RAW to JPEG Converter | Convert RAW to JPEG Losslessly

The demand for RAW to JPEG converter tools has increased substantially. As you may know, both RAW and JPEG are really popular file formats among computer users. RAW is an output file type that comes from digital cameras (it is an uncompressed file format). JPEG, on the other hand, is a compressed image file. In general, JPEG files are used to share larger photos. JPEG and RAW files serve different purposes. If you need to do professional editing offline, RAW is the better option. On the other hand, JPEG is a better option when it comes to sharing pictures online. For instance, JPEG is a perfect option when sharing images on Facebook.

When you are looking for a good RAW to JPEG converter, you will find a large range of options. However, not all those options work up to your expectations. In that case, you should know how to distinguish the best RAW to JPEG converter from the rest. That said, in this article, we emphasize how to convert RAW to JPEG easily.

Method 1. Use an online RAW to JPEG converter

Online RAW to JPEG converter is a really popular option among many users. When you deal with an online tool, you don’t have anything to download. Instead, you can simply visit the respective website and start converting the images. An online RAW to JPEG converter is best suitable for those who need to convert a couple of images. In this article, we emphasize an online tool called www.iloveimg.com. You can simply click on this link to visit this online RAW to JPEG converter.

iloveimg RAW to JPEG Converter

After accessing the online tool, you should drag and drop the RAW pictures into it. The tool will start to upload the images for the conversion. Apart from dragging and dropping, you can simply import RAW files from cloud storage into this tool.

Then, you should select the “Convert to JPEG” option in order to start the conversion process. At the completion of the conversion, you will be able to save the output as you wish. For instance, you can save the file on the computer, save it to the cloud, or simply share it online.

Important: One of the biggest downsides associated with online conversion is that it doesn’t guarantee your photos’ privacy. The uploaded images may go pretty much anywhere. So, if you have really personal photos, we recommend you not to use an online RAW to JPEG converter.

Also, the success of online methods depends heavily on the strength of the internet connection. If you have a weaker internet connection and a large RAW file, the conversion process will take very long.

Method 2. Use Lightroom as a RAW to JPEG converter on Mac

Now that you know the major downside associated with the online method, here’s a more reliable option. Adobe Lightroom is a very professional and reliable software you can use as a RAW to JPEG converter. When you work with professional software like Adobe Lightroom, you don’t need to worry about the internet connection’s speed. Also, such software doesn’t pose the risk of exposing your photos to unknown parties. So, Adobe Lightroom is a professional RAW to JPEG converter you can rely on. With that being said, here’s the step-by-step guide to convert RAW images into JPEG using Lightroom.

Lightroom RAW to JPEG Converter

01. Open Lightroom application located in the Applications folder. You should now go to the library mode and select the RAW file you intend to convert into JPEG.

02. Now, you should go to the File option and select Export. You can then see the preset dialog. Find the option called “Burn Full-Sized JPEGs” located in the left sidebar. Now, make sure that you select “Hard Drive” from the drop-down menu called “Export To“. This is to define that your file should be saved in the hard drive once converted.

03. As the third step, you should reset the parameters accordingly. These parameters are based in the right panel. You can define the quality of the output from this respective option. If you are satisfied with the default values of the parameters, you can leave them as they are. Once the parameters are set, you can simply hit the “Export” option. This is located on the right-hand side corner (bottom) of the window. After pressing this button, you will see that the RAW file is converted into JPEG.

After this simple process, the converted file will be available in the folder you defined earlier.

Method 3: The best RAW to JPEG converter on Computer – Aiseesoft HEIC Converter

If you are looking for highly professional, dedicated software to convert HEIC files, this is the best tool. This respective software shows excellent stability and efficiency when converting HEIC photos into JPEG. This respective software works on Mac and Windows operating systems perfectly. With the assistance of HEIC, you can easily convert any number of HEIC photos into JPEG. Thanks to the power conversion technology associated with this software, you can expect perfect performance. More importantly, this respective software allows you to select the quality of the output.

Features of Aiseesoft HEIC Converter

Converting HEIC into JPEG using AiseeSoft HEIC Converter

01. Download and install the software through their official website.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

02. Connect the iPhone to the same computer if you need to convert images stored in them.

Aiseesoft RAW to JPEG Converter

03. Select “Add HEIC” (or drag and drop images to the program).

04. If the photos are on the iOS device, select the folder path correctly.

05. Now, select the files that are to be converted.

06. Select the desired output format of the image (JPEG or PNG) depending on your requirement.

07. Select or deselect the “Keep Exif Data” option and define the output folder.

08. Hit the Convert button.

Method 4. How to use Photoshop in Windows as a RAW to JPEG converter

Adobe Photoshop is another impressive software that comes with various features. This versatile software can be used as an impressive RAW to JPEG converter too. More importantly, you can use it to convert multiple files at once. In this section, we explain how to convert RAW files to JPEG using Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop RAW to JPEG Converter

01. As the first step of this process, you should create a new folder. Then, you should select the RAW files you intend to convert and put them in this folder.

02. Open Photoshop now and go to File menu. Then, choose Scripts and go to the Image Processor option. Now, you will see a built-in image processor in a separate window.

03. Go to the option called “Select Folder” located in the “Select the images to process” section. Then, navigate to the folder you created just before.

04. Under “Select location to save processed images“, set up a folder. You will use this folder to save the output files after the conversion.

05. Be sure to select the option “Save as JPEG” (by ticking the box next to it). You can customize the other parameters and define options like quality. At the end of this process, you should select the button labeled “Run” at the bottom. Now, Photoshop will do the job of a RAW to JPEG converter and start the process.

Method 5. Best RAW to JPEG converter Apps for Android and iOS devices

If you are using a smartphone to convert iPhone or Android phones, you can use the following apps.

EasyRAWConverter (for Android platform)


Pros of EasyRAWConverter

  • You can convert files saved in memory or SD cards
  • Single click operation to convert files
  • Preview the files before the output
  • It is a really lightweight software
  • It doesn’t cost you anything

Cons of EasyRAWConverter

  • It cannot save JPEG output into SD card
  • No batch converting

Snapseed (for iOS and Android platforms)

Snapseed RAW to JPEG Converter

Pros of Snapseed

  • There are several editing tools
  • Features better stability compared to other converter apps
  • It works on Android as well as on iOS platforms
  • It doesn’t make any quality loss

Cons of Snapseed

  • You need to view adds
  • It doesn’t support batch conversion

RAW Power (for iOS platform)

Pros of RAW Power

  • Edit RAW images even without converting
  • Comes with a variety of parameter editors
  • Compatible with RAW pictures on iOS devices
  • It doesn’t cause any quality loss
  • Free to download

Cons of RAW Power

  • This app isn’t available for Android
  • The settings of the software can be complicated for beginners

So, that’s all about the best RAW to JPEG converter and HEIC to JPEG converter you can use. You may go through the list carefully and select the best option that matches your requirement.