New life of 10 top old phones with iPhone SE change

In modern life, Apple company brings a lot of satisfaction and surprises to people through its continuous improvement and updating.

As usual, the company recently launches a new item iPhone SE, which attracts numerous attention. But you must not believe your eyes that the phone looks just like the iPhone 5S unveiled in 2013. Seems nothing significant change. Before the phone came out, people have heard something about it, but they still show much interest.

Apple has great confidence that the potential demand for small devices is substantial. There is no doubt that it will happen in Apple with crazy 30 million amounts of sales in 2015. But is that true for the global market?

Now asking why so many people want to buy a smaller iPhone, instead of being driven by the screen size, the answer from most people is that the price is not very high, and also the Apple logo makes them feel proud.

With a bit change, the Apple shows to people with another new version. It also occurred to us that such iPhone SE change can be applied to other old phones. A makeover on ten old famous brand phones is worth a try.

Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 is a phone once attracts much attention in the market. With an improvement, the phone will be given a new life and become familiar and famous again. Though it ‘s hard to achieve the target, we have confidence that Nokia has the capability to create another legend and grab some market in modern life, which will make Nokia leave people an entirely new impression.

HTC One mini 2 / HTC One Mini

What if gives iPhone SE change on HTC One mini? It will be a very hot spot issue because it can be a adamant competitor against iPhone SE. With robust aluminum 4 inches, stylish modern appearance in metal build, and favorable price, the iPhone SE will suffer a severe defeat from HTC One mini. Also, its fingerprint and camera win some reputation. Let alone the pace of updating.

Nokia Lumia 720 / 730

Among the Nokia Lumia series, the Lumia 720 and 730 are famous for their designs. The shape is just like the pillow, which is comfortable for holding and suitable for putting in the pocket. The phone body is well made of plastic. You will love it. The key element making the phone unique is its strong silicon, good processor, and compelling camera.

Sony Xperia S / I / U

If we give Xperia a new version, just some parts of the original design will be taken instead of making an exact form. The new phone must be thinner, elegant and glow. We have to improve the light strip which is an important characteristic in Sony phone.

A phone with Sony logo and a unique part different with other phones, will it make a big difference? Of course, it will. Just take action, Sony. We are waiting for the next shiny Sony phone.

BlackBerry Passport

The BlackBerry phone once shared a big industry market ten years ago. With the fast development of the electronic market, gradually, BlackBerry is out of our sight for many problems and its sales amount mainly reply on a few loyal fun until recently the coming of a new item BlackBerry Passport brings it in sight again.

The BlackBerry Passport surprises the market with its unique shape and special function after such a long depression. The phone is creatively designed like a passport and is convenient for dealing with business, such as sending emails and processing the sheets.

Also, its keyboard is doubled like a touch screen. The BlackBerry Passport will be undoubted to win the market percentage with these incomparable advantages and an SE edition change. What is more, please run on Android this time! BlackBerry Passport, awaiting the good news.

HTC One M7

HTC One M7 has its good points for its well Android design and speakers with significant volume while also it has some shortages that it uses an UltraPixel camera, which casts a shadow and pulls down its sales.

Let’s try to improve the phone and make it a very competitive one in the market by changing the camera and using the new silicon. The improved one will certainly increase its fame and also its sales amount.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is not a new phone until the phone front is made of stained glass. The Galaxy S6 and now the S7 improve a lot and bring many surprises, but you will find something disappointing when you use them.

The screen will become very greasy, and the figure prints are quickly accumulated. The 4.7″ Galaxy Alpha has an elegant and fashionable design as well as its cool removable back cover. It is super combat. Moreover, the use of new silicon will make it a new phone star.


Speaking about HTC, here is another phone – HTC One S. It is also an excellent choice for experiencing an SE change and getting a new life. Its existence came from the very prosperous development period of HTC several years ago, and the phone is equipped with a lot of advantages as following.

This phone is well known for its 4.3 inches, an aluminum body made with a heart, and very different and unprecedented construction. It is very easy to turn this phone into a new item if we equip it with a better processor, a modern camera, and an advanced system chip. Also as a modern phone, please keep up with the trend and make it on Android running.

Google Nexus 4, Nexus 5

A good phone will always attract some attention in the market and never get out from people’s sight by the time goes by. The Nexus 4, which comes from 2012, is such a kind of phone and still it is thriving in the modern market with its distinctive design. Even the phone in 2016 can hardly compare with this item.

If the Nexus 4 is improved with a modern system chip, a powerful camera, and a powerful battery, then it will jump into the market in a very competitive position and change the phone market in some way. But also remember to use Android, Nexus 4.

Nokia Lumia 1020

Once a time, Nokia had such a wide impact on people’s lives, just like Apple today. The following items of Nokia are crazily loved by their fans all over the world. But these can never stop preventing the giant breaking down and be replaced by the other brand. When we find the reason, here maybe we can get some clues from the failure of just one phone Lumia 1020 for lack of a successor.

It is a time for Nokia to do something and to bring some surprises to the fans who believe that this giant will get back again and bring us more beautiful products. This time, please run on Android, and we expect the next miracle if Nokia gives those old phones a new life.

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