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The Best Ringtone Maker for Android – TunesGo

For decades, pretty much since mobile phones became something that everyone wanted to have, everyone has wanted to customize their ringtone and make theirs original so that it stands out from the crowd. Being able to change your ringtone is easy with most mobile phones, but adding a custom ringtone to your device is a lot harder than you might think. In this article, we are going to be discussing how to change your ringtone, how to use the TunesGo – best Ringtone Maker for Android, and much more information about using TunesGo. So, with all of this in mind, let’s jump right into it.

Using the TunesGo Ringtone Maker for Android

Although this method is meant specifically for Android devices, if you take your time and do some research, you will be able to create a ringtone with TunesGo and put it onto an iOS device too.

Step #1 – Download TunesGo on your computer, install it, and launch it when you are ready to begin.

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Step #2 – Connect your Android device to your computer and wait a moment for it to be recognized by your computer and TunesGo.

TunesGo for Android
Step #3 – Next, tap on the “Music” tab which is located on the top panel.

Step #4 – Below the top panel, click on the “Ringtone Maker” feature. A new window will appear on your screen.

Ringtone Maker for Android
Step #5 – On this new window, you are presented with all of the tools which you need to create a fantastic new ringtone with the help of the best ringtone maker for Android.

Step #6 – For this method, click on “Local Music“. Using the file explorer which appears, locate the song which you would like to turn into a ringtone and once you’ve found it, click “Open“.

Load Music to Make Ringtone

Note: if you choose the “Device Music” option, simply follow the steps which are shown. By doing this, you are limited to only using the music which is stored on your device.

Step #7 – The song will now be transferred onto the Ringtone Maker for Android, where you will be able to edit it and prepare it to be used as a ringtone.
Ringtone Maker

Note: we suggest that you take a minute to mess around with the different options and find out how things work.

Step #8 – When you’ve finalized your masterpiece, and you’re ready to use the ringtone on your mobile phone, select either “Save to PC” or “Save to Device“.

Step #9 – If you have selected “Save to Device”, then go ahead and look at the “How to Change Android Ringtone” method which we discussed above to find out how to change your ringtone to the ringtone which you just made.

When using the TunesGo Ringtone Maker for Android, it’s a good idea to take a few minutes to get comfortable with the different features which you can use. The best thing about this ringtone maker is that there are so many features, you can create the perfect ringtone.

About TunesGo

On top of being the best Ringtone Maker for Android around, TunesGo can be used for much more. Below are some of the best features which TunesGo has to offer.

Data Backups.

Having a backup of your data is important, and with TunesGo, you can not only take a backup of your device’s data, but you can take a selective backup. This allows you only to backup the important data and ultimately, save both time and space.

Try Before You Buy.

Unsure about buying TunesGo? Not a problem. There is a free version of the program available so that users can get an idea of what the program is before they purchase it.

iTunes to Android.

Many users worry about losing their iTunes library when they get an Android device although, with TunesGo, you can transfer your music and media to your Android device directly from your iTunes library.

GIF Maker.

With the TunesGo GIF Maker, you are able to edit all of your favorite photos into one GIF. This tool can be used to create mini presentations which can be stored on your device!

As you can see, TunesGo brings its fair share of features to the table on top of being a ringtone maker.

How to Change Android Ringtone

Before we look at how to use the TunesGo Ringtone Maker for Android, let’s first take a look at how to change the ringtone on an Android device.

Step #1 – Start by taking your Android device and unlocking it.

Step #2 – Head over to the “Settings” application and from here, scroll down and tap on the “Sound & notification” option.

Step #3 – From here, you can alter all of your sound settings. For this method, tap on the “Phone ringtone” option.

Change Ringtone for Android
Step #4 – You will now be prompted to select a new ringtone from the list of ringtone files which are listed. Select the ringtone which you want, and lastly, tap on “OK” at the bottom of the menu.

Step #5 – If you receive a text or a phone call, you will hear your new ringtone.

Again, this is a fairly simple process and should not be difficult at all. By following the steps above, you can quickly change your device’s ringtone.

To Conclude

When it comes to your mobile phone, you don’t have to be limited by the default ringtones which you are given access to. With the many tools out there, such as the TunesGo Ringtone Maker for Android, you are able to have complete control over things such as your ringtone. When using TunesGo, you can take your favorite song and turn it into your new ringtone within minutes. On top of that, you can edit the ringtone as much as you want to. All in all, if you’re looking to create a new ringtone and you aren’t happy with the default one, go ahead and use the TunesGo – Best Ringtone Maker for Android today.

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