Various Online Video Compressor: Ways to Compress Your Videos Online

Through the use of technology, it has become easier for us to compress the size of a file. There are various solutions available online, which can aid us in shrinking the size of a file. It also enables us to upload such files online to social networking websites, send them through THE mail, or free up space on the disk. Below mentioned are some of the ways that can help us in shrinking the size of a file through the use of an online video compressor and that too without any constraints.

Part 1: Use Video Converter of Wondershare for Compressing Videos

Big multimedia files download and load very slowly when an online MP4 compressor is used for loading the videos. Video Converter Ultimate is the best tool for compressing the size of a file without compromising with the quality that too within a short duration.

Using this mp4 compressor or the other MP4Fix, you can easily convert files into any other format both in a video as well as audio just by following quick and simple steps. Moreover, a user is allowed to share these videos on social networking websites. Plus, a user can add subtitles to a video. Additionally, it has a feature of highlight that highlights the videos whenever you convert them in an MP4 format or YouTube at ultra high definition resolutions.

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Wondershare UniConverter features

  • This is considered the best online video compressor.
  • Shrinks the size of the video without affecting the quality levels.
  • Using this software, you can perform video customization in frame rate, resolution, bitrate terms, and a lot more.
  • This FLV2MP4 Converter performs the function of conversion and compression very quickly. It converts FLV2MP4 & convert Video2Mp4, AVCHD to MP4 easily.
  • It personalizes, enhances, and edits your video.
  • Records and downloads videos from more than 10,000 websites of video sharing.
  • Additionally, it has DVD templates that are very attractive.
  • Has a versatile toolbox, which can fix GIF make, metadata, screen recorder, video converter, and casting television videos.
  • Be compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 operating system, Mac operating system 10.6 ~ 10.14.
  • It has verified security and more than 4 million people have downloaded it.

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Steps required following for compressing MP4 videos

Step 1: Upload videos in MP4 format to the alternative online MP4 compressor.

In the first step, you are required to register, install, and download the Video Converter Ultimate software from Wondershare. After that, open this tool and go to the option of Convert, then Converting and then go to add files for selecting your video from the window of pop up.

Step 2: Optimize the file using desktop video compressor

You are going to observe the drop-down icon below other than the option of “convert all files to“. Go to that option and open it and then all the available formats will open up. Now go to the tab of video and then click on the option of MP4.

For adjusting the parameters, you can go to create custom, which will display you the window of settings. You can make changes in the frame rate and resolution by going to the window of settings. You can also go to the option of small size and observe how the size of the file shrinks. Go to the option of Create for creating new and customized formats.

Step 3: Compress videos offline

Once you are done with the settings, go to the option of convert all, where the mp4 video will be converted using the offline video converter. You can go to the icon of output for locating the video which is compressed if you wish to convert the compressed video.

Online Video Compressor with UniConverter

Enjoy the alternative of an online video compressor whenever there is a need for compressing a video in MP4 format.

Test results of using an online MP4 compressor

  • Time period taken by it for compressing the video offline is around 65 seconds.
  • Input: MP4 format 386.68 MB and time period taken is 221 seconds
  • Output: FLV format, 82.4 MB and the time period taken is 221 seconds.
  • Computer: 16 GB, Intel Core i5, Windows 7.

Part 2: Use Online Video Compressor to Shrink Size of the Video File Online for Free

Sharing videos on social networking platforms by uploading them is very prominent nowadays amongst people. Sharing of videos is done by people on a regular basis. The most prominent format of digital videos is the MP4 format. Nevertheless, the image quality that this format offers is very high. Therefore, their size is large enough that cannot be shared with people through email or uploaded online. So, it is important to search for the ways through which one can compress the size of MP4 files. Here is some of the online MP4 compressor to compress the videos online.

1) Clipchamp – an online video compressor

Clipchamp is a great online mp4 compressor as it enables us to shrink the size of MP4 videos online that too without the installation of any tool on the computer system. This tool is particularly used for compressing the YouTube videos or the ones that are sent through the mail. You can compress MP4 videos for free by using this option. You are allowed to convert a maximum of 5 videos for free by using this online video compressor.

Online Video Compressor - Clipchamp

If you wish to shrink the size of more videos, then you are required to pay 7.5 dollars in a month. For using Chipchamp, you are required to log in by entering valid e-mail credentials. If you do so, then you will be able to record unlimited input size as well as the length of the video. As a free user, you have an option of editing videos having an input resolution of 4k.

2) VideoSmaller

VideoSmaller is a great online MP4 compressor as it enables you to shrink the size of the file easily as well as conveniently. This software is available in several languages and offers support to MOV, MP4, and various other formats. It has various other distinct attributes using which you can perform the tasks which you generally do by downloading tools for converting docs into PDF format and converting video files into audio ones. This online video compressor makes it easier to compress a video.

Online Video Compressor - VideoSmaller

3) Cloudconvert

If you are looking for another option of an online MP4 compressor that too without the installation of any tool on your system, then Cloudconvert is all you need. This video compressor enables you to compress various files simultaneously and prepares them to be sent through e-mail. Now, you can easily shrink the size of a video using this amazing online video compressor.

Online Video Compressor - CloudConvert

Steps to convert videos through the use of an online video converter

Here in these steps below, we are going to use online video compressor of Clipchamp.

Step 1: Go to the website of Clipchamp and after that go to the Clipchamp menu.

Step 2: After opening the menu, you can open the options of the small window. In order to reduce the size of MP4 file online, go to the icon of the compress.

Step 3: This will be displayed in some other Window. Now, go to the option of compress video now.

Step 4: Now, in the next step select the Google or Facebook account or type in a valid email address in order to sign in.

Step 5: After signing in by using an account, you need to go to the option of compressing the videos, which is given on the right side. A window will open up for locating a video file. After choosing the file, go to the option of “open“.

Step 6: Wait for some time and go to the icon of “I want to optimize for” and then choose the option of Google, Facebook, etc. and then select start.

Step 7: Wait for some time in order for the video to be shared or uploaded. This is a great online MP4 compressor.

Test results of using Clipchamp

  • Time taken for compressing the videos offline: 45 minutes
  • Input: MP4 formats, time taken: 3 minutes 41 seconds.
  • Output: FLV videos time period taken: 3 min 41 seconds
  • Computer: Windows 7, 16 GB, Intel Core i5

Advantages of using Clipchamp as an online MP4 compressor

  • This software is easy to use as well as quick.
  • Can perform recording with a webcam.
  • Plus, it is available in various languages.
  • It can also be used for editing the videos.
  • You can also change the resolution of a video by using this online video converter.
  • You can also reduce the size of the videos.
  • There is no requirement for any extra application.

Disadvantages of using Clipchamp as a video converter

  • You can only shrink the size of 5 videos if you are using this software for free.
  • It does not allow much time in recording a video through webcam when you are using the free version.
  • Several users are not permitted to access the free version of an online video converter.
  • It is mandatory to have an internet connection.

Part 3: Difference between an Online MP4 Compressor and Desktop Video Compressor

Today measurement of capacities is done in gigabytes and not in megabytes. The capacity measurement is also done in terabytes. The size of games as well as photos has increased. Games, as well as programs, take up a lot of space in the system that is why there is a need for compression. You can compress videos in Mp4 format by using an online mp4 compressor or download an application on your phone, which is going to depend upon various things.

A desktop MP4 compressor is available in over 1000 formats such as MP4, AVI, MP3, and MOV whereas online MP4 compressors such as Cloudconvert, Videosmaller, Clipchamp can only support AVI, MPEG, MOV, and MP4 formats. If you use Uniconverter of Wondershare, then the speed of compressing the videos is 30 times faster.

On the other hand, speed in case of online mp4 compressors’ speed is dependent upon the internet connection. Video Converter Ultimate can compress videos together in a batch, but such a thing is not possible in the case of Clipchamp and videoSmaller. There is a limitation in the case of Desktop compressors without the internet, but there is no such limitation in online compressors.

So, these were some of the most amazing online video compressors that you can use for reducing or shrinking the size of a video that is in MP4 format. All these compression programs are simple to use and quick. Out of all, the best video converter is Wondershare UniConverter.

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