Pen Drive Data Recovery | Recover Data from Pen Drive

There are a lot of programs that aim to recover data from pen drive but not has provided better function, but Wondershare’s Pen Drive Data Recovery. Based on an online technology review website, CNET, WonderShare Flash Pen Drive Data Recovery can do what it has to do – recover data from pen drive effortlessly. It is able to recover deleted files such as MP4 music and videos, photos in different file types such as JPEG, BMP, GIF, etc., and other document files like .doc, .xls, .ppt, etc. The site also pointed out the capability of the software to filter file name, size date, and time of update. A lot of users even commented and gave positive feedback on the products effectively and usefulness in recovering files.

Wondershare’s Pen Drive Data Recovery is able to:

  • Easily recover data from pen drive without too many technicalities
  • Amazingly restore and bring back formatted and deleted files
  • Auto – fix option for damaged or missing links of inaccessible data in pen drives
  • Wide variety recovery for any kinds of documents or data type such as word, excel, PowerPoint, music files, images, software and a lot more
  • Offers flexible recovery modes: Auto – wizard recovery function, lost recovery mode, partition recovery option, and full deep scan recovery mode
  • Added function for scanning active files and previously deleted files on pen drive
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) and detailed preview for all (both active and deleted) files

1. Why Need Pen Drive Data Recovery?

In the year 2000, thanks to the ingenuity and innovative minds of people behind the invention of USB Flash Drive, we do not need to carry huge storage devices to use, share and transfer files. As time goes by, storage devices become smaller and smaller to cater to the demand of the public for convenience and space-saving advantage. With the usual trend in technology, the smaller a gadget gets, the better it has become. USB Flash drive comes in different unique forms, sizes, brands, shapes, storage capacity, and name – USB drive, USB memory, memory card, USB stick, flash drive, jump drive, or the most recent name pen drive.

Pen flash drives are also susceptible to data lost and damaged files during file transfer. It is a dreaded scenario where you have to present your report, and the file you saved in your pen drive would not open. Or it may also be a common problem when you are about print your file on a computer shop printing service, but your file is unfortunately damaged. There are a lot more possibilities for loss, inaccessibility, formatted, and deleted files in pen drives.

With a lot of the best helpful software tools from Wondershare, the techie software provider expert has launched another powerful Pen Drive Data Recovery. Introducing – Wondershare’s data recovery toolkit software, which can amazingly and magically recover data from a pen drive. Although bringing back lost files or fixing broken data has nothing to do with magic but with complex programming, codes to fix and recover data from pen drive. This is another great data recovery tool brought to us by WonderShare.

2. Understanding Data lost in Pen Drives and Other USB Flash drives

Causes of Data Loss in pen drives:


A common culprit for damaged, broken data links and lost files is virus and other computer bugs

Pen Drive Error

The obnoxious message error message on flash drives: “Drive F: has not been formatted, do you want to format it now?” Often, the cause of this auto-message from not detecting the pen drive properly is the missing links to read files inside the pen drive memory. Since the computer or smartphone is not able to read the pen drive successfully, broken links send a warning to the Operating System that there could be a possibility of virus containment or unreadable files that need to be deleted in urgency.

Wear and tear

Over usage of the pen drive can cause unreadable files.

Accidental deletion of files

Well, once or more often than not, we all often had deleted important files ourselves. In spite of being so careful, unfortunate events like this often happened.

Improper usage

When you pull pen drive too soon, unplug improperly, or stored it in an unsafe environment, pen drives data often end up unreadable.

Other reasons

It can be due to brand quality, moist, physical fungi build-up, and possible a hundred more causes

3. How to recover data from pen drive using Wondershare’s Pen Drive Data Recovery

Step # 1: Download Wondershare’s Pen Drive Data Recovery

Wondershare’s Pen Drive Data Recovery can be downloaded here. There is also a version available for Mac Operating System users.

Step # 2: Install the downloaded program

Follow the simple succeeding instructions how to install the software. You will be prompted if you have successfully installed the data recovery software

Step # 3: Access the installed software

Launch the data recovery software by double-clicking icon. When the Wondershare’s Pen Drive Data Recovery is up and running, go to the main page, select file type to recover data from the pen drive. Connect pen drive to computer or smartphone through a USB port or other external port. Then select pen drive to scan.

You can find two options for scanning active, previously deleted, and hidden files on pen drive:

Quick Scan – scans first to the second layer of deleted, original file, or previously active files

Deep Scan – takes more time to scan because it scans the whole pen drive from the beginning of pen drive’s first file

Select which mode scan/retrieval mode you want to perform. The data recovery software will show you all the files from pen drive which included complete details for each file. If you have found the file you have been looking for, check it and proceed by clicking “Recover”. You may now copy back your original file!