How to Move WhatsApp to SD Card Simply

WhatsApp is a social messenger type of app. It allows you to send and receive messages from anybody who has the app, free of cost. All you need is that person’s phone number and a functioning internet connection. That person also needs to have WhatsApp installed. If your internet connection is down, then the messages go through as soon as your internet starts. You can not only send and receive text-based messages, but you could also share videos, pictures, your live location, and also contacts. Later, you may want to move WhatsApp to an SD card or Backup Whatsapp Photos on Samsung and some other Android devices.

WhatsApp is very popular all across the world and has over 450 million users. Facebook had bought WhatsApp for over 16 billion dollars in 2014. The various types of files that you receive on your WhatsApp are saved in the internal storage of your phone automatically. As the messages and other types of data keep getting saved there, your memory starts to fill up. At some point in time, you will find yourself wanting to move WhatsApp to an SD card or move WhatsApp messages to a new phone.

All the files in your WhatsApp are important. Be it images or videos that you shared or chats that you want to keep safe. You wouldn’t want to lose any of it. The following apps will help you to move WhatsApp to an SD card without having to delete or lose any file. If you need to recover deleted or lost WhatsApp data, here is the best WhatsApp Recovery on Android.

Part 1: How to use apps to move WhatsApp to SD card

ES File Explorer

If you want to move WhatsApp to an SD card safely, then you will have to download a third-party app on your mobile or tablet. One such app is the ES File Explorer. It can only be downloaded on Android-based models. By using this app, you cannot only transfer files but also move WhatsApp to an SD card.


  • Go to Google Play store and download ES File Explorer. Launch the application on your Android device.
  • In certain devices, the name of the app will appear as File Manager only.
  • On the Home page of the app, swipe left to be taken to the local folder where all your internal data is stored.
  • If you long press on WhatsApp, it will appear to be marked.
  • On the bottom right of the screen, you will see “More” option.
  • Upon clicking that choice, you will have another option titled as “Move to” then you have to select SD card. Doing so will move WhatsApp to SD card.
  • You can tap on the button to add and name a new folder on the SD card.
  • As soon as you tap OK, your files will start to transfer to the folder you created on the SD card. The time taken depends on the size of the files that you want to transfer.

In case you do not want to move the whole app and would prefer just to move files instead then navigate to “locate storage” and tap on the folder titled WhatsApp. When you tap on it, you will be able to choose only those files, which you want to transfer. After you are done choosing, at the bottom right of the screen, there will be an option titled “Move to” then you have to choose an SD card and wait for your files to transfer.

By following these simple procedures, all the files were easily moved to your SD card whether you wanted to move WhatsApp to an SD card or some other files. This app is also capable of transferring other types of apps to your SD card. The process will be the same as above. ES File Manager will also assist you in managing all the files you have on your internal or external memory.

Part 2: Explaining SD card

All of the devices that we use in our daily life like Samsung and others have a slot for memory cards in them, which can also be called SD cards. Only iPhones don’t have the option to add external storage through SD cards.

The SD cards are pretty small in size and are completely non-volatile meaning they can retain data even if the electric connection breaks or isn’t constant. Since the cards are so small in size, it is recommended that you keep it in a safe place, so you don’t lose important data along with the SD card. Such memory or SD cards are also used on cameras, tablets, and camcorders. You could store different types of data on it like audio, photo, and video among many others.

There are a number of different companies that make SD cards like Samsung, Lexar, Kingston, SanDisk, and many more. There is a significant difference in the SD cards made by different companies. The difference can be in speed, storage capacity, size, or even the physical appearance of the card.

Different types of SD card

There are a variety of SD card types. You could use apps to move WhatsApp to an SD card or any other app for that matter.

Secure Digital Standard Digital Card (SDSD)

These types of cards support storage of low capacities like 2GB or less.

Secure Digital High Capacity cards (SDHC)

This particular type of SD card can hold up to 32GB worth of memory.

Secure Digital Extended capacity card (SDXC)

This cared has the highest capacity for storage. It can store up to 2 TB worth of data in it. You could also use third-party apps to move WhatsApp to SD card of such types.

Since there are so many options available in the market.

There are a few things you should keep in mind while choosing an SD card so that you can make the right decision.

Cost Factor:

Cost is an important factor when it comes to purchasing SD cards. Going for a cheaper option will end up costing you more in the long run. You do not want to take chances especially because you will use the card to move WhatsApp to an SD card.

The speed of the SD card:

Depending upon the files that you want to transfer, store in your SD card, and the type of task you will do, there are different options available with different speeds. For example, a photographer will require something of higher speed like 4, 6, or even 10.

The capacity of the SD card:

If you want to move WhatsApp to an SD card then the capacity of the SD card should be more than the size of the files so all your files can be transferred and stored smoothly.

The Physical Appearance of the SD card:

Depending on many factors, the size of SD cards also changes. Make sure that the SD card you are choosing is compatible with your phone or camera. The information at the back of the SD card box should provide you with the necessary information otherwise the salesperson should be able to decide whether it would be compatible or not.

Memory cards are very important as this external storage is where you store most of the data. Since SD cards hold a lot of personal and important data in general, we should be very careful with them. They are extremely small in size, which increases the chances of losing or misplacing them so much more. Apart from being able to store data on your SD card, you could also easily store or transfer apps to your SD card.