How Does the Best PDF Combiner Combine PDFs Effortlessly

With the continuous development of the Software and App industry today, technology never stops. Wondershare has released a lot of file converters which range from PDF or image to DOCX, from videos to music file format, and PDF Combiner. Nowadays, everything is possible. In a world where there is a demand for more and better outputs at work, everything becomes instant. More speed and decreasing (or best cutting out) unnecessary processes should be the number one goal to maximize time in work efficiency.

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What is a PDF File?

PDF is an abbreviation represented by the words “Portable Document Format”. This is a document format that caters to high-resolution image/photo or document output. This is the most widely used digital document in the office and school around the world. Professional artists such as photographers, digital artists, website and gaming designers, engineers, fashion designers, and other professionals often use PDF files too.

Common Report Preparation Problems

Does your job require you to prepare report materials that come from multiple PDF files and need to summarize them into one presentation? Or are you a student that needs to complete a study that has subject matter that comes from different resource material? Perhaps a designer that has to complete multiple art and graphic tasks to combine in one digital photography artwork? How do you often write your documentation reports? I bet you often resort to retyping all PDF pages into one document. Don’t you wish there is PDF Combiner software that can help you ease your job?

Well, you do not have to sacrifice your time in consuming your effort just to combine topics from different PDF files. Wondershare PDFelement software lets you do the entire PDF Combiner tasks you need to accomplish. You will be able to have more time to edit and proofread your report document. Or you can even spend more time in the coffee shop or go on your long most awaited travel vacation if only you are able to finish your office job early.

All About the best PDF Combiner – Wondershare PDFelement Software

The most efficient way to manage your office report papers, freelance project documentations, and even school projects is to install PDFelement into your computer. It is a trusted buddy company that will be able to help you accomplish your reports faster and more accurately.

You can create, convert, edit, delete and organize your file without any fuzz. You can also use the PDFelement software as your PDF combiner.

PDFElement Features

  • Convert to any file Format (PDF, image, text, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image, HTML and among others), and back, for example, convert HTML to PDF.
  • PDF, image and other document software Reader and Editor
  • Software Texts, images, and PDF combiner
  • Added Security functions such as password and user or file access
  • Multiple language features (supports English, Spanish, Korean and more language translations)
  • Provide PDF form capabilities
  • File Compression function
  • Spell – check capability
  • Merging and Splitting text features
  • Content Redaction Sensitivity
  • Provide detailed edit/update history tags such as bookmark, comments, marks, annotations, among others
  • Table, chart, list, and database – like data can be extracted
  • Bypass or crack down password and other security features from other document files as it converts file format using PDFelement
  • Extract and determines special characters, words, files, lists, images and more
  • For PDFelement Pro (Full – version), OCR or Optical Character Recognition retaining original format

PDFelement is your all-in-one document (which includes office documents files, images, HTML, and PDFs) reader, editor, combiner, converter, and intelligent proofreader. An estimated 7 million (and counting!) happy and satisfied people were able to download PDFelement and not one of them complained. A lot of those users can attest to the super-smart features provided by Wondershare PDFelement.

You can try the free trial version of PDFelement to check how can improve your office task faster and efficiently. Download the complete version to fully maximize smart all the functions brought to you by PDFelement.

How to Combine Two PDFs or Multiple PDFs into one File by the best PDF Combiner

Now, that you are walked through the smart functions Wondershare PDFelement; we will show you how to do one of the many things PDFelement can do best – combine different PDF files into one file. The following are the easy step-by-step guides on how to combine two or more PDF files into one.

But to do that, download Wondershare PDFelement first.

You may try it for free!

Once downloaded and successfully installed on your computer, you can now start combining PDF files. Just follow the two simple steps below.

STEP #1: Attach/load PDF files you need to combine.

PDFElement PDF Combiner
  • At the PDFelement Home Window Click “Combine PDF” button
  • Then, you will be able to see “Combine Window” page

STEP #2: Choose which PDF files to merge

  • Click “Add Files
  • Then, choose PDF files to combine/merge
  • Drag and drop PDF files you wanted to merge
  • Place files in order of your choice (hint: depending on your topic sequence)
  • Click, “Next”
  • And congratulations! You have now combined your PDF files

Now, that you are able to merge and combine multiple PDF files that you need in one document, you can have more time to focus more on your report editing, presentation design, and proofreading. You do not need to re-type all the words/texts and copy images just to merge all the ideas you would want to include in your document.