How to Export & Save Text Messages from iPhone to Computer

How to Save Text Messages from iPhone Easily?

The messages that you have on your device are the most important things that you would want to save and backup so you can read them again in the future. This is the very reason why more and more people are interested to know how to export text messages from iPhone or save text messages from iPhone to their computer.

Your iPhone comes with a special Message App that records all of your conversations with your families, friends, loved ones, partners, colleagues, and others, and many of these messages mean so much to you, so you wouldn’t want to lose or delete any of them. That is why you want to ensure that they stayed safe and stored on your device.

But, sooner or later, as you store even more messages on your gadget, these tons of messages are going to occupy a large chunk of your iPhone storage, to the point that you might no longer be able to save new photos, sync more new songs, download new apps, and others.

On the other hand, you treasure these messages, and deleting them is simply out of the question. But still, they eat up a lot of space on your device and stop your device from working normally. When this happens, it is about time that you think about the possibility of having to export text messages from iPhone to your computer to back them up so you wouldn’t have to worry about deleting them from your device. You might be familiar with how easy it is to delete messages directly on your iPhone, but the process is completely different if you want to save text messages from iPhone to your computer.

People definitely love Facebook, Twitter, MSN, and other types of chat tools for them to get in touch with their family, friends, and colleagues. But, iPhone messaging remains to be the most popular and convenient app. It is easy to see why iMessages and text messages on iPhone are simply irreplaceable in people’s daily activities.

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4 Ways to Export & Save Text Messages from iPhone for Backup

You might end up very upset the moment you accidentally or carelessly delete the text messages from your device. As everyone knows, there are lots of precious memories and important information on your iPhone. To save themselves from this situation, many people usually opt to back up their messages to iCloud and iTunes. This is a good idea. But, you have to remember that both iCloud and iTunes will not let you view the text messages. This means that there is no easy way for you to get access to your text messages if you back them up on iCloud or iTunes. It’s a pity, right?

You are probably wondering how you can export text messages from iPhone or save text messages from iPhone to your computer. Is there really a special tool to help you save your text messages? The answer to this problem is with the help of some special tools, such as FoneTrans and AnyTrans.

Below are some of the steps that you should follow to save or export text messages from iPhone to your computer using FoneTrans, iCloud, AnyTrans, and iTunes.

1st Method: Ways to Archive Texts and Back Up Using iTunes

1. Firstly, you have to open iTunes and consider connecting your iPhone to your computer.

2. Choose your device’s name, and you’ll see all the data stored found on the left list. After that, pick the options “Back Up Now” and “This Computer” to backup the data of your iPhone including SMS messages to your computer.

3. If you like to view the details of the text messages, you need to read how to extra text messages from iTunes.

2nd Method: Export Text Messages from iPhone or Save Text Messages from iPhone Using Your iCloud Account

In this method, you will only need your iPhone to save and export your text messages. Follow the steps below to do the process effectively:

1. Connect your device to any WiFi network.

2. See to it that your backup on iCloud is open. On the iOS version 8 or later, you have to go to the Settings of your iPhone, choose iCloud, then the option “Backup“. On other iOS versions, you have to tap on the Settings on your device, pick iCloud, and select the option Storage and Backup.

3. Tap on “Back Up Now” for you to save as well as backup your iPhone data.

4. You may tap the “Settings“, choose iCloud, Storage, and the option “Manage Storage” for you to view whether you have completed a backup or not.

5. Nevertheless, iCloud backs up only the messages on iPhone, yet can’t view the details on iCloud. However, you may restore your iPhone from iCloud once you deleted several important messages.

3rd Method: Using AnyTrans to Save or Export Text Messages from iPhone to Your PC and Mac in a Few Minutes

Regarding text messages backup on iPhone, most of you would think of going for the method that incorporates iCloud or iTunes. Unluckily, they do not work on this kind of problem effective. iCloud and iTunes will only provide you a way to create a backup that contains your text messages, yet you won’t be able to view the messages you have saved unless you want to consider restoring your iDevice with your backup file. Fortunately, there is a reliable software called AnyTrans that enables users to one-click to export and download your text messages from your iPhone to Mac or PC in file-formats including .txt, HTML, and pdf.

AnyTrans is the tool that you will ever need when it comes to exporting and saving text messages from your iPhone. For you to download messages from your iPhone to your computer, you will need the help of this professional data transfer tool that’s simple to use, capable, and efficient in saving text messages from your iPhone to your computer. Click iMobie AnyTrans review to know more about it. 

There are other reasons why you should consider using AnyTrans for your needs and these include:

  • Enables you to export text messages from iPhone to your computer selectively. Regardless if you like to download one text messages, all messages or multiple messages from your iPhone, AnyTrans can handle it for you.
  • It supports transferring different kinds of iOS data such videos, photos, contacts, messages, music, notes, and so on.
  • Enables you to save text messages from iPhone in a readable format, so you will be able to print out or view them anytime you want.
  • It’s compatible with both Windows and MacOS. It also supports some iPhone models. If you like to transfer your text messages from iPod touch or iPad to your computer, it is never impossible with AnyTrans.
  • Supports transferring of your text messages from an iPhone to another, making it a smooth upgrade to the new iPhone device.

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Ways to Transfer Your Text Messages from Your iPhone to Your Computer Using AnyTrans

You follow the steps below when transferring text messages from your iPhone to your computer. Aside from text messages, you may also transfer SMS messages, MMS messages, Messages attachments, and iMessages to your computer.

1. AnyTrans can be downloaded for free, and you can install it in your computer easily. Once it’s already installed, open it and connect your device to your computer with the use of USB cable.

2. Select the Messages option to enter the Section for Messages and manage it.

3. Select or preview the text messages you like to transfer. After that, consider tapping on the button found on the upper corner of the software to transfer the text messages to your computer.

However, it is important to remember that if you already transferred messages from your iPhone to your computer, you may get rid of those messages from your iPhone to save more space and optimize your device’s system a bit. Latest AnyTrans Review for you.

4th Method: Export Text Messages from iPhone to Computer with FoneTrans

FoneTrans is a tool that gives you an easier and more convenient method compared to having to copy your messages to iCloud and iTunes for backup. With high speed and good quality, the software can help you download as well as archive all your text conversations from your device to your computer. In addition, you can also transfer your text messages from your old iPhone to your new iPhone. Simply put, this powerful app lets you save text messages from your iPhone, whatever its model might be, your Windows computer or Mac without having to worry about Trojan Horse and viruses.

Unlike saving your text messages from your iPhone to iTunes and iCloud, FoneTrans will let you export all of your SMS messages to the computer as well as other iOS devices. Furthermore, you can also store these in three types of files, which include Tex, HTML, and Excel. You will be able to view and even print these out anytime you want because you can access your text messages and check them each time.

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Steps to Save Text Messages from iPhone to Computer

1. Install the FoneTrans program then run it. You can then connect your iPhone using the USB cable to get started.

2. Choose the specific text messages that you would like to save.

3. On the left list, you can choose the option SMS then select the specific messages that you would like to save on your computer. You can also preview these messages on the right list.

4. Export then save the text messages from your iPhone your computer.

5. Click on the pull-down menu from the Export To so you can download the selected or all messages to TXT, HTML, or CSV file.

6. Once you finished this, you will be getting your SMS messages from your device to your computer. It is very convenient to store your messages in the event of an accidental loss.

The best thing about FoneTrans is that this app also supports the transferring of contacts, videos, photos, and others to iPhone, iPod, iPad, or PC.


Whenever you want to save or export text messages from iPhone, it is always wise to stick with the methods that are proven and effective. If you are planning to use third-party software, never rely on some tools available online. Always choose AnyTrans and FoneTrans or another third-party tool – iMyFone D-Port to download text messages from iPhone, because these are the apps that are designed and developed with your needs in mind. Aside from that, they can make the process easy and free from any hassle or inconvenience. So, if you wish to experience peace of mind when saving or exporting text messages from your iPhone, give them a try.