What to Do When A MacBook Not Turning On (Macbook Air Won’t Turn On)

Like any other electronic device, MacBook air won’t turn on (Macbook Not Turning On) and create problems while operating the same. It can fail to meet the expectations at times due to any of the reasons. Some problems could be minor in size and can be resolved with much fanfare, but others could be serious and need proper attention from the end of the user. These major problems could even lead the user clueless and puzzled about the situation they are experiencing. In case of MacBook not turning on, the user becomes completely helpless as he or she cannot use the device as well as come to a solution for the same. Troubleshooting the problem itself is also out of reach since the device is not turning on.

This by no means indicates that the problem cannot be resolved or a solution for the same is possible and within the very reach of the user. In fact, as per the experts and their specialized knowledge, this problem can be resolved by following the below-mentioned tips. It is just that the best and the most suitable Mac Task Manager solution when MacBook Air won’t turn on, then it must be chosen and followed to reach a positive situation.

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Part 1. Six Tips to fix a MacBook air won’t turn on (Macbook Not Turning On)

These tips will definitely help the user to reach to a particular solution and in a process fix the same. The list of the tips goes as below:

1. Turning on and Starting Up a MacBook

Turning on and starting up are two very unusual things. Though they sound quite similar, they denote a completely different meaning to the user concerned. In case, the device is not turning on; then there won’t be any problems related to the power connection. In such a case, no images would be displayed neither the user would hear any startup sound or the fan noise which comes when the device is put to use.

Both things can be easily mistaken and considered as the same thing, but they are not similar in the true sense of the word. Trying a different cable or charging the battery seems to be the possible solution when MacBook air won’t turn on.

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2. Solution in the Form of Power Cycle

The next solution comes in the form of the power cycle where in Mac is forced to restart by putting off the power for a point of time. This is the best way to bring the things to normalcy otherwise other encompassing solutions must be looked upon.

3. Disk Check and Repair

Next in line is performing a safe boot on the MacBook not turning on. First, shut it down the MacBook, and then restart the same by pressing the desired keys. This way, it will restart it normally.

After you log in to the system, make the space of 10 GB for the files on the hard drive by either deleting some of the files or moving them to some other place.

4. Fixing the Drive in Recovery Mode

The user must check for a corrupted drive in case of the MacBook is booting up but not able to load the operating system. The very first step is to run Disk Utility. However, all this should be done only after turning off the MacBook. Some simple steps must be followed to complete the process.

  • 1: Boot up the MacBook by pressing the specified keys.
  • 2: Disk Utility must be clicked, and the disk must be verified by clicking on the required icon.
  • 3: Any kinds of errors in the system must be repaired using the “Repair Disk” option.

5. Checking the File System

The next-best option is to check the File System and fix the issue.

  • Launch the Single User Mode by rebooting the system and pressing the Command and “S” keys.
  • Release the keys when the black screen appears along with the white text on the screen.
  • Type fsck-fy when the command prompt appears and hit Return.
  • Now, wait for few minutes until any of the below messages displayed.

The Volume MacBook Name appears to be OK. In this case, the user is supposed to type reboot and press enter.

The File System was modified. Here, type fsck-fy and hit return key.

6. Resetting the special memory sections on the MacBook

PRAM or NVRAM is the unique memory sections on the MacBook, which must reset. This should be done to store data that will stay active even when the MacBook is turned on. These generally include some kind of settings to be done relating to the volume, screen resolution and so on. It is not a valuable solution when MacBook not turning on but in many of the cases, it works.

  • Step 1: Hold on Command, Option, P, and R keys. Now, turn on the Mac.
  • Step 2: Press the above keys until the system reboot. Once it is up, releases the keys.

Once the following procedure has been completed, MacBook should not create any kinds of problems. In fact, it should restart in the normal manner, or the progress bar would get displayed while starting up the MacBook. This way the MacBook will restart and ready to operate by the user.

In case, none of the above steps work when MacBook air won’t turn on. Then it is time to take it to the specialists and take their expert help. Since they are the ones dealing with such issues regularly, hence they would be able to identify the problem more easily and correctly. In case, the warranty of the MacBook is still valid then the user must take the device to the Apple Store and shown to the customer service staff or the desired personnel.

Part 2. How Wondershare Data Recovery Can Help To Recover When MacBook Not Turning On

Before all this is done, data backup should be taken or else data should be recovered by possible means. Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac is the safest and easiest recovery software for the MacBook. It definitely helps in retrieving lost videos, photos, music, documents, emails, etc. from the hard drive of the MacBook as well as any kinds of other storage devices, including external devices.

  • Preview Available before Recovery: The user is free to preview the items, which have been found once the disk has been scanned. Accordingly, the user can take the decision what all files require to be recovered and how that needs to be done in the safest manner possible.
  • Powerful Search: This function helps the user to look up for the lost files as well as find the much-needed data quickly and promptly. By using this function, even the single byte of the data that has been used can be traced without losing any part of the same in case of MacBook air won’t turn on. This indicates that the data is deeply scanned. It searches all the information that one is looking for and wishes to keep in a secured location for later use.
  • Easily Recovery of the Data: Lost data can be simply recovered, and it is not at all difficult to delete or format the files as per the specific requirements of the user. Thus one can rest assure that no data happens to get lost for any of the reasons, and all data could be recovered by following some very simple steps.
  • Professional and Reliable: Studies are made for recovering the lost data by following the right approach at the right point of time. Various modules are designed for the same and necessary steps taken as per the individual requirements. Wondershare Data Recovery comes to the rescue of the user in case some of the files, which are quite important have been lost. Such files can be recovered very soon effectively and efficiently. Certain tools associated with the recovery program help to recover the lost files and important data and the complete scan of the MacBook is done.
  • Efficient: Wondershare Data Recovery helps in restoring even the minutest details on the system, even the ones, which are damaged or deleted due to MacBook not turning on or any of the reasons. The scan is the best, and no one can doubt the same. It is one of the best software for recovering the lost or deleted data, which works efficiently, effectively and within the prescribed time limit. It does not give any kinds of errors at any point of time due to any of the reasons.

In case the user has the following recovery program installed on the MacBook or the system, then there is generally no need to take the help of professionals or visit the technical experts. The problem will get resolved at the end of the user itself, be it anything related to the computer or the files. There is no need for the user to panic in any of the situations as the problem will not take much time to get resolved.

  • Partition Recovery: Data can be recovered at all points of time from any of the partitions in case of MacBook air won’t turn on. This software can handle all kinds of accidents related to the data. Data can be restored from accidentally deleted, formatted, or damaged partitions. The chances of recovery of the same are 100%, and no one should doubt the same.
  • Deleted File Recovery: The user is of the view that the files, which are once deleted, cannot be restored but that is not the case. With the help of this Wondershare Data Recovery software, even the deleted files can be recovered from the trash, no matter whether the backup of the same has been taken or not. This is very helpful software, which assists the user in the times of need.
  • RAW Hard Drive Recovery: Even the corrupt data can be restored with the help of this recovery software. RAW Hard Drive Recovery or Partition Loss is possible in almost all the cases and proves quite helpful with the passing time.

In Nutshell

One can very well say that Wondershare Data Recovery Software is the best in the market. It is complete in all senses when it comes to computers and other storage devices. Thus, it is not at all difficult to fix a MacBook air won’t turn on (Macbook Not Turning On) and does not take much time. Neither any of the complicated steps need to be followed nor need experts to be consulted for sure.

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