Top MP4 to VOB Converter in 2021 For You

Converters are incredibly useful pieces of software that can be found online as web tools or as downloadable programs. The gist of their purpose is to change a file’s format without inflicting damage or corruption on the data within. Most popular are video converters, and one you might already be familiar with is the YouTube converter. MP4 videos are one of the most common formats, and this makes an MP4 to VOB converter something many people require.

About VOB Format

The thought of converting from MP4 to VOB might not make a lot of sense considering how popular and compatible it is. However, VOB is beneficial in many ways, which makes it better for DVDs than MP4 files are.

This is because it allows subtitles, menus, and navigation options to be added. If you burn multiple videos to a disc and you want to be able to choose a specific video (instead of the content being one long clip), VOB files let you do this.

Although VOB is a great format for DVDs, compatibility is very limited. In other words, it’s only a good format if a video is burned to a DVD.

Perhaps you don’t intend on putting the video on a DVD after using an MP4 to VOB converter. In that case, use VLC Media Player to watch/open any VOB videos. Since most media players don’t support this rare format, VLC is the best option.

PS: here is the top VOB Player for you to choose from, and get to know how to convert AAX to MP3 as well as how to convert M4V to MP4 with ease.

Wondershare UniConverter – Best MP4 to VOB Converter

When it comes to computer software solutions, Wondershare UniConverter is by far the best program for converting video files. It can take most video or audio files and produce them in a different format, including VOB.

It’s not just converting files either. You can import videos in the video editing studio, burn videos to DVD discs (something people who convert to VOB usually do), and even download videos from the internet. Everything about this MP4 to VOB Converter is simple, and in just a few steps, a VOB file can be created.

  • Take almost any video and convert it to over 1000 other formats
  • Videos can be converted in bulk
  • Files convert up to 30 times faster than online video converters, like convert ISO to IMG, convert MP4 to WebM
  • Download videos and music from content sharing sites (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Includes a converter, editing studio, downloader, and a toolbox of useful features
  • Burn VOB videos straight to a DVD after converting the MP4 file
  • Convert videos with presets for a specific type of device
  • Compress photos and videos to optimize them for storage
  • Available on Windows and Mac computers

Since you install UniConverter on a computer, there’s also no need to worry about stressing your bandwidth. The computer’s resources handle the conversion process without uploading any data to servers for assistance. Try it out for free and see whether or not this converter meets your expectations.

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How to Convert MP4 to VOB with UniConverter

Following on from the last section, to use Wondershare UniConverter, you don’t have to be the most tech-savvy person. In fact, even with minimal computer knowledge, this MP4 to VOB Converter is easy to use. This guide explains how to do the conversion.

  • #1 – Download UniConverter and launch the installer to set it up on your computer.
  • #2 – Open the program and click “Convert” on the navigation menu bar.
  • #3 – Click “Add Files” and then “Add File” to select an MP4 file.

Note: copy all the videos into the same folder for batch converting and then choose “Add Folder” instead.

  • #4 – At the right side, drop down the menu “Convert all files to.”
  • #5 – Click the “Video” tab and choose the new format, “VOB” from the list.
  • #6 – When the settings are correctly set, click on “Convert All” at the bottom right.
  • #7 – It can take several minutes for the conversion to complete but afterward, press “Converted” and the VOB file location will open up.
Convert MP4 to VOB Using UniConverter

There it is. If you want to go a step further, enable the “Merge All Videos” slider next to the “Convert All” button. Doing this combines the videos you add to the converting queue to a single VOB file.

Even better is that there’s an option to load video files from a DVD. So, if you have DVDs with scratches or want to combine DVD videos onto a single disc, UniConverter lets you do this.

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How to Burn MP4/VOB to DVD with UniConverter

We explained how the main purpose of VOB is for DVDs. It’s only natural that because we can produce VOB files with Wondershare UniConverter, we also can burn VOB videos to DVDs.

  • #1 – Assuming you used UniConverter to convert videos to VOB, launch it. If not, install the program before proceeding.
  • #2 – On the navigation menu, click “Burn,” and below this, click “Add Files.”
  • #3 – Click “Add File” again and locate the VOB video you are going to burn to a DVD. You may also drag and drop the file onto UniConverter.
  • #4 – After adding videos, you have the option to use a DVD preset. Simply click the editing icon, and this studio lets you add a menu to the DVD.
  • #5 – Once the edits have been made and it suffices you, click on “Burn video to” at the top-right.
  • #6 – Use this menu to adjust the DVD burning settings.
  • #7 – Finally, press “Burn” at the bottom-right and wait for UniConverter to transfer your videos onto a DVD.
MP4 to VOB converter - UniConverter

Using the DVD burning feature on this MP4 to VOB converter means a disc is required, obviously. A quick note: during the DVD burning stage, your computer will likely get very noisy. This is normal, and it shouldn’t be of any concern.

Back to UniConverter; this is what makes this video manager such a great piece of software. Not only can you convert videos, but you can also burn them to a DVD instantly. The simple fact that most users who convert to VOB burn the video to DVD means that a DVD burner is also needed. Rather than getting extra software, Wondershare UniConverter has everything you need.

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Free Online MP4 to VOB Converter

Does UniConverter appeal to you but the idea of installing yet another program on your computer dissuades you? No problem, Online UniConverter is equally as effective and is accessible through any internet browser.

  • #1 – Open an internet browser and enter in the address bar.
  • #2 – Either drag and drop the MP4 file or click on the “+” symbol to select it. Similarly, you may upload multiple MP4 files to bulk convert.
  • #3 – After the uploads are complete, click the drop-down menu next to “Convert all files to” and choose “VOB” from this list.
  • Note: to convert videos to different formats, use the drop-down formatting menu next to each upload.
  • #4 – Once the correct formats are assigned to your videos, click “Convert” and wait whilst they are processed.
  • #5 – When the converter is complete, click on “Download All.” Alternatively, you can select “Save to Dropbox” to store the VOB videos to cloud storage.
MP4 to VOB Online Uni converter

The clear restrictions are that the computer must have an active internet connection, and uploading files can take time. Depending on your own preference, the convenience of not installing a converter could outweigh these limits.

Restrictions aside, Online UniConverter is as great an MP4 to VOB converter as its downloadable counterpart.

Wondershare UniConverter or Free Online Converter?

Take note of the fact that Online UniConverter is an online variation of Wondershare UniConverter – they are essentially the same tool. However, the online converter is much more limited:

  • Doesn’t let users convert their files to as many formats
  • Doesn’t include a built-in downloader, editing studio, or DVD burner
  • Can convert videos in bulk, but has a cap of 2 videos
  • Requires an active internet connection which also affects the processing speed
  • Users can only upload videos that are 100MB or less
  • Conversions are slower than Wondershare UniConverter

With those limits in mind, we could consider Online UniConverter as the portable edition. It is free to use though, can be accessed online with ease, and allows saving converted videos to Dropbox. So, it isn’t completely unfavorable.


Many video converters are out there, and out of the ones that actually work, Wondershare UniConverter is the best. Whether you decide on using the MP4 to VOB converter program or the online tool, the results will impress you. Both let users convert videos in bulk and return high-quality videos every time. Online UniConverter doesn’t provide us with as much flexibility as Wondershare UniConverter therefore for the best experience possible, stick with the latter option.

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