How to Put Music on Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ Effortlessly

The newly unveiled Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be released Bundled with Harman AKG headphones, which are professional for putting out high-quality music. This is really exciting news for all music lovers. You might think to upgrade your old iPhone to get the most recent and better specification-enabled phone this time. But are you worried about your iTunes music library? Maybe you do not know how to put music on Samsung Galaxy S8.

Therefore, this article is for you! The default app for iOS, iTunes might not be beneficial this time. However, this is not the end of this world. Surely, you can find a lot of other software to have this job done successfully. You will be surprised to know how to put music on Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+. Just scroll through the whole text of the step-by-step instructions described here for you and follow the instructions properly to transfer your music from your Android devices/ iPhones to your new Samsung S8.

Method 1: How to Put Music on Galaxy S8 & S8+ from iPhone/ Android Devices Using dr.fone – Phone Transfer

You can find a lot of puzzling software on the internet and iTunes for sending your music between Samsung devices and iPhone. But these are not easy to handle in any single way to put music on S8. However, dr.fone – Phone Transfer is truly a great tool for transferring your music on your new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ from any Android or iOS device. This excellent music transfer tool for Galaxy S8 and S8+ supports almost all mobile OS devices, and you can easily put music on the Galaxy S8 in just one click. The easiest user interface helps you to put music on S8 with the least technological knowledge. This tool saves your valuable bandwidth by working completely on offline.

You can check what other features are offering to you from this essential software for your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

  • dr.fone is one of the easiest interfaced phone transfer tools to use.
  • It lets users put music from your iOS devices to Samsung phones or from Samsung phones to iOS devices.
  • This software is completely compatible with all mobile OS devices including Android OS, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile Phones.
  • It also helps to transfer music and keep a backup on your computer from your Samsung devices or iPhones.
  • You can restore backup data while needed from your personal computer to your mobile phones through the restore option of this tool.
  • You can even remove all the backup data permanently from your iPhone in a single click after putting music on your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.
  • It is perfectly compatible with the new Android 8.0 and iOS 11 even.

To transfer music, you need to know how to put music on Samsung Galaxy S8 using the powerful phone transfer tool, dr.fone – Phone Transfer.

Make sure to follow the below steps according to the description to transfer music on your device successfully.

YouTube video

#Step 1: Downloading and Installation of dr.fone

You can find the phone transfer tool here to download free or buy it for your Windows or Mac PC to use the full version. After downloading the tool, install it to your personal Windows or Mac PC.

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

#Step 2: Launching the software and Connecting the devices

Now launch the installed phone transfer tool on your computer and go to the home screen to click on the ‘Phone Transfer‘ option. Then, connect both your iPhone and Samsung devices using USB cables to your PC. After connecting both devices, wait few minutes to be detected by the software. You can find both phones in the screen and check whether iPhone is on the left side and Samsung Galaxy S8 is on the right side after successfully connecting your devices to your computer. If you found these device positions wrong, go for the ‘Flip‘ button for changing the position.


After successfully setting up those devices to continue for transfer, click on the ‘Music‘ feature and go to the ‘Start Transfer‘ option to start the operation of music transferring from your iPhone to Samsung S8 / S8+.

Move Music to Samsung Galaxy S8

#Step 4: Transferring Completion

The transfer process will start after the above step. This tool will finish the transferring so fast as it can transfer your preferred music from the iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+. After finishing the transfer, you can easily browse all the music files which have been transferred to your Samsung phone using dr.fone – Phone Transfer.

Switch from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8

Method 2: How to Put Music on Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ from Computer with dr.fone – Phone Manager(Android)

Samsung is always coming with new updates as a surprise to the smartphone market. It recently added its new weapon to the market! Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ is replacing the sleek and stylish Galaxy S7 which was the successor of the earlier Galaxy S5 and S6. The new smartphone in the Galaxy series of Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ is indeed a great update to S7 and S7 edge. It’s a completely new version, and people are always waiting to access their new toy. A new phone means you need to know all the backup and restore for your necessary files to upgrade your old one. You might first be worried about your music if you are a music listener. This article is undoubtedly for you to learn how to put music on Galaxy S8 from your personal computer.

You might be confused while learning from much other puzzling software all around the internet. Therefore, the easiest and most efficient way to put music on S8 will be using a powerful transfer tool for your PC. dr.fone – Phone manager (Android) will be the best for serving your demand! It allows users to transfer music from their computer to their new Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ due to its user-friendly interface and the easiest process to perform this action. You can simply download the trial version on your computer to import your saved music to your Galaxy S8 from your computer in just one click.

Check out for other features that might help you:

  • Very user-friendly interface for helping new users.
  • You can easily put music on Galaxy S8 in just one click.
  • It allows to export, import, edit, and add contacts information.
  • Receive and send text messages from your personal computer using this tool.
  • It helps to convert and import any video or audio files which are not compatible with your new Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+.
  • Organize your Samsung phone apps by installing, uninstalling, sharing, or exporting.
  • It will offer the option for keeping a backup for your app, music, videos, calendar, contacts, notes, messages and all other important files.

To learn how to put music on Galaxy S8 by this best Samsung Galaxy S8 Manager, you need to check the following instructions carefully.

This can help you to transfer your preferred music to your new Samsung device.

#Step 1: Download dr.fone mobile music transfer tool from here and install this on your personal computer.

Get dr.fone – Transfer (Android)


#Step 2: Click “Phone Manager” on the main screen and then Connect your Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8+ to your PC using a USB cable.

dr.fone - Android Transfer

#Step 3: From the home screen of your software, click on the Music tab. After loading your media, you can follow- Add >> Add File or Add Folder.

Add Music from PC to S8

#Step 4: The above action will open the file browser window of your computer. You can choose songs that you want to import to your Samsung S8 from your personal computer.

After finishing these instructed processes, you can find all the music imported on your device’s music app. You can also find that useful information like album, cover, lyrics, artist, time, etc. with the imported music files to your Samsung Galaxy S8.

Get dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android)

Method 3: How to Put iTunes Music on Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ Using iMusic

You might think that you can put music on S8 using iTunes on your personal computer. But the sad news for you is that iTunes doesn’t allow you to export music from your iTunes playlist to your new Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+. You will need other third-party tools to do that and iMusic can serve you the best to transfer your music on Galaxy S8. Even the videos and playlists can be transferred to your Android device using Music.

You can check the features that are offered by this tool:

  • You can transfer your iTunes Music to your Android devices along with podcasts, videos, TV shows, playlists, etc.
  • One-click music transfer is possible from your iOS devices to your Samsung S8 without creating any duplicates and leaving backup on the iOS devices.
  • Simple drag and drop option will let you transfer music from iOS devices to Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8+.
  • You can keep backup of your iTunes Library to your computer.
  • You can organize your iTunes Library easily with this tool.
  • It allows you to record and download lots of music from more than 3K websites.

You can simply follow the below step-by-step instructions to put music on Samsung S8 / S8+ Phone.

Make sure to follow the guidelines according to the description.

YouTube video

#Step 1: Download your iMusic software from this link and install this on your personal computer.

Download iMusic

#Step 2: Using the USB cable, you need to connect your new Android phone. Then, launch the powerful music transfer tool, iMusic on your computer, and it will detect your Samsung S8 automatically. You can find your phone details in the ‘DEVICE’ window.

Your phone might not be shown in the “DEVICE” window. Make sure to enable the USB debugging from the Settings menu on your Samsung S8.

Enable USB Debugging Mode

#Step 3: Follow one of the below options which have been described here.

Option 1 – From the home screen, go to the ‘Device’ management window. Then click on the ‘Transfer Music from iTunes to Device’ button. After selecting the file types, find, and click on the ‘Transfer’ option to transfer iTunes Library to your Samsung S8 Android phone. You need to note that this step will occupy a lot of the phone storage.

Put Music & Playlist from iTunes to Galaxy S*

Option 2 – From the ‘iTunes Library’ window, you can find all songs displayed by default in iTunes. If you cannot find them, go to the top left side of the ‘iTunes Library’ window and click on the music icon there. Select all the preferred music or check all of them to transfer from iTunes Library to the connected Samsung Galaxy S8. After that, select another option to transfer your preferred music. Choose all the songs from the library and then right-click on the iTunes library window. Then, choose the ‘Add to’ option and find your device name to click for transferring your selected songs.

Method 4: How to Download Online Music (YouTube/ Music Sites/ Spotify) free on Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ Using iMusic

Already you have learned more about iMusic from the earlier method. This powerful tool can even help you to download online music from music websites like Spotify, YouTube, etc., and transfer them to your Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8+.

Simply follow the below step-by-step instructions to know how to download music from online websites free on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

#Step 1: After downloading and installing iMusic software, you need to connect your Samsung phone using the USB cable.

Download iMusic

#Step 2: Launch the music downloading the software and check whether the device has been connected properly.

#Step 3: Go to the ‘DOWNLOAD’ option from the ‘GET MUSIC’ window and click on it. After appearing in the URL paste box, you can put any website link to download songs from there by following further steps.

iMusic - Download Online Music

#Step 4: Open any video streaming website like YouTube, Spotify, etc. You can simply copy the URL of your preferred song from that site.

Add URL to Download

#Step 5: Now paste the copied URL of your preferred song in the URL paste box in the iMusic. Then, you have to check the format of your needed music and click on ‘Download’ option.

You can also click to have the access on the website. Then, type the song name in the search icon and search the song. Then, click on the ‘Download’ button after choosing the music format and the quality to start the downloading process.

#Step 6: You can now find the downloaded songs automatically which have been added to the iTunes Library. To check out the downloaded songs, click on the ‘Library’ button.

You need to keep in mind that you can download YouTube music in an MP3 format even. All the songs which have been downloaded will appear in the iTunes Library automatically. Follow the above Method 3 to put music on Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8+ simply.

You might be going to upgrade the iPhone to the new Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ which is waiting to be released and having a better specification than the other phones in the market. Therefore, this article can help you to know how to put music on Samsung Galaxy S8. These third-party powerful tools like iMusic, dr.fone – Phone Transfer, and dr.fone – Phone Manager(Android) will help you to transfer your music to the new Samsung device.