MP4Fix Video Repair Tool’s Best Alternative

Recording videos is one of the best ways to capture the important parts of your life, save them on your computer, and revisit them in the future. As well as that, it’s also a great way for you to record moments that some of your family members might have missed – there’s no doubting how convenient video recording can be. As smartphones have become more popular we have seen more and more people taking advantage of the high-quality video capturing abilities that their smartphones have to offer, however, some users might encounter a corrupt video from time to time – this is where you need to use MP4Fix.

Data corruption isn’t beyond the norm, and there are many people who experience it frequently, but generally, this is down to human error. When it comes to corrupt video files, there are plenty of programs available that can be used to repair these corrupted files – some of which we are going to be showing you in this article.

Part 1. Reasons for Videos Being Corrupted or Damaged

There is a wide range of video file types, and each file type has its own set of reasons for corruption or damage. The most common file types are MP4, MOV, ASF, WMF, AVI, and M4V although these aren’t all of them – there are literally hundreds of different file types that a video can be saved as it all comes down to the device that it was recorded on or whatever the purpose of the video is.

In some cases, video producers will convert their videos after recording them so that they can be used differently. The reason for this is simply that in some cases, an irregular file type is required for their process, but sometimes this results in video files corrupting due to a faulty conversion process. Nonetheless, below are some of the most common reasons that you may have a corrupt or damaged video file.

1. Viruses or Malware.

Viruses can wreak havoc on your computer which is why it’s recommended that you run a virus scan using your anti-virus software to prevent and eliminate them. Furthermore, anti-virus programs must be updated as soon as updates are released to ensure that they can remove any recent malware scandals which have arisen.

When it comes to your videos, viruses and malware damage video files which renders them unusable, along with pretty much the rest of your personal files.

2. Operating System Problems.

Making sure that your operating system is kept up-to-date is just as important. Every so often a bug will be found with the operating system, and as a result, there could be an issue with the file management system that it uses.

This can lead to your computer being unable to store video files appropriately, thus, leading to a corrupted video file.

3. Broken Video Converter.

Does the original video file open fine, but your converted file doesn’t? The chances are that the
problem lies with the video converter that you used. Fortunately, there are plenty of video converters out there, and so if the one that you originally used is faulty, it won’t be too hard to find another.

When a converter isn’t working properly, some important data fragments may not be converted, and while the video itself has been converted perfectly, these corrupt fragments prevent you from opening and watching the video.

4. Interrupted Conversion Process.

If you had accidentally interrupted the conversion process (e.g., if you closed the video converter before the video had been converted or moved the original video file to a new location), then it’s likely that this is where the problem has arisen from.

In some cases, the original file will remain unharmed, and you will still be able to access it. However, it’s often found that if the conversion process has been interrupted that both the original and converted files will be unusable.

5. Power Outage.

Perhaps you had a power outage recently or tripped and unplugged your computer’s power source. Whatever happened, if your computer suddenly loses power while you are converting a video, you’ll have to look into MP4Fix as it’s likely the file will be rendered useless. Even if you aren’t converting a video, power outages will risk most of your personal data.

Fortunately, you can avoid power outages from being such a risk by using a surge protector – using this type of power extension means that if an outage occurs, your computer will be shut down safely and there will be minimal risk of data corruption or damage.

While these are just some of the main reasons that your data may be corrupt, if you’re looking to use MP4Fix or an alternative, it doesn’t matter the reasoning.

Part 2. Best MP4Fix Video Repair Tool Alternative

As soon as you notice that a video file has corrupted it’s important that you quickly take steps to repair it. In some situations, you might not notice that you need MP4Fix to repair a video file until a while after the damage has been done, but the sooner that you take action, the better chance there is that you can successfully recover the video file.

Given that there are plenty of tools to choose from, you might struggle to choose the best video repair tool for the job. A popular option is MP4Fix, but we recommend that you look into a more effective program such as Stellar Video Repair – the best MP4Fix program out there for video repairing.

Below we have listed some of the features that this program includes.

  • Capable of repairing any video files that have been damaged or corrupted.
  • Fixes any header, footer, sound, or cropped issues that may have been inflicted from the damage.
  • Can fix FLV files that are corrupted and repair a wide range of video types including MP4, AVI, M4V, M4a, MOV, or F4V.
  • Repair videos regardless of the storage device that you have them stored on.
  • Preview the repaired video before the repair process.
  • Available on both Windows and Mac computers and can repair videos regardless of the operating system.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

This is without a doubt the most impressive alternative to MP4Fix, and if you are ever unfortunate enough to have a video corrupted, this is the best choice that you have.

Using Stellar Video Repair as an MP4Fix Alternative

Now that you know about the top HD video repair utility – Stellar Phoenix Video Repair, we’re now going to show you how to use it as an MP4Fix alternative.

#1 – Download and install Stellar Video Repair on your computer.

#2 – Launch the program and connect the storage device that the corrupted video is stored on (if the video is on your computer’s hard drive, you don’t have to connect anything).

#3 – Once you have the program open, click on the “Add File” button in the middle of the display.

MP4Fix Video Repair Tool Alternative

#4 – Click the “Add” button and use the file explorer window to locate the corrupt video.

#5 – After adding all of the videos that you want to have repaired, simply click on “Repair“.

#6 – Stellar Video Repair will now repair all of the videos and once the progress bar is complete, you can either preview the videos to make sure that they’ve been repaired, or click “Save” to have the repaired videos saved to your computer.

Repairing corrupt video files don’t have to be a difficult task, and when you have access to an MP4Fix alternative like Stellar Video Repair, you can be assured that your videos will be repaired swiftly.

Part 3. What You Can Do to Prevent Video Corruption

It’s worth keeping in mind some of the reasons that we listed above for a video corrupting, but below we are going to list some of the more important steps that you should take so that there is little to no risk of data corruption.

  • Keep your anti-virus software up to date and run a virus scan regularly.
  • Purchase a power surge protector and use it as your computer’s extension lead.
  • Use a known and reliable video converter to ensure that your files aren’t damaged.
  • Never use any software or download any files that you aren’t sure are safe.
  • If the video is important, copy it and keep a backup somewhere safe.

Take these points into account, and you’ll minimize the chance of your videos being corrupted or damaged.

To Conclude

Realizing that you have a corrupt video is scary, especially if it’s a video that you need for work, or it’s an important memory. However, knowing how to use Stellar Video Repair can eliminate the stress of your life and will quickly repair the corrupt or damaged video so that it’s back to its original form. On the other hand, you can use MP4Fix Video Repair, although this app doesn’t offer as much and has been known to have some problems when it comes to repairing several videos at once.