play with the volume buttons, you will see the headphones if this has happened.

To get rid of the debris, you can use an air compressor or canned air. If you can’t find such an item, use a toothbrush or a cotton swab to clean it. Be sure not to pour any liquid on the device.

04. Check if the Sound is Playing Somewhere else

iPhones can establish a connection with Bluetooth speakers and play the sounds automatically without your knowledge. Also, it can play sounds with other devices like Apple TVs too.

As a result, you will experience that the sound is playing, but the output is not there. The speaker will not produce any sound because the iPhone has already decided to play sounds through Bluetooth devices.

In some instances, individuals don’t even realize that the iPhones play sound through another device. It can be at the office, at home, or anywhere else where your device can pair through Bluetooth.

Mentioned Below Are Some of the Instances in Which Such Incidents Can Take Place.

  • There is an Apple TV which is connected to your TV. A couple of weeks ago, you used AirPlay to get music played through the TV speakers. You have completely forgotten this. When you come home after some time, your iPhone will reconnect to the same Apple TV. Then, it will play the music through the TV speakers instead of the iPhone’s built-in speaker. However, both the TV and speakers are off, and you don’t hear anything.
  • You have used a Bluetooth headset when you ride the car. After going home, your iPhone speaker doesn’t play any sound. Well, when it comes to reality, the iPhone will play the sound using the Bluetooth headset. That is because you have forgotten to switch it off.

To rectify this iPhone speaker not working issue, all you have to do is to disable the Bluetooth connection first. Then, you will have to disconnect from AirPlay devices (such as your Apple TV).

Then, you should play the sound once again and see if it works. Please note that this can be done using the Control Center on the iPhone. This is not a very complicated process, and you even a novice user can get it done.

Check iPhone Sound playing somewhere else

In order to go to Control Center, swipe up the screen from bottom to top. Then, you should tap on the icon that represents the Bluetooth icon. This is found inside the box that appears in the upper-left corner of the Control Center. Now, turn off the Bluetooth icon so it will be deactivated.

As the next step, press on the music hub and hold it. This is located towards the upper-right corner of the Control Center. Now, you should tap on the AirPlay icon. Please make sure that there is only a tiny checkmark located beside the iPhone if you find that the iPhone speaker works once again, the issue is fixed and the trouble is over.

05. Restore the iPhone

The last solution to try before opting for a physical repair is restoring the iPhone. If restoring doesn’t bring your iPhone speaker back to normal, you should consider it as a physical defect.

Before everything else, you must get a backup of your iPhone’s data. If not, restoring will erase the data, and it can make you frustrated. Then, restore the iPhone so the original settings of the iPhone will be restored.

At the completion of the restoration, you will see that the issue is solved immediately. Make sure that the iPhone is not switched to silent mode (which we have explained earlier). Also, increase the volume to the maximum possible level. Now, you can hear the sound of the keystrokes when you type something on the screen.

If you are still unlucky and cannot hear anything from the speaker, we are done with the software issues. There is no more to looking at the software. The bad news, however, is that your iPhone speaker is broken. That is why your iPhone speaker not working. Although it is bad news, that’s not the end of the world. There are fixes to address physical issues as well.

PS: also, here are how to restore the iPhone without updating and fix the iPhone touch screen not working for your reference too.

06. Repair the iPhone Speaker

As we mentioned above, the good news is that it is possible to repair your iPhone speaker. You can get it done through Apple itself. To get their assistance, you should visit their official website and reach the support section.

Sending an email explaining the issue is good enough, and they will get back to you. If not, you can contact your local Apple store and get the speaker repaired.

Important: If your iPhone speaker not working after it has gotten wet, things can be serious. In general, Apple’s warranty doesn’t cover liquid damages. So, as soon as you notice your iPhone is wet, switch it off. Leave the device at an angle of 45 degrees (the speaker should face down). Catch any drips using a clean piece of cloth that is lint-free. If there is more water, place it closer to a fan. If you have silica gel, place the iPhone among a few bags of those.

So, that’s how to resolve the iPhone sound not working issue. If you have found this article to be useful, please leave us a comment.



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