How to Convert a Link to MP4 by the Best Link to MP4 Converter

In many occasions, we come across the requirement of converting a video link to MP4. However, most of the individuals simply fail to accomplish such a task successfully as they cannot find the correct tool. Are you among those users who need an easy, surefire way to convert a link to MP4? If so, read this article as it comprises of best link to MP4 converters.

In fact, many third-party plugins promise to download videos from websites. However, not many of those options are completely safe and efficient. Downloading software from a random source is an exceptionally risky approach nowadays. Many third-party applications can contain malware that can make your computer vulnerable to various threats. So, it is always better to do your research well before using a tool to convert a link to MP4. If necessary, you can consider using an online converter as well. But still, you should be smart enough to rely on an option that doesn’t cause any security issues.

Well, if you need to use the best link to MP4 converter, we have several solutions to reveal. But we don’t want to confuse you with a very long list of options. Instead, this article exposes the most powerful and effective link to MP4 converter and 05 online alternatives to consider. All these tools are reliable and secure; they don’t compromise your safety at all.

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Part 1: iTube Studio – the best option to download and convert link to MP4

It is true that online tools too can help you download and convert videos from various websites. However, online tools come with certain limitations. For instance, online tools may deliver output with a reduced quality. Also, some online converters let you download a limited number of files. Some tools only permit you to download and convert short video clips. So, our suggestion is to use a tool that comes as an installable software as the first preference. That is why we present you a solid, reliable and powerful tool called iTube Studio Video Downloader.

First, let’s take a look at some of the most notable features associated with iTube Studio.

  • It can capture links from more than 10,000 video sharing platforms including YouTube.
  • It brings a “Download” button on to your browser so you can experience “single click” download feature
  • Download videos from links without any hassle
  • You can use it to download multiple videos at once and save your time
  • You can use it to download videos and convert them into any output format
  • Downloaded and converted videos can be transferred to any device directly
  • It can even let you download YouTube videos in HD format up to 1080p and 4k videos
  • Download YouTube 3D videos with optimal quality
  • It has a private mode that lets you add the videos to private list which is privately protected
  • It can even download videos from cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

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Now that you have an insight about the features associated with iTube Studio. Let’s see how to use it. This process is presented in the form of step-by-step guidance for your convenience.

1.Launch iTube Studio link to MP4 converter as the first step of this process. You can then see the simplified interface of this software. If you have already copied a URL of a video, iTube Studio will detect it automatically. Such feature adds more value to this program. This special tool can help you download videos in two specific methods. In the next step, we will explain both of those methods.

2.Two methods of downloading videos using iTube Studio.

a) Link to URL method

As per this method, you have to copy the video URL and press “Paste URL” button. Once the button is pressed, the software will start to download the video into the computer. If not, you can even drag and drop the link’s icon on to the home screen of the software. Then, it will detect the URL’s video and start to download.

b) Download button method

You can use the “Download” button to download the videos you need. Then, you can easily convert them into MP4 files and save into a local folder on your computer. This can be done when you open a video page through a URL. The download button will then appear toward the top left-hand side corner of the video. After clicking on the button, iTubes Studio will perform an analysis. After that, the video URL will download pretty quickly on your computer.

3.Convert the video
Once the downloading is completed, you can convert the video into any desired format. For instance, you can convert video files into MP4, AVI, MOV, MP3 in addition to MP4. These files will be compatible nearly with any device you use. To convert a video you have downloaded, you should first go to the “Download” menu and find downloaded videos.

Once the file is selected, you can open the “Convert” menu and go to “Convert” button. When prompted, you should choose the output format to be MP4. If you intend to play the converted file in an IOS device, you should select “Export to iTunes” option. The respective file will then be added to the iTunes library with ease.

Important: In addition to that, iTube Studio has a special feature called “Download then Convert”. This special feature lets you define MP4 as the default output format. After that, all you have to do is to press the “Download” button. The file will get downloaded and converted into MP4 with a single click operation. Such approach lets you save a lot of time particularly if you need to download multiple files.

Converting a downloaded video into MP4

iTube Studio Video Downloader is capable of converting videos into MP4 after the completion of downloading. It supports all the websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Hulu, etc. In addition to that, it can convert online videos into other formats as well. Namely, you can convert videos into MOV, M4V, MPEG-2, MKV, DivX, etc. Here’s how to perform a conversion using iTube Studio.

01. Click on the tab labeled “Convert” and click on “+” icon. Then, browse for the videos you need to convert and import them into iTube Studio.

02. Now, click on the button labeled “Convert” and define the output format you need.

As you may see, downloading and converting online videos using iTube Studio is a very easy process. This program doesn’t contain any malware thus there is nothing to worry about your security. However, if you still need an online tool, read the next part of our article.

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Part 2: Best online link to MP4 converters

Here’s a list of best online link to MP4 converters you can use instead of iTube Studio. However, you should remember that there are some limitations when you use an online or free tool.


Arguably, is the most popular and easy-to-use online tool that downloads videos from many websites. This respective website exists for a decade or so as a prominent video downloader. The reason behind the immense popularity of this tool is its user-friendliness and simplicity. This respective online tool helps users to download videos from 30+ websites.

Here are some of the tasks you can perform with
  • Download videos in multiple resolution options (up to 720p)
  • It supports various video and audio file formats that are widely used
  • lets you download videos without installing any software
  • To download a video, you can paste its URL in the provided space
  • It works with pretty much all the web browsers, and there is no compatibility issue

The customer service of Keepvid is a really impressive one. Many of the users praise the efficiency of Keepvid’s customer support.


2. ClipConverter

ClipConverter is another popular online tool that lets you download videos from various websites. This special website is already used by many individuals, and the comments are pretty impressive. Let’s take a look at the features associated with ClipConverter.

  • Can convert the link to MP4 from video sharing sites such as YouTube, Metacafe, Google Videos, Vimeo, etc.
  • It supports a large range of file formats (MP4, AVI, MOV, Audio only MP3, etc.)
  • You can enjoy the special set of features by registering for it
  • It comes with an add-on for the browser
  • ClipConverter is compatible with many platforms (however, sometimes, it has compatibility issues with Macs)


3. Cellsea Video Converter

The third option in our list is CellSea Video Converter. Many users have already used this tool and praise it. Downloading and converting videos into MP4 files through CellSea is pretty easy if you use this tool. Here’s a list of features associated with this tool.

  • It works with a large range of file formats including AVI, FLV, MP4, MPG, DivX, 3GP, etc.
  • It also has a specially designed version compatible for mobile devices
  • You don’t need to create an account to use it
  • Registered users can gain access to many extra features though


4. Convert Files

This is another powerful tool that converts links to MP4 easily. Many internet users consider this tool as a prominent option because of the features. You don’t need to become a member to use this tool, and that is another advantage.

Let’s take a look at the key features of Convert Files.
  • It is perfectly compatible with all the widely used web browsers (such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera).
  • Speedy conversion with the simplified interface
  • No need to create an account to enjoy the features
  • No limitation when it comes to downloads as well as conversion


5. Zamzar

The fifth option in our list of online video converters is Zamzar. This online video converter comes with the ability to convert pictures and eBooks in addition to videos. So, we recognize it as one of the most versatile tools in the industry.

Here’s a quick overview of the features associated with this tool.
  • No need to install any software on your computer if you have Zamzar
  • You can expect a decent speed from this online service, generally
  • It is compatible with multiple video and audio formats
  • It supports all the operating systems


We request you to go through the list of options mentioned in this article and pick the best option. If you don’t want to go for a paid software like iTube Studio, you can consider a free online tool. However, please note that there are substantial differences between iTube Studio and free online tools in terms of performance.


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