How to Remote Wipe Android Device Completely to Avoid Data Loss

Remote Wipe Android – Discover How To Lock & Wipe Your Device If You Do Security Lock if you lost your phone

It is difficult to imagine losing a phone than when you lose a wallet or some other items. This is because sometimes such a phone may just contain some important items that you may not be able to do without. The good news is that if you happen to be making use of an android device then you may not have to bother yourself on this because there is a perfect solution by Google. With the aid of Google; you can easily have your device tracked and locked. With the aid of this tool, you can Remote Wipe Android your device so long as you are very sure that it has been stolen or happens to be missing. With it, you can have the device being reset to its default factory settings.

Part 1. How you can be able to track your phone in a remote way

It is not a wise idea to conclude that your device has been stolen. This is because, with the aid of the Android Device Manager, it can be easily tracked so long as there is a link between it and your Google account. It is possible that you happen to misplace it somewhere. With this program at your disposal, your Android device will be able to ring in a loud tone for a period of five minutes so as to make you locate the phone with great ease. It doesn’t matter whether the device is in silent or vibration mode as it will still be easy to locate with the program.

Step by step process on how you can remotely track your phone

In other to activate the process of Remote Wipe Android for your Android device, there are two major settings that you should activate. Locate Google settings, and after that go to security and then Android Device Manager.

Step 1. You will have to search for “Allow remote lock and factory reset“. If it happens that it is off then you will need to have it switched on.

Step 2. Search “Remotely locate this device” and then have it switched on.

If it happens that you mistakenly misplaced your Android device, then you can make use of the methods that will be stated below to have it remotely tracked.

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Method 1: How to make use of the website of Android Device Manager

Step 1. Has your Mozilla Firefox launched? You can make use of any browser whether internet explorer or Chrome. Once you have done that, go to the link “”. You will have to log in (that is sign in) to your Google account with your username and password. It should be the account of the device that you were making use of before it got lost.

Step 2. Once you have succeeded in the above, you will be shown a page where you will use the arrow to select your device. The location of your Android device will be displayed.

Step 3. You will have to select the “Ring” option to enable your device to ring for about five minutes. You don’t have to worry whether your Android device is in silent or vibration because it will still ring for that five minutes.

Once you find the phone where you misplaced it, you can stop the ringing by switching it off.

Method 2: Making use of android device application

Step 1. You will have to go to Google Play and have the Android Device Manager downloaded and fully installed on your Android device (tablet of the phone).

Remote Wipe Android Device with Android Device Manager

Step 2. The next thing to do is to have the application launched and then make sure to accept their terms to go to the next stage.

Step 3. Go to your Google and then use your username and password to sign in. You can just touch the device manager if the application has been installed on your Android device. All that you will have to do at this point is to locate “Guest” and tap it. This will help you get into the Google account that got lost or stolen. One of your backup codes will be required at this point.

Step 4. There will be an arrow that will be located on the screen to help you have the name of your device selected. Once you have done this, the program will then display the location of your Android device.

Step 5. If it happens that you misplaced it, you will have to select the “ring” option.

Part 2: How you can lock and remote wipe Android if you happen to misplace your device

If you have tried every other method above to recover your device and can’t find it, you can use the option of having wiping or locking it remotely.
Steps to wipe or lock Android remotely

Method 1: Go to the official website of Android Device Manager

Step 1: Have your browser launched and go to Now use your Android device to sign into your Google account. There is an arrow that is located close to the name of your device. You will have to select the name of your device. Once you do this, the location of your device will be displayed by the application.

Step 2: Make the following selections

You will have to click on the “Lock” button but before doing that, make sure that you have included a recovery message, the number of your phone and also a screen lock password. This is to have the device locked.

The option of erase

This is an option that will ensure that all your data in your android device is wiped out completely even if the phone happens to be offline. This is because whenever it comes online, it will be wiped out.

Method 2: Making use of the Android Device Manager application

Go to Google Play and download the Android Device Manager application. After that you can install it. Accept the terms and conditions after you have launched the application.

After that, you can sign in to your Google account using your password and username. If you have already installed the application, just locate “Device Manager” and touch it. In other to sign in, you will need to locate the guest icon which is on top of the screen. It should be the account that you were using in the lost or stolen device. Click on the name of the device with the arrow and the location of your lost device will be shown.

On the interface of the application, you will need to locate “lock” and click on it. Put your details in the window that will pop up and then click on lock.

Have the erase button selected

Note* It may not be possible for Android device manager to have files that are on your SD card wiped. Also, once you have successfully completed the process of Remote Wipe Android, the application may not be able to do it again.