How to Do Samsung Galaxy S8 Backup and Restore in 1-Click

Are you looking for a smart way to do Samsung Galaxy S8 Backup and Restore? Do you want to do a specific contacts backup and restore for Galaxy S8? Read on to know how you can protect your data and have ready access whenever you need.

Smartphones have forged an unrelenting bond with us. We use them to communicate, transact, pay bills, network and several other critical tasks in addition to listening to music, taking photos and videos and more. With such a plethora of uses, it is indeed imperative for a sound backup and restoration process for the data we have on our phones. Of the various data, we have in our mobiles phones contacts form a vital lifeline. These are crucial for sending critically important messages instantly or for calling people for meeting your needs. Plenty of things get done by making these calls both in your professional and personal life.

Hence keeping all the media files, SMS, contacts safe by doing a backup and restore is a wise choice. This will help in case of losing data accidentally or when you switch phones and want to load the data in the new one. Here are three effective ways to do Samsung Galaxy S8 Backup and Restore and keep your contacts and other data safe.

1. Samsung Galaxy S8 Contacts backup and restore using Google Account

Using Google account to do a backup as well as restore the backed up data is one of the simplest and effective methods you can use for your Samsung Galaxy S8. You can easily merge all the contacts in your phone and Google account into a single entity. Here are the steps involved:

Step #1. To do a backup of the contacts, use the ‘Contacts App’ feature in the Samsung phone. In the options present, select, ‘Settings’ and from the settings choose the option, ‘Move device contacts to’. Choose a Google account in the list present. This will help to back up the contacts in the account you have in Google.

Step #2. Now you have to log in to your account from your computer using the Google user ID and password. You will be able to see all the contacts in your Samsung backed up safely in Gmail.
This method of contacts backup and restore for Galaxy S8 will be handy when you want to restore contacts. You just need to access your Gmail account from your phone, and all contacts will get restored automatically.

2. Contacts Backup and Restore for Galaxy S8 using SD Card

Here is a simple process of doing contacts backup and restore for Galaxy S8 with the help of SD card on your phone. Android phones have a special app for backup and restore, which can be used to do an effective restoration. Here are the steps to follow:

Step #1. Visit Play Store from your smartphone. Download the app, ‘Sync iOS Call Logs Backup and restore’.

Step #2. When the download is complete, launch it by tapping on the app icon.

Step #3. From the main application menu, choose the option, ‘New Backup’ present in the tools section.

Step #4. Choose Contacts option and click on the Backup feature. You can choose the location for the backup too. It can be backed up to the SD card or in Dropbox.

Restore Galaxy S8 contacts from this App

The Backup and Restore application for Contacts can also be used for an effective backup. This is a hassle-free way to do the backup and restoration. Here are the steps involved in this method:

Step #1. Find the Backup and Restore application for Contacts in your Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. Launch the app.

Step #2. In the application’s main menu tap the, ‘Restore’ option present under, ‘Tools’ feature.

Step #3. You will see a long list of files that have been backed up. Choose the particular backup file to restore all your call logs present in the backup.

Step #4. Choose Contacts. This will help to restore the contacts. Clicking on the Restore option will complete the restoration.

3. Samsung Galaxy S8 Backup and Restore in 1-Click by dr.fone – the Best Backup & Restore Tool for Samsung S8

dr.fone toolkit for Android from Wondershare is a versatile tool for backup and restoration. It provides splendid support for all types of file backup. It is also effective in data transfer between phones and between computers and phones.

dr.fone is a vital tool for Android users in general and Samsung Galaxy S8 specifically as it has a spectacular array of features that help to backup, transfer and manage all types of files including videos, photos, audios, contacts, word documents, SMS and other types.

Transfer of files is done seamlessly between Android phones, Android and iOS, between iOS devices, between iOS/Android and Computer. Further dr.fone – Phone Transfer also allows file transfer from older phones to the latest models such as Pixel XL and Google Pixel.

dr.fone also provides excellent support to all types of Android devices including HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, Google and LG.

Important dr.fone toolkit for Android features

dr.fone by Wondershare is an ideal solution for Android phone backup and restoration. Here are the stellar features of the product that make it the one-stop backup and restore solution.

  • Easy and quick backup and restore method for all types of data including contacts, videos, SMS, photos, music, apps, etc.
  • You can expertly manage, import or export your SMS and contacts, de-duplicate your contacts and reply to your SMS from your computer.
  • One Click rooting feature helps in quick and effective rooting of Android tablets or phones and gain total control of the device.
  • Efficient transfer between phones both Android and iOS phones is possible enabling all types of data to be transferred including videos, photos, contacts, music and SMS.
  • iTunes Manager Feature allows smooth syncing of iTunes music between Android and iOS phones.
  • The app manager feature enables efficient import, installation, and uninstallation of the apps as well as do backup and restoration of the apps in batches.
  • dr.fone is compatible with more than 3000 Android smart devices ranging from Android 2.2 version to Android 8.
  • It supports all Andriod brand phones including Motorola, HTC, LG, Huawei, Samsung, Sony and more.

Learn more about dr.fone

Here is how you can use dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android) or dr.fone – Phone Backup (Android) feature of dr.fone successfully to do Contacts Backup and Restore for Galaxy S8.

Step #1. Install dr.fone software tool for Android device backup and restore to your computer and run it. Click on the “Phone Manager” button. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S8 to the computer using the USB cable provided with the device. The software will recognize the device automatically, and it will be displayed in the main window.

Get dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android)


Step #2. Click on the ‘Information tab’. Now choose the specific contact group you require the backup to be done using the ‘group management’ feature.

Step #3. Choose the contacts you wish to export and backup. Tap on the ‘Export‘ option and select the ‘to vCard File‘ feature and the, ‘to CSV File‘.

Backup Samsung Galaxy S8 Contacts to Computer

Now you can import the contacts present in the CSV files and vCard in the computer to your Samsung phone by using the import feature.

Restore Samsung galaxy s8 Contacts from Backup

One Click Backup and Restore of Samsung S8 contacts on Computer

dr.fone also offers another way to effectively backup data and restore them. You can do contacts backup and restore for Galaxy S8 with this method too.


Get dr.fone – Backup & Restore (Android)

Step #1. Activate the application and select “Phone Backup” feature. Connect the Samsung S8 to the computer. Once the software recognizes the device, you can see it displayed in the main window.

Step #2. Now click on the ‘Backup‘ option from Backup and Restore. This will back up all the contacts in your device to the PC.

Step #3. All data you want to back up will get checked by default. If you want to do the backup of contacts selectively, you need to uncheck all the data and click on the ones you want to backup. The process takes a few minutes to complete. This depends on the number of contacts you want to perform backup for. Click on the ‘View the Backup’ to view the files you have backed.

Backup Your Samsung S8 Phone Data

To restore the files, you can do it by accessing the backed-up file on your computer and retrieve the file to your Samsung S8.

Select Backup to Restore to Galaxy S8
Restore Samsung Galaxy S8 from Backup
Restore Samsung S8 Data completely

Now that you have seen all the ways in which you can do contacts backup and restore for Galaxy S8, you can choose a method that suits you. Of all the methods, dr.fone offers the ideal solution for Samsung Galaxy S8 Backup and Restore as the process is quick, simple, and offers backup of not only the contacts but all other data and has various other features too. If you just switch from old Samsung phone to new Samsung Galaxy S8, you could also learn how to transfer data directly in batch.

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