Online Video Cut through the Best Video Cutters

If you wish to cut some of the scenes from a movie that you would like to share with some other people and you are looking forward to download software for video cutting, then you should be relaxed as nowadays everything can be done through video cutters that are available online.

Except for Kinemaster Pro Video Editor, the best four software that enables you to do online video cut is online video cutter, Mixmoov, FileLab Video editor, video toolbox, and YouTube video editor. If you wish to get more details about these video cutters available online and how to cut videos online using a desktop editor, read below.

Online Video Cut Tool in Wondershare Filmora

Uploading a video on a website can be a very time-consuming process, and that too when the network connection is not working properly. It is recommended for you to cut your big videos by using the instant cutter software in Wondershare Filmora. This Samsung video editor tool for cutting videos enables you to load an 8 GB video in a period of 2 minutes.

Moreover, when you cut the videos using this tool, you don’t need to record them. Presently, this tool of instant video cutting is compatible with formats like H.264 M2TS/MTS or H.264 MP4/MOV that is particularly used in the cameras. If the instant cutter tool is not compatible with your video, then you can cut the video by using the full feature mode of Filmora. You can also put music on a video with it.

Here are the steps that you are required to follow for an online video cut-through instant cutter tool.

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Step 1: Drag the video and take it to the timeline.

Step 2: Use the sliders for trimming the video. Set both endings as well as the starting time. Plus, you are required to set in and out points.

Step 3: keep the playhead from the point where you wish to start the video and then go to the button of add segment for creating a new clip of video automatically.

By the way, Filmora is also the best app to put videos together.

Online video cut Filmora

Part 1: Best four video cutters for online video cut

A. Video editor of YouTube

This tool for online video cut or editing enables you to merge video clips for cutting, trimming, and creating videos according to the requirements. This software also allows you to add effects and music to the video and share it with just a single click.


  • Can be used easily
  • Has basic options for video editing
  • Quick speed of processing


  • Limited effects of video

B. Online Video cutter

This is a video cutter that enables you to get rid of unwanted parts from the video. This program is compatible with every kind of video format. To cut a video, all you have to do is to visit the website of the company and import the file of video that you want to cut or you can simply type the link of the online video that you wish to cut and then save it.

Online Video cutter


  • Easy to use and straightforward


  • Videos take a lot of time in getting uploaded.

C. Video Toolbox

This is an online editor that enables you to cut the videos online. It has two different modes that are advanced and simple. Using this online video cut software, you can easily hardcode subtitles, demux, cut, and crop videos. This app offers support to a number of video formats like AMV, 3GP, ASF, FLV, AVI, MOV, MPEG, MP4, WMV, M4V. Additionally, it can perform the functions of a video converter.

Video Toolbox Online video cut


  • Other than cutting the videos. It provides various options for editing.
  • It is compatible with all the prominent format of videos.


  • The maximum limit on the file of the size is 600 MB.

D. Mixerfactory

This software is well known for online video cuts or editing. It offers an award-winning, customizable, white-labeled toolbox video editing. It is easy for you to import the media files from the desktop as well as the web. Its main module and attributes include templates, text, effects, cuts, and transitions.



  • It has a slick and simple interface
  • Enables you to import the clips directly from YouTube


  • Does not allow you to view the work done online

Part 2: How to do an online video cut

Using video toolbox for cutting a video

To cut a video, you need to select the various pieces of a file you want to keep. After you have combined all of them, you can make it a finished video, which can be shared online by uploading to any media platform. Cutting a video seems to be a very daunting and complicated process, which might require some advanced skills.

But, thanks to this amazing and user–friendly software, Video toolbox, you can easily do online video cuts and make a professional file from it. All this can be done for free using this web software. Here are some simple instructions, using which you can learn to use the Video toolbox for performing online video cut.

Step 1 – Make a new account and then log in

For making use of this amazing software, you need to create your account on its website. It is free of cost. After you have created one, you will get an email, which confirms your account creation after you click on the link. After you have done it, you can access the video toolbox’s editing tools.

Step 2 – Upload the desired movie file

You can upload a file up to a maximum of 600mbs in size. The uploading will take time according to the size of the file. Never close the window while it’s been uploading, or you would have to start it again.

Step 3 – Select an action

After you are finished uploading it, find the “Select Action” tab from the menu, which drops down. Select the desired option from it. Split/cut file is the option you would need to select the online video cut. You can also use the same menu “Select Action” when you need to choose other actions.

Step 4 – Do your selections

Now, you can choose the start and the end time of the video and cut it accordingly. Click on the “Cut the slice” option to leave it in the same format. There is no visual preview available on its timeline, so you would need to note down the points before you wish to cut it. After this, use the split/cut tool for selecting the timeframe corresponding to it.

Step 5 – After completing the cut, download the file

Once it has processed the cut file, it can be downloaded by you to save it to your computer. You are just one step away from an online video cut.

Using video toolbox for cutting a video

Step 6 – Repeat this and merge

As you are able to cut only one single video piece at one time, you would need to repeat this split/cut action if you need to cut other parts of the video too. Once done with it, download it. After that, come back to the file manager of this software and find the merge files action in the menu. Selecting this will let you compile all the cut videos and make a single one out of them. These were the steps to use Video Toolbox for online video cut.

Part 3: How can you cut videos using Wondershare Filmora

Although it is very easy to cut any video online, even without downloading any video editing software, you need to upload that video to somebody’s server. If you need a better cutter for doing editing to the video footage, like creating multi-screens, adding voice-overs, and video overlays or any special effects to the video? Then Wondershare Filmora is recommended for you. This MKV file Editor & MKV cutters software supports many video formats like MP4, MOV, FLV, WMP, AVI, and many more. With just a few clicks, you can now perform an online video cut and crop a video on iPhone.

1. Import the Video to this software

You need to import that video to this powerful video joiner app – Filmora.

2. Scene detection can be used to cut automatically

Right clicks and select this option for separating the video into various parts.

How can you cut videos using Wondershare Filmora

3. Drag to drop your clips to the timeline

You need to drag the clips from the album to that video track present in the timeline.

4. Cut it manually by moving the Playhead.

Move the slider of the playhead, to the point where the video cut is desired by you. For removing any part, you need to split that out and then remove it. For removing it, click on the delete option on the right menu. This was the last step to an online video cut.

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