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3 Best Line Spy Tool for Monitoring Line Data

Recently released, Line is an upcoming messaging application which has been getting a lot of attention. Following this popularity spike, we have seen a lot of requests from parents about spying. Parents take internet safety very seriously, and as such, they want to get their hands on the best Viber SpySnapchat Spy & Line spy tool possible. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

The line can be downloaded on the majority of operating systems. Aside from the obvious Android and iOS compatibility, it’s available on Windows phones, Blackberry devices, and most impressively a desktop client can be downloaded. Need to send long messages? The desktop client is your friend.

Why a Line Spy Tool is Needed

Instant messaging applications aren’t new; they’ve been around for years. This leaves a lot of parents having to worry about their children and watch over their social media activity. Now, we can’t deny the benefits of social media and messaging apps like Line, but there are downsides to it.

Let’s take relationships for example. With instant messaging apps becoming the norm, it makes cheating easier for unfaithful spouses. Similarly, if your business uses Line as the primary means of contacting clients, you can’t be sure they are working when they have their phones out.

Those are just two examples of when a Line spy tool would be useful. They can give you an insight into your partner’s messages, monitor your employees’ activity to ensure they are being productive, and best of all, they can be used for keeping your children safe.

As you can see, having access to a Line spy tool is essential. Whether you’re a parent or a concerned partner, it’s worth getting yourself a spy tool.

Choosing a Line Spy Tool

The next step is to find the right tool. Due to the huge number of spy tools on the internet, this isn’t easy. So, to make it easier, we’ll be looking at the top 3 spy tools out there for Line messenger.

Top #1 – Spyzie

First on our list is Spyzie, one of the best Line spy tool solutions out there. While our focus is Line messenger, you’re able to spy on other aspects of the device too. Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, Kik – you can view absolutely everything. The Facebook hacking app doesn’t end at social media; you’re able to view contact information, text messages and the location of your target.

Worried about incompatibility? Not a problem. Spyzie can be used to spy on both Android and iOS devices, and after setting it up, you can remotely spy on the target via the online dashboard. Spyzie is unarguably at the top of the list, and it can’t be denied it is the best Line spy tool.

  • While fantastic, Spyzie is a bit expensive (monthly subscription of $39.99).

Top #2 – Mobile Spy

The next Line spy tool on our list is Line Spy. This solution is designed specifically for tracking the Line app’s data and thus, is perfect. It is compatible with almost every smartphone, it’s easy to manage, and you can monitor your targets from the comfort of your computer at home.
Although targeted towards the Line messaging app, there are a few extra features. You can set up alerts, browse the target’s text messages, access their email account, and best of all, there’s a built-in keylogger. This might not seem like much, but with a keylogger, you can view everything that they enter into their device. From their account passwords to the things they search online – everything.

  • Very easy to set up and install.
  • Available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Offers real-time GPS tracking.
  • Keylogging algorithm which enhances this spy tool’s capabilities.
  • Designed for spying on Line users.
  • Simplistic design, not aesthetically pleasing.
  • There isn’t a free trial or demo available.
  • Some features won’t grab accurate data from the target device.

Top #3 – Flexispy

Last up we have Flexispy. This is more popular among businesses and employers as it can be used for tracking their employees’ activity. It’s important that employers stay on top of these things. But, even though the main users are businesses, there is no reason that it can’t be used for personal reasons.

At first, it might look like a very advanced solution, and it is. Don’t shy away from Flexispy though. You can quickly learn how to use the basics. From acting as a basic Line spy tool to more advanced GPS tracking, Flexispy has a variety of useful features for hacking.

  • Modern and sleek user interface design.
  • Includes both basic and advanced features.
  • Built-in keylogging technology.
  • View notes, browsing history, calendars, and much more information.
  • Can’t be used to spy on iOS devices.
  • Pricing ranges from $68 to $199, very expensive.

How to Use Spyzie as Line Spy Tool

As Spyzie is at the top of our list, we feel as though it’s only natural that we walk you through how to use this baby monitor app. Our guide below will walk you through the setup process, and you’ll quickly realize that using a Line spy tool isn’t as scary as you once thought.

Step #1 – Start off by setting up your Spyzie account. Click here and enter your email address, password, and agree to the Terms of Use.

Register Spyzie Account

Step #2 – Once you’ve signed up, the next step is to detail the target device. Simply fill out the iOS or Android device’s details.

Note: if you are targeting an iOS device then skip ahead to “Step #6”. All you have to do is enter the iCloud information of the device that you’re targeting, and you’re done.

Step #3 – On an Android device, go to “Settings > Security” and enable the “Unknown Sources” option.

Step #4 – Download Spyzie’s APK file and install it as instructed. When prompted, sign into your Spyzie account.

Step #5 – You’ll be asked to enter your Spyzie account information and after doing so, accept the permissions that are requested.

Step #6 – Now that we have the iOS or Android device set up, delete the app’s shortcut and go to your computer.

Step #7 – On the Spyzie dashboard, click on “Social Apps” and from the drop-down list, click “Line”.

Step #8 – Enable “Feature Status”, and you’ll now be able to track the device’s Line activity.

A quick browse around the Spyzie dashboard will show you how flexible it is. Snapchat and many other apps can also be spied on – you’ll regret not checking it out!

To Conclude on Line Spy Tool

Lots of different spy tools are out there. Hacking Snapchat accounts, accessing text messages, viewing their live GPS location – there are literally hundreds of Line Hack programs on the internet that you can download and use. However, as we’ve said time and time again, you shouldn’t take any risks when downloading a Line spy tool. There’s always the risk of downloading a virus which could lead to your personal data being vulnerable.

Thus, give the best Viber hacker – Spyzie a try. Take the time to go through the demo and try out some of the different features. If you have any issues, questions, or concerns about using Spyzie, get in touch with the support team. There simply couldn’t be a better spying tool out there.

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