Top Meme Generator App on iOS & Android in 2021

Who does not love memes? It is really hard to answer this. Memes are loved by almost everyone as they are quite funny apart from being true. Memes generate laughter as well as make us see things from a brighter side. It would not be wrong to say that memes have taken over all social media platforms. Today, you find a lot of meme generator apps on the internet with different kinds of memes like dog, cat, movie character, etc. Most of the time, memes allow us to see certain things from a different viewpoint.

In order to create unforgettable and amazing memes, you need inspiration in the first place. In this article, you get to know about the best generator applications that are available for iOS and Android devices on the internet. These meme generator apps help you in discovering new as well as viral memes on your smartphone. In this way, you would not miss out on potential memes, and you can even generate your own memes with them!

Our list of top nine meme generator applications goes like this.

1. Mematic – Top 1 Meme Generator App

It tops our list of the best meme generators as it has more than 100,000 downloads on Google Play, which shows how good it actually is. With Mematic, you can generate memes effortlessly in a quicker way. For this, you just have to type in captions, and voila!

Mematic – Top 1 Meme Generator App

Mematic even allows you to share the generated memes with others. However, it does not offer options for photo editing but comprises basic tools for text formatting. It assists you in gaining access to more than hundreds of memes, which you can also use for generating your own. Its interface is quite intuitive that makes the meme generation even a lot easier for you. The best part is it can be downloaded for free.

Compatibility Check: iOS and Android

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2. ZomboDroid’s Meme Generator

It is another popular meme generator app that comes with a lot of features. Some of the interesting features of this app include memes with no watermarks, neatly organized categories of memes and sticks, etc. It offers an excellent feature for sharing memes with others.

ZomboDroid's Meme Generator app

It is a free application that comes with more than 700 memes. You can crop any image along with inserting header, header, and font of your choice in just some simple steps. The only disappointing thing about this meme generator is showing of annoying ads.

Compatibility Check: Android

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3. MemeCrunch’s Meme Generator

This meme generator app assists you to create memes quickly. It comes with a few editing features. You can browse any template from its library and add captions to it as you may like. It is a good meme generator for those who do not like to waste their precious time on meme editing.

MemeCrunch's Meme Generator app

This application allows you to add your text easily and then share it on various social media apps like Instagram. It is available for free but offers in-app purchases for unlocking other features.

Compatibility Check: iOS

4. Memedroid

Memedroid gives you the freedom not only to create memes but also to enjoy hundreds of memes of other users. It offers basic text formatting tools with a huge library of meme templates. This meme generator app offers some extra features as compared to other meme generators such as it supports uploading of GIFs and images.


Along with it, Memedroid keeps on updating its gallery that provides you with new templates for your meme. It is a good meme generator but comes with lots of annoying advertisements. However, it crashes when users try to scroll through the most recent memes.

Compatibility Check: iOS and Android

5. Meme Creator

It is so much easier to create memes with Meme Creator. Its library comprises more than 600 memes that you can use to generate new memes or to make your own collection of funny memes. You can adjust the size and color of captions based on your needs and requirements. Along with that, it offers font choices over 20.

Meme Creator

This meme generator allows you to combine memes so as to create comic effects. With Meme Creator, you can share your memes on social media apps.

Compatibility Check: Android

6. Modern Meme Maker

Modern Meme Maker offers you to browse more than 200 meme templates for free. For creating your meme, select any meme and then change its text’s size and color as per you decide. Its multi-line option gives the option to extend the length of captions.

Modern Meme Maker meme generator app

With this meme generator app, you can create memes with watermarks or without, although watermarks are not as popular as such. You can share the created memes with your friends over Instagram, Tumblr, or Twitter. On the other hand, it supports uploading requirements for Instagram.

Compatibility Check: Android

7. Meme Producer

Meme Produce is another great option for meme lovers. It allows you to share memes within just three simple steps. Firstly, choose any picture and then the caption of your choice to it. Now, share it with others on various social media applications. With Meme Producer, you can mix up several pictures in just one meme. Changing the caption is so easy with a single click.

Meme Producer

This meme generator app allows you to add more than a single line, which is an awesome feature for those who want to add captions containing more lines. It is available for free on App Store. The best part about Meme Producer is that it displays no annoying ads as well as contains no watermarks.

Compatibility Check: iOS

8. Meme Factory

This meme generator is unique as compared to other applications as it gives you a platform to submit your memes. It offers more than hundreds of templates. At Meme Factory, you can rate memes as well.

You can browse through its library and add captions to it. Unfortunately, it does not have any feature for image and text editing. It would be disappointing for those who are looking for more features whereas; you can share created memes with your friends over Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with just a single click.

Meme Factory meme generator app

Compatibility Check: iOS

9. Make a Meme+

Make a Meme+ has crossed over 4 million users on App Store. It is counted under the list of the best meme generator applications for iPhones. If you want to make changes to the text, just click on the meme of your choice. Additionally, you can add hats or faces to your edited images.

Make a Meme+

Its formatting tools for the text are not quite powerful. Users who are looking for some cool features in their meme generator app may find Make a Meme+ disappointing. You can save generated memes to your camera roll or else share them on social media apps like Instagram or Facebook.

Compatibility Check: iOS

So, creating a meme surely is not as difficult as you were thinking. It just requires imagination along with a good sense of humor. However, it is not possible with the help of a great meme generator app. This app helps you to give an image to your idea in the best possible way. With these above-mentioned tools, you can generate memes without dealing with any tech knowledge.

You can go for any meme generator out there in the market but isn’t it better to go with the best options available to you? It sounds cool, right. So, go for these meme generator apps in order to have a better experience. Download a meme generator app for your iOS or Android and start the fun!