iPhone Storage Full | How to Get More Storage on iPhone 13

Are you being bombarded with iPhone Storage Full messages? Have no idea about how to get more storage on iPhone? Many users who encounter this problem find it perplexing as they feel that they do not have that many third-party applications or media files on their phone and nor do they think that they have overused it. Fortunately, iPhone storage full issue can be fixed effectively thanks to apps like iMyFone Umate Pro.

Part 1. Why does iPhone Storage full happen?

There are several reasons for iPhone storage full error to happen such as

  • Too many uses traces like temporary files, app caches, storage files and much more
  • Existence of a large number of deleted files in the device
  • Too many videos or photos added directly or by downloading

All these reasons cause a huge amount of data to pile up in the device both visibly and without your knowledge. This leads to iPhone Storage Full, which prevents you from taking any videos or photos, and further, it can also cause a blank screen or freezing of your iPhone.

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Part 2. How to get more storage on iPhone by tackling iPhone Storage Full issue

There are a few effective ways to deal with iPhone storage full difficulty. Here are the methods explained in detail about how to get more storage on iPhone.

Method 1. Clear all app caches and junk files to get more storage on iPhone

The junk files and app caches are one of the leading causes of the phone’s storage becoming full. Clearing up these unwanted files will take care of the issue effectively. iMyFone Umate Pro helps fix the storage issue effectively. It deletes all the invisible junk files such as cookies, corrupted files, crash logs, and app caches easily.

With the powerful erase tool you are saved from opening all the individual apps and browsers to search for junk files. Further, you need not be anxious about accidentally deleting the important files along with the unwanted junk files. The software offers a once-click erase feature that cleans the entire temporary and junk files, also clears iPhone cache.

Method 2. Delete videos and photos in bulk to get more storage on iPhone

iPhone users generally take a huge number of videos and photos because of the excellent quality of photos and videos the phone provides. This, unfortunately, eats up a huge chunk of valuable storage space. Usually, the delete feature in the device can be used to remove such files. But for a permanent and quick solution, using iMyFone Umate Pro is ideal.

Benefits of using iMyFone Umate Pro – The software has several advantageous features including:

Delete Media in bulk to solve iPhone Storage Full

Compression of photos

The software helps to free nearly 75% of photo storage space with the need for deletion. The compression of the files is completely safe and does not affect the quality of the photos. The original photos are backed up on the computer automatically.

Transfer of photos to computer

The program helps to select all the unwanted photos and transport them to your computer in a few minutes. The original photos are deleted from the device to recover the storage of the iPhone.

Video transfer

The software helps to identify all videos that are more than 5MB in size. These videos can be filters based on the size you fix for the deletion. The original videos are deleted from the device completely.

The one-click free-up space feature is used for the normal deletion of videos and photos. In this method, you can easily recover the deleted files. However, the other three modes help to permanently erase all the files you need to remove from your iPhone.

Method 3. Permanent removal of deleted files to get more storage on iPhone

It is a well-known fact that the files you delete using the delete option in the iPhone do not do a permanent deletion. The files can be recovered easily. But if you have done this deletion method already, iMyFone Umate Pro will help in the permanent removal of the files.

  • It scans the iPhone for free. The scan will identify the files that have been deleted and make a permanent deletion.
  • This method is a foolproof one, so you will not be able to recover the deleted files even with the use of data recovery software tools.
  • Your storage space is increased this way, and your privacy is also protected.

Using iMyFone Umate Pro for dealing with Storage Full fault

Here are the steps to follow to fix the full storage fault in your iPhone.

Step #1. Download the iMyFone Umate Pro program, which is available as a free download. Connect the iPhone to your computer.

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Step #2. Select the cleanup method you want to use.

If you prefer the usual deletion, select the one-click free-up space feature.

For a permanent erasure of data, opt for Erase All Data feature, Erase Private Data or the Erase Deleted Files feature.

Fix iPhone Storage Full with iMyFone Umate Pro

Step #3. Click on Erase Now/Clean to begin iPhone cleanup.

Part 3. Tips for optimizing iPhone storage

In a few simple and easy ways, you can save a lot of precious space in your iPhone storage. Here are a few important ways to follow:

Identify the amount of storage your device has.

By monitoring the space available, you can use the space judiciously and save more space. Monitoring the storage space will help you identify the applications and features that take up the most space. You can manage the space and save it better this way.

Uninstall apps that are not used much.

Most often a majority of the apps on your phone are left unused. They take up a large portion of the storage without contributing much to your requirements. A simple and neat way to overcome this type of situation is to find out the apps that are not in use regularly and delete them from the device. Often many apps get accumulated over a period of time if you do not keep an eye on them.

Make a habit of deleting videos routinely.

Since videos are the files that take up the largest space in the storage it is best to delete them after you view them. As downloading videos is an inevitable thing that most users are addicted to, deleting them will help in freeing up storage space.

Use the photo library feature of iCloud.

By enabling this feature in your device, you can free a huge amount of space easily. To enable this, you should have sufficient storage space on iCloud which you may have to buy. And another drawback is the photos you stream cannot be seen when you are offline. However, you can view the recent photos as iCloud storage will store the photos that were taken recently and those you frequently use in the device storage. Local photo storage is done by the iCloud library if you have sufficient storage space. This means you can see the recent photos and not the older photos.

How to Enable Photo Library iCloud feature:

Here are a few steps to follow when you want to use the iCloud feature:

Enable iCloud Photo Library to fix iPhone Storage Full

Step 1. Tap on settings and select the Photos and Camera option.

Step 2. Turn the iCloud Photo lIbrary option to the ‘On‘ position.

Select the ‘Optimize iPhone storage‘ option.

Once the feature is enabled, the library feature uploads all your photos and it will re-index the photo app on your device.

As you can see, iMyFone Umate Pro is ideal when you are faced with iPhone Storage Full fault in your device. It deals with the storage fault quickly and effectively, and it is a free app making it a superb choice when you struggle with How to Get More Storage on iPhone Easily.

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