Kik Hookup | A Must-Read Kik Dating Guide for Everybody

As you might have heard, KIK is a popular messaging app that connects individuals regardless of their geographical locations. But did you know that you can use the KIK app for dating purposes as well? If you are curious about such a feature, here’s a comprehensive KIK dating or Kik Hookup guide for you. Learn more about another Kikfriendfinder app.

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Online dating has become incredibly popular, and it became the norm several years ago. As of today, there are plenty of online dating sites. Some of these dating sites are for everybody, and some of them are specialized in some groups. These websites have a large number of complex, highly advanced, and expensive algorithms to find matches for users. Also, they spend a substantial amount of money on promoting these dating sites among potential users. However, memberships of these websites can be expensive for many individuals. In addition to that, many dating websites have introduced certain restrictions for their users.

Kik Hookup | Why do you need KIK for dating?

Because of the restrictions and additional costs, many individuals (particularly the youngsters) tend to use alternatives. This is when IM apps like KIK come to action. In fact, the basic requirement of dating is to find someone new and develop a mutual understanding between them. And, IM platforms let you find new users across the globe and communicate with them straight away.

Practically, you cannot expect IM apps to deliver all the sophisticated features as with dedicated dating apps. However, the benefit is that they are completely free and open. Well, if you are ready to accept the facts above, we suggest KIK as one of the perfect options. You should also know that KIK has something more to offer beyond a messaging app. It is a sophisticated system that lets you surf the internet, share media, buy and sell stuff. That is in addition to chatting and hooking up with someone of your interests.

In a nutshell, the purpose of KIK is to connect individuals across the globe. Once connected, depending on the type of understanding they have, the parties can move forward. Being adults, you are responsible for the way you behave. Well, if you are a novice to this awesome messaging app, here’s a complete Kik Hookup & KIK dating guide for you.

KIK hookup Guide: finding new users

From this point onwards, let’s take a look at the basics that you need to know about KIK dating & Kik Hookup.

Finding new people on KIK

To find new individuals on KIK, you can follow four main strategies. Mentioned below are those strategies you can try for Kik hookup.

Share the KIK profile

One of the most effective ways to find new individuals on KIK is by sharing your KIK profile (how to clear cache iPhone ).

Join KIK’s public groups

You can also consider joining public groups in KIK that are compatible with your interests.

Create an own public group

If not, you can consider starting your own public group. Through this group, you can simply explain the interests of yours. Then, you can let individuals of similar interests join that group. You can dedicate this group to pretty much anything of your interests. For instance, you can dedicate it to games, politics, romance, hobbies, etc. Make sure you give it a catchy, meaningful name though. That way, people will find it easily and join in.

Use the address book

You can use address book matching as well. To do this, you should go to Settings Menu and select Chat Settings. Under that, you will see Address Book Matching as well. The app will automatically go through the contacts on your phone and send a message (Top WhatsApp Data Transfer). You can use this process to increase the capacity of your social network.

KIK dating guide: Finding a date

You must be already knowing that KIK is not designed for dating. However, it still allows you to meet new individuals through different methods. To make the Kik Hookup & KIK dating process easier and find the date, there are two tools you can use. Namely, there are Match & Chat and Matcher. Although they do have similar names, they serve different purposes. In order to find them, you should type “Match” on Kik’s browser. Both of these options would then appear in the browser. As a matter of fact, both of these options are third-party apps. These apps will make it easy for you to match others that have similar interests.

Match & Chat & Matcher

When it comes to Match & Chat, it demands you to have the KIK profile linked to their website. As a result, you will browse the list of users and find someone with similar interests. In a way, it is pretty much similar to Tinder. All you have to do is to swipe left and right depending on your preference.

When it comes to Matcher, it does pretty much the same thing. It let you browse the profiles of the users, find people and connect with them.


Well, those aren’t the only tools that are available with KIK. KIK comes with a special tool called Flirt as well. This option allows you to find a list of individuals that match your age, geographical location, etc.


In addition to that, you can use Reddit to find Kik users. To do that, you should visit a page like Kikpals, which is specifically developed to meet other KIK users. We should also mention that Tumblr works in the same way as Kik Single.

Nevertheless, you should know that most of the Kik users are youngsters. In fact, the average age is 20 when it comes to most users. Also, some of the websites that are used to find Kik friends might come with popups. These popups might disturb you and may contain unnecessary content. In addition to that, some of the websites can even come with malware.

Essential tips for finding people on KIK

When it comes to finding people on Kik (Kik hookup), plenty of individuals want to do that. However, many individuals wonder how to do that in an efficient manner. That is mainly because you don’t know if they share your interests (everything about iTunes File Sharing).

You should know that most of the third-party websites simply offer a very small amount of information. Only some of the profiles may come up with profile images. However, some of the profiles might be exposed with age, image, and their geographical location. Some profiles might even show their interests. Moreover, you will be able to find a button that notifies the respective user about your interest in them.

After finding the potential match, you should tap on the Kik Me button and start writing a message. You should then wait for that person to respond to you. If the respective user is willing to talk to you, he or she will respond. Then only you will be able to carry out the conversation. Some of the apps integrated into Kik will be able to help you stay anonymous. That is until the respective party agrees to start a communication with you. However, not all apps do this. So, you should take that into consideration when using Kik.

Precautions for our KIK users when Kik Hookup

When it comes to using online messaging platforms and dating apps, you must be very careful. You cannot necessarily trust all the individuals who are using these platforms. Some of the lowlifes and scammers can make these platforms to make others embarrassed. Also, they can even go further to blackmail you or scam you with various strategies. There is no shortage of stories about individuals who have come across annoying consequences. So, you must be really smart when it comes to the online dating game.

With that said, here are some basic rules to follow when using Kik for dating.

  • Don’t ever judge the book by its cover. That means, don’t trust a person on Kik just because he or she looks innocent or nice. Kik doesn’t screen the identities of these individuals. So, there is a chance that you may end up talking to a fake person.
  • Until you get to know very well, don’t disclose your personal information that can be used by third-parties. Also, make sure that you don’t reveal information that can be used against you later on.
  • Don’t share anything (photos, videos, etc.) on Kik you wouldn’t want your mother to see.
  • Find a unique way to identify the other party. For instance, you can ask them to record a video in a unique way and send it to you (Top Screen or Webcam Recorders).

Conclusively, Kik is a messaging app that comes with a lot of different features. However, it can be used as a dating platform as well. KIK hookup can be a really exciting experience if you do it correctly. Meeting new people and chatting with them is truly awesome. So, start your KIK dating today and find your new match. But make sure that you protect yourself from potential scammers and fake profiles.