Top 5 Phone Data Transfer Softwares

Never again will you have to spend your precious time and energy migrating data between smartphones. Today, we bring you a look at the best one-click data transfer software for smartphones!

With newer smartphones coming in and old ones getting outdated every year, it is likely that you will change phones more frequently than ever. The biggest hassle when it comes to switching phones is the transfer of data from one phone to another. This data includes applications, contacts, call logs, calendars, messages, photos, and videos. Having to move all this data manually is time-consuming and painful.

However, with more and more software being built to make switching phones a smooth process, data transfer today has become a one-click job. Today, we take a look at the top 5 software for phone data transfer between smartphones.

1 dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Wondershare has built itself a reputation in the smartphone world by offering a range of great software built for smartphones, and it manages to live up to that reputation with dr.fone. The best thing about dr.fone is its compatibility with a whole range of smartphones and desktop environments.

If you’re using a Mac, dr.fone is one of the very few options available. When it comes to smartphones, dr.fone – Phone Transfer supports almost all operating systems, be it iOS, Windows Phone, or Android. You can find the full list of supported features and try it out for free here!

User Experience

The installation and registration process for dr.fone takes anywhere near 3-5 minutes. Both devices need to be connected to the computer, and they are auto-detected by the software. iOS devices are detected right away. USB Debugging must be enabled before connecting Android devices. Once these conditions are met, all you have to do is check the things you want to transfer (Contacts, photos, etc. ) and click start. Within minutes, all your data from your old phone is transferred to your new phone device. Once these conditions are met, all you have to do is check the things you want to transfer (Contacts, photos, etc.) and click start. Within minutes, all your data from your old phone is transferred to your new phone.

The feature that makes dr.fone – Phone Transfer stands out is the option to transfer Apps and App Data between Android phones. What this means is that all your user-profiles and data stored within individual applications, along with those applications themselves, will be transferred to your new phone and you will be ready to go within seconds. dr.fone also offers the ability to automatically erase all data from the old phone, so that your personal data remains secure. It supports transfer for a maximum of 5 new devices, which should be more than enough for personal use. Overall, dr.fone – Phone Transfer is powerful yet remains easy to use.

Compatible With: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

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Main Features:

  • Transfer files between iOS, Android, Nokia, Windows Phone and Blackberry.
  • Available for Mac OSX and Windows
  • Supports 6000+ phones and several data services
  • Easy to use, Intuitive user interface
  • Works as a backup/restore tool
  • Application and App data transfer
  • Can transfer job titles, email addresses, names of companies etc.


  • A bit expensive for Business License

2 iSkysoft PhoneTransfer

Like dr.fone, iSkySoft Phone Transfer also offers a wide range of supported devices including Nokia, Blackberry, Android, and iOS. It also works as a backup tool, backing up all the phone data to the computer storage.

These backups can be easily restored, and help protect your personal files. ISkySoft is available on the latest versions of Windows and Mac. iSkySoft offers a variety of backup/restore options including iTunes, iCloud, Blackberry, and Samsung Kies backup.

User Experience

The download and installation process is quick and simple. iSkySoft also offers auto-detection of devices, and all devices are detected successfully provided the required drivers are installed. It gives you the option to select the file types that you wish to transfer, and the transfer process is fairly quick. iSkySoft also supports only five new devices for backup/transfer. The absence of the ability to transfer application data (user profiles/ achievements etc.) is a bit disappointing. Other than that, everything was it should be, and the software is relatively simple to use.

Compatible With: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

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Main Features :

  • Support for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Phones.
  • Available for Mac OSX and Windows.
  • Can transfer contact details like email-id, company name etc.
  • Works as a Backup/Restore tool.
  • Support for Samsung Kies, iCloud, iTunes, Blackberry

Cons :

  • Can’t transfer App Data
  • A bit expensive

3 Aiseesoft FoneCopy

Aiseesoft FoneCopy, the cheapest of the three, comes with strong support for Android and iOS devices. Fonecopy helps you transfer files from an Android or iOS device to another iOS device. It supports the full range of iOS devices, including the latest iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iPhone 6S/6S+, and iPod Touch 5.

It can successfully transfer photos, videos and contacts from iOS devices. It does not, however, allow you to transfer any data from iOS to Android smartphones. One of the main highlights of FoneCopy is its ability to preserve and transfer data from damaged or dead smartphones. For media transfer, Aiseesoft FoneCopy offers transfer quality options from high quality to low.

User Experience

Aiseesoft FoneCopy has a user-friendly and fast setup process. The user interface is clean and simple to use. iTunes is required for the software to detect iOS devices. Detection and support for Android is a bit buggy, but we were able to get it to work. FoneCopy also boasts the ability to detect more than two devices at the same time, which is unique.

Transfer between iPhone and iPad was seamless and delightful. The option to select the media quality while transfer (high/medium/low) was new and useful. While its developers are working on full-fledged Android support, FoneCopy remains a software primarily for iOS users.

Compatible With: Android, iOS

Free Download

Main Features:

  • Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Transfer from Android/iOS to iOS
  • Data transfer from damaged/malfunctioning phone
  • Detects multiple connected devices at the same time
  • Offers different qualities for media transfer


  • Can’t transfer media from iOS to Android
  • Not compatible with Windows Phone, Blackberry or Nokia
  • Not available for Mac

4 MOBILedit Phone Copier

MOBILedit PC suite has a built-in phone data transfer function, that performs most of the basic transfer functions that most other software provides. It can transfer contacts and media between most phones. It supports most platforms but is not recommended for Windows Phone users since it has very limited support for Windows Phones. Apart from that, it has a photo and ringtone editor.

Another unique feature of MOBILedit is that it lets you send text messages from your computer when your phone is connected to the computer. The downside of MOBILedit is that the $25 license is limited to use with only two phones. Once you connect two phones to MOBILedit and use it for transfer, those are the only two phones that will be recognized by the software. For additional phones, the Family edition must be purchased for $40, which again offers a license limited to 5 phones.

MOBILedit Phone Copier

User Experience

The setup process for MOBILedit is quite simple. The user interface can be a bit confusing at first, with different features to choose from. Once you make your way through the inbuilt phone copier function, it works like any other phone transfer software. MOBILedit claims to be compatible with a huge range of devices, including feature phones. However, it requires drivers installed for those phones which can be quite difficult to find.

The application and app data transfer works between two Android phones only. The Bluetooth and wifi transfer options can transfer very limited data like contacts and media, and the setup process is quite cumbersome. The text messaging feature works fine and is also quite convenient at times.

Compatible With: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Nokia, Bada OS, Blackberry, iTunes

Main Features:

  • Bluetooth or Wifi transfer
  • Can send text messages from Desktop
  • Photo and Ringtone editor
  • Detailed User Guide available
  • App data transfer between Android Phones


  • Basic license limited to 2 phones only
  • Limited options for wifi transfer
  • Not available for Mac

5 Special Mention – Samsung Smart Switch – Free Data Transfer for Samsung Devices

Samsung Smart Switch

While we’re at it, Samsung rolled out it’s Smart Switch software to make it easier for people to switch from different platforms to the Samsung Galaxy series. As expected, this software can receive data from Android, iOS, and Blackberry, but can only transfer data to the newer Samsung Galaxy models.

It does transfer a whole range of files, including contacts, calendar, and media. Samsung offers this software for free. It’s available on Windows and Mac, and also has an Android app. The software is well-built, as we would expect from a tech-giant like Samsung. For people looking to buy a Samsung Galaxy S7, this is the perfect solution.

Final Verdict: For a whole range of backup and transfer options, we recommend dr.fone – Phone Switch. The ability to transfer app data and support for multiple platforms make it the ideal software for data transfer between phones. It is a bit costly, but with a one-time purchase, you can forever rid yourself of the pain of transferring files to and from between phones.


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