What to Do If Samsung Tablet Won’t Turn On – Solved

Just imagine an everyday situation, where Samsung Tablet won’t turn on though the battery is sufficient enough while you are playing a game or working on some other activity. Such a situation is a hate-hate one of all its kinds and must be ignored rather than avoided at all times.

As a next step, you would try to turn on the tablet as many times as possible. All this with unsuccessful attempts where in the tablet won’t get turned on again. Now, you must be wondering how to come out of this situation and make it a winning one.

In the current times, each device of an individual holds many significant data. Thus, it must be fixed as soon as possible without any kinds of damages to the equipment or loss of data in any form. The Samsung Tablet won’t turn on but needs proper care by the experts to fix the problem at the earliest or at least give it a try for once.

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Part 1. Possible Causes due to which the Samsung Tablet won’t turn on

The foremost step at this point is to look for the potential causes due to which the Samsung Tablet won’t turn on. As such, it is a normal problem. Many users generally become panic and start looking for fixing the problem sooner the better. Majorly the problem with the tablet is not very serious, and it can handle without any kinds of delays in any of the forms.

Mentioned below are some of the very common causes, which won’t let the Samsung Tablet switch on. The list goes as below:

Seems to be in sleep mode or either frozen

The tablet is still in sleep mode or must have frozen. This is the sole reason why one cannot turn on the same. Even trying multiple times will not be of much help.

Battery needs to be recharged or rechecked

The user did not seem to realize at the appropriate time that the battery is about to finish and needs to be charged again. Or else there might be some problem with the display, which is not showing the right level of the battery and hence this problem occurs.

Problems with the software or the operating system

If the user happens to be stuck on the start-up screen itself and is not able to move ahead, it is an indication that though one can turn on the tablet, there seems to be some problem, which must be resolved at the earliest under the proper guidance of experts.

Tablet in a dirty condition won’t get turn on

The environment can play a great role in turning on the Samsung tablet. Dust and the wind can surely affect its functionality and make it work in a fun-filled fashion or else overheat the device leading to various other problems.

Small collisions and scratches do affect the tablet

It is a very common misconception among people that little collisions and scratches won’t affect the device internally. However, it is not the case as some components might either get loose or even break down in the process. This could be one of the possible causes due to which the Samsung Tablet won’t turn on and act funnily.

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Part 2. Restoration of data when the Samsung Tablet won’t turn on

You need to restore the data first before you take any action on the non-working Samsung tablet. Now how can it do efficiently and effectively with great ease and simplicity? Dr.fone – Android Recover for Damaged smartphones, can help in this regard. It is for the damaged device. It comes to the rescue and makes it possible to restore the much-needed data without losing any part of the same.

In fact, it is the first data retrieval software for all kinds of damaged and broken Android devices. It helps in recovering the much-needed and most precious data. Experts in the software industry recommend it. Hence, this tool holds a great place of importance. It works on all Samsung Galaxy devices and helps recover all kinds of data barring any kinds of exceptions.

It is just that some simple steps need to be followed for the restoration of the data when a Samsung Tablet won’t turn on. The following steps are listed as below:

Get dr.fone – Data Recovery (Android)

Opening the Dr.fone Android Data Extraction – A Tool for Android Broken Data Recovery

Click on the icon to open the same on the computer or the laptop. Then, click on “Data Recovery” and then select “Recover from broken phone” on the left.


Choose the desired files and much-needed data to be recovered

There is no need to get back each file. You can select files appropriately and click Next.

Reason for data recovery needs to be specified and chosen

One can reach to the next step by clicking on Touch doesn’t work or cannot open the mobile devices. Click Next, and it will take you to the next move. Under the Device Name, choose the listed desired Samsung tablet and model. Now, click on the Next button.

Look for the Download Mode in the Samsung Tablet

The next steps will lead you to the Download Mode of the Samsung Tablet being talked about.

Scan the Samsung Tablet for the recoverable files

With the help of the USB cable, connect the tablet to either the computer or the laptop. The tool will do the needful on its own and help the user recover the desired data.

Recover the selected files based on their importance

Once the scanning is complete, the tool will display the recoverable file list on the screen. At this stage, you can take the decision depending on the particular need. The recover button is what needs to be clicked.

Fix Samsung Tablet won't turn on with dr.fone

Part 3. Fixing the Samsung tablet which is not turning on by following certain steps

In the very first instance, before the people at Samsung need to be informed, it is essential for the user to follow the given steps.

  • Take out the battery from the Samsung tablet for not less than half an hour or more. Longer the battery is taken out more beneficial it is to bring the device out from the sleep mode or power-off form.
  • Then after, reboot the device within few seconds by holding the desired buttons.
  • Check the battery for any kinds of faults in the same and charge the tablet in order to check the current position.
  • Remove SD card and other connected hardware to avoid any further problems.
  • The user must try and switch to the Safe Mode by pushing the required buttons.
  • Lastly, consult with that Samsung and its officials to initiate the hard reset. This is because certain instructions need to be followed which are unknown to the common user.

Once you followed the above-mentioned steps to switch on the Samsung tablet and in the case of the same not getting turned on, then the tablet needs to be sent to the repair center for the service by the experts and professionals who deal with such devices on a day-to-day basis. It is, in fact, part of their job and company has trained them to help the common users and bring the tablet into power on mode.

Part 4. Most valuable and practical steps to save from harm the Samsung Tablet

In case the Samsung Tablet won’t turn on, no need to panic but the same must be protected from all kinds of external as well as internal harms to increase its life for the user.

1. External harms

All kinds of possible damages must be taken good care of by providing the right cover to the device. This will definitely prevent the device from being damaged or other related problems. Dirt and dust must be kept at a big distance to avoid over heating of the tablet, which might lead to further problems. Thus, these simple precautions must be taken by the user at all points of time in order to increase the working life of the Samsung tablet.

2. Internal harms

As and when possible, necessary applications must be downloaded from Google Play Store as Google knows it all by default. It is always beneficial not to share all the data with a particular app, which the user doesn’t like due to the reasons of his or her own. Anti-malware and Anti-virus software must be installed to protect the tablet from all kinds of the wrong doings. The latest version of every individual application must be installed at all points of time without a saying.

In a nutshell, it is not at all difficult when your Samsung Tablet won’t turn on without even spending a single penny on the same or taking any kind of outside help. Remember not to panic in such a situation but follow the above-mentioned steps. In case, nothing happens to work, then do visit the service center at the earliest.