Samsung Galaxy S8 Manager | Manage Samsung S8 / S8 Plus Efficiently

Why is an efficient Samsung Galaxy S8 Manager tool necessary for us? The latest and greatest smartphones of Samsung Mobile are the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+. Improved and powerful features i.e. resolution and display quality, screen size, improved camera features, etc. helped people to decide to upgrade their old Samsung phones. This new device can even be compared with the last phone of S series, S7. This phone has all the specifications that a man wants in this year of 2017. A RAM of 4 GB, front camera of 5 MP and rear camera of 12 MP, large display of 6.2 inch with more storage of 64 GB and the IP 86 waterproofing features can meet all the expectation that we had in the last few years.

Therefore, people are tending to change their taste and want to have a Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8 Plus on their palm. This smartphone upgrade might lead them to lose their important information. It is necessary to have an easy and efficient tool for this phone to manage the data from older phone and transfer them to Samsung Galaxy S8. This article is intended to offer a clear instruction for Samsung S8 Manager for managing and transferring data in the safest way in a few clicks.

Part 1. Best Samsung S8 Manager App for Your Galaxy S8/S8+

You might get tired of searching for a great Android manager app for your new Samsung Galaxy S8. This article will suggest you the best app in your computer as your Samsung Galaxy S8 manager. Therefore, dr.fone – Android Transfer will be an efficient and easy use software that can help you to manage music, contacts, photos, apps, videos, podcasts, and other files in your Samsung Galaxy S8. Also, it will allow you to transfer, backup, manage and import different files from your computer to your Android phone. If you need to export, merge or delete your contacts, this will be the most efficient software. Manage your photos in wallpaper and install or uninstall your apps downloaded from the Google play store. You can check what the features of this software, which can give enough facilities to fulfill your demand.

  • An easy way to keep a backup for the photos, music, contacts, videos, messages, etc. from your phone to your PC and restore them as required – Samsung S8 Backup and Restore in a click.
  • Manage messages, duplicate and merge contacts, import and export contacts to the Samsung Galaxy S8 with your personal computer.
  • You can take full control of your phone with this Samsung S8 Manager with the ‘One-click Root’ feature.
  • Transfer various files of photos, music, messages, contacts, videos, etc. from your old phone to your new Samsung Galaxy S8.
  • Import, install, uninstall, and keep the backup for your apps on your phone.
  • Use this software as your iTunes manager by syncing your music in iTunes to your Android phones or vice versa.
  • It is widely compatible with most Android devices and different Android OS versions as well as Windows and Mac OS for your personal computer.
  • Create your own GIF from any videos or photos with this powerful software.

Part 2. Most Effective Samsung S8 Manager: Manage and Transfer Music on Your Galaxy S8 / S8+

Follow the below instruction to learn how to manage and transfer music on your Android phone.

#Step 1: Download and install this Samsung Galaxy S8 manager software – dr.fone.

Get dr.fone – Transfer (Android)

#Step 2: Launch the software choose “Transfer” option and connect your Samsung Galaxy S8 using USB cable to the PC.

#Step 3: Find ‘Music’ from the top menu bar and the Follow – Music>> Add >> Add Files or Add Folder to transfer music from your computer to your new Galaxy S8, S8+.

You can get the file browser window on your PC to select songs, which you want to import from your PC to your Samsung S8. You can create playlists and store songs into them from the Music menu bar. Also, you can simply drag and store music files from your computer to your phone.

#Step 4: If you want to transfer music from your Samsung Galaxy S8 to your PC, free some space on your computer and follow the instructions- Music>> Export >> Export to PC. Selecting the path on your PC where you want to save your music files and then click transfer to continue.

Part 3. Most Efficient Samsung S8 Manager: Manage and Transfer Photos on Your Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+

Follow these simple steps as described below to manage your photos in your Samsung S8. You can keep the backup, set wallpaper, preview photos, and delete unwanted photos with this software.

#Step 1: Launch the dr.fone photo manager and connect your phone to your computer.

#Step 2: Go to ‘Photos‘ menu tab and select ‘Add >> Add Files or Add Folder‘ for transferring photos from your personal computer to your new Galaxy S8. You can simply drag your chosen files and drop in your open folder to finish the process.

#Step 3: Again, go to ‘Photos‘ menu tab and select ‘Export>> Export to PC‘ for transferring photos to your personal computer from your new Samsung Galaxy S8. You can keep backup of your photos to your computer by doing this.

#Step 4: Click ‘Delete‘ after selecting unwanted photos to remove them and free some space in your ROM.

#Step 5: You can find all the properties (format, path, size, etc.) of a photo by selecting this and viewing its information.

Part 4. Most Resourceful Samsung S8 Manager: Manage and Transfer Contacts on Your Samsung S8 S8+

Simple steps are described here to edit, backup, delete or transfer your contacts on your Samsung S8 / S8+ with this most resourceful software.

#Step 1: To manage contacts, launch the software and connect your Android phone to your PC.

#Step 2: For keeping contacts backup of your Samsung Galaxy S8, find information tab to open the contacts management window. Select any group of contacts including the phone, SIM, or account contacts to continue this process.

You can choose contacts which you want to export or select all to export. For instance, choose ‘To vCard File‘ as the export option.

#Step 3: For importing contacts to your phone again, go to information tab and find the import option. Then choose the path to import your contacts from four different options (From vCard File as you have imported in the earlier step).

#Step 4: Select your unwanted contacts and click on ‘Delete‘ option to remove them from the list.

#Step 5: To merge the duplicate contacts, you can select the contacts which you need to merge and then click the ‘Merge‘ button to finish.

Part 5. Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Manager: Manage and Transfer Apps on Your Samsung S8 / S8+

Follow the below instruction to remove and backup installed apps easily from your Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+.

#Step 1: Launch the dr.fone – Transfer and connect your phone to your computer.

#Step 2: To install new apps with the .Apk files stored on your computer, go to the ‘Apps‘ from the top menu and click to Install selecting your stored .apk files.

#Step 3: For uninstalling the apps, click the apps from menu tab again and click to ‘Uninstall‘ by selecting User apps or System apps from the right drop down menu. Choosing the unwanted apps, click the uninstall button to continue.

#Step 4: Choose the apps you want to backup, and then backup your apps from your Samsung Galaxy S8 to the personal computer.

Downloading and installing the dr.fone – Android Transfer can solve all your problem as your Samsung Galaxy S8 Manager. You don’t need to be worried much from now. Few simple clicks are enough to manage your apps, videos, music, photos, or contacts. It offers more security and safety by keeping a backup of your important files. Removal of all your unnecessary files, app installation or uninstallation, the creation of music playlists and Wallpaper settings will be easier with this great software. Samsung S8 Manager will be your best companion to manage your new Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S9, S9 Plus.

Get dr.fone – Transfer (Android)


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