Samsung Music Downloader | Free Download Music To Samsung Note 10 / 9 / 8

Listening to music and playing video games has been impressive, and there are chances for phone users to download music to the phone and enjoy music. Samsung Music Downloader is for those people who love listening to music and those who want to hear it from their favorite Samsung Note 8. We not only provide programs that anyone can use to download music to Samsung Note 8 but also be able to Sync iTunes to Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Transfer Data from Old Samsung Phone to New Samsung Note 8, even Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Note 8.

Part 1. How to Free Download Music to Samsung Note 8 from Any Music Sites by the Top Samsung Music Downloader – iMusic

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Music Downloader is considered a safe desktop music downloader, and the reasons are that it is secure to use and easy to install on the desktop. There would be less storage space, the apps can store the music, and one can keep on listening to their favorite band of music throughout. Wi-fi downloading of the musk would ensure that there is no reduction of data.

iMusic is one of the best Samsung Music Downloader tools that allows downloading more music files. One can download any music from more than 3000 online music sites, such as iTunes, Spotify, Vimeo, Vevo, and it is easier to use. The URL address is copied and pasted, the download button is clicked, and there is an inbuilt library in the Samsung music downloader of iMusic. The music can be copied based on the parameters of genre, the top hit list, and the whole process is free.

The steps for downloading the music are simple, and there is an option of recording the music by using music.

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Download iMusic

Step 1: Ensure that the iMusic is downloaded into the computer. The Samsung galaxy note eight should be connected to the computer, and there should be a click on the tab named ‘discover,‘ and one can choose the latest’s songs, and there is always a search box that can be used for searching the favorite music by title.

iMusic Download Music and Playlist

Step 2: There would be a download button to the music, and one should choose mp3 needed for download, and one should click on the download button for downloading.

Select Music in Playlist to Download

Step 3: Once the music file is downloaded, click on the Library tab on the top of the iMusic. This will save the songs directly to the iTunes library itself. Once the needed music is downloaded using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 music downloader of iMusic, the next step is to ensure the exporting of the downloaded music to Samsung Galaxy note 8.

Part 2. How to Download Music to Samsung Note 8 from iTunes/PC/Other Phones by dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android)

Samsung note 8 is a premium Android phone that can be used for enjoying music, and there are methods of transferring music from computer to Samsung Note 8. The easiest step is to make sure that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is connected to the computer using USB cables. The folder containing music on the computer should be selected, the required music should be selected, and it should be copied. Then the folder that contains Samsung Galaxy Note 8 should be selected as well.

What can be done in the case if your USB cable is not on hand? dr.fone – another one Samsung Music Downloader can transfer music with or without the USB cable from the computer to Samsung Note 8. Moreover, you can download music to Samsung Note 8 using dr.fone – Transfer(Android). This software is compatible with major Android versions and would work on varied computer operating systems. Media file management tools are available with dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android).

Get dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android)

dr.fone - Android Transfer

Sync Music Files from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

Download dr.fone into the computer system and click on the “Import iTunes Music” under the “Phone Manager” Option, and there should be a selection of required music, and then press the “Ok” button.

Sync Music Files from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Transfer Music Files from Computer to Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

Select the “Music” option from the left, then click on Add-> Add Files or Add folder to bring in music files to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.

Transfer Music Files from Computer to Samsung Galaxy Note 8

There are options for rebuilding the media file that is present in the computer using the android phone. The option of rebuilding the music library can be chosen, music files from Android phones to a computer can be chosen, and the transfer of files would take place. The scanning of files would take place automatically, which would help in the faster transfer of files and ensure the security of the files transferred as well. Make sure that the file transfer is complete before exiting from the system.

dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android) would also help download music to Samsung Note 8 from Apple’s iPhone, which is a safe and secure method to get things done. There are options available by which one can transfer images and other files, and this would help in ensuring that the import and exporting of data is made smoother and would enhance the phone. There would be occasions in which one would need to send files other than music, and dr.fone is the perfect choice for faster sending and receiving of files. Also, there are other methods to download music to Samsung Note 8.

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Part 3. How to Download Music to Samsung Note 8 from Other Smartphone in 1-Click by dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Step 1: Connect Samsung Note 8 and other phones to Computer

Two phones should be connected to the computer using USB cables, and the computer should detect both the phones, and they will be displayed in the application. Now, check the music option to move music files. If you wish to all existing music on Samsung Galaxy Note 8, please choose “Clear data before copy“.

Get dr.fone – Phone Transfer

Transfer music to Note 8 from old iOS Devices

Step 2: Transfer Music File from phone to Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Just click on the “Start Transfer” button. This will initiate the process of moving music files. Only you need to ensure that both phones are connecting during this entire process.

Transfer Music from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Other Features dr.fone – Phone Transfer

The Samsung Music Downloader is ideal for transferring data from Android phone to Android phone. The software program is designed so that it can download music to Samsung Note 8 but can also go for transferring calendars and other vital information. Transferring from Android phone to Apple phone, from Android phone to another Android phone, dr.fone – Phone Transfer make all Transferring from computer to Android phone easier. Also, it would be handy for many people.

It can restore backup files, and the software can be used for completely erasing the data. There are paid and free versions that are available, and that would benefit the users.

In Nutshell

There are always new additions to mobile handsets, and each handset is coming in an improved version. The one to hit the market recently is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and it has come with an improved version compared to the rest. This has created a buzz among mobile lovers, and they have come out with a display that is slated to overcome the sun’s brightness. The phone’s camera feature is that of a dual camera with a 12-megapixel resolution and a nice aperture. There are people who would be looking for data transfer from one phone to Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and there would be people looking for transferring music from computer to Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

There are many non-secure third-party apps available for Samsung Music downloaders, which can destroy the system. dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android), iMusic, and dr.fone – Phone Transfer is the best when it comes to transferring data, and this could be done by connecting computer and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone using USB cables. Both the devices should get detected, and proper transferring would take place by ticking the right boxes. People can download such tools easily, and they are compatible across various platforms on a computer. The software would facilitate to transfer of other data along with download music to Samsung Note 8 from various devices.