How to Perform Screen Mirroring on Samsung S10 / S9 / S8 / S7

Mirroring the phone screen of Android devices to PCs or TVs enables users to achieve the best from the multimedia content.

Also, screen mirroring Samsung S10 is very simple, and you do not have to possess technical skills to perform that.

This guide will show some effective methods, which really work for screen mirroring Samsung S10/S9. So, do not step back and try out these methods now!

Introduction to Screen Mirroring Samsung S10

Today, new customers of the Samsung Galaxy S10 like to share their phone connection with other people or just like to view the videos saved on their device on a bigger screen.

One can easily do so by screen mirroring Samsung S10, which is also called screencasting. Using this technology, users can mirror all the content of their phones to TVs.

Here, you require a TV that supports a screen mirroring Samsung S10. You can go with the latest Samsung models in TVs or other TVs having a Chromecast that is connected to the HDMI port.

Please note that it is important to ensure that your phone and TV are sharing the same Wi-Fi connection.

Also, in some TVs, you have to switch the input medium manually or even switch the on-screen mirroring Samsung S7/S8/S9/S10.

1. What Do You Mean by Screen Mirroring?

Screen mirroring, or you can say screen casting enables users to mirror their smartphone’s content to their TV screen.

For this, they will require building the connection for screen mirroring Samsung S7 on both their tablet or smartphone and their TV.

This is important for the proper and successful working of the connection.

Here, we are going to discuss some methods that will help you in screen mirroring Samsung S7 in an effective way. Also, one can use these effective methods.

2. Which Smartphones from Samsung Feature Screen Mirroring?

Now, you will be glad to know that there’s a devote screen mirroring function on several Samsung tablets and smartphones.

Earlier devices that are running on older operating systems than 4.1.12 do not come with this incredible feature.

On the other hand, newer Samsung devices come with Smart View in place of Screen Mirroring under the menu tab.

If you have no clue whether your device supports screencasting or not, then keep on following.

Steps to Examine if Your Samsung Device Has Smart View or Screen Mirroring Feature

#1: Firstly, navigate to the Home tab and pull down the notification menu using two fingers. Here, you will come across the Smart View or Screen Mirroring feature.

#2: If you could not find these features on your phone, it is still possible to mirror your device to TVs through Quick Connect.

Compatible Smartphones with Smart View or Screen Mirroring Feature:

Samsung Galaxy Series: Screen mirroring Samsung S10/10+, Samsung S9/9+, Samsung S7/7 Edge, Samsung S6, Samsung S5, and Samsung S III

Samsung Note Series: Samsung Note 10/10+, Note 9, Note 8, Note II, Note 3, Note 4, and several others.

Different Methods to Screen Mirroring Samsung Devices

There are various methods for screen mirroring Samsung S7 or screen mirroring Samsung S8. Here, we are going to discuss some effective methods that you can use for the same.

In the first method, you can take the help of the Smart View function for screen mirroring the Samsung S9.

Using the wired mirroring, you can cast your Samsung device to the TV effortlessly.

If you could not connect the device using these methods, it is best to use a third-party application for screen mirroring Samsung S10.

There are lots of options available in third-party software when it comes to screencasting. Here, we will tell you about the best application for carrying out this task.

So, let’s begin without further ado.

Method 1: Make Use of the ‘Smart View’ Tab

Samsung Galaxy S8+ and S8 feature a native tab for screen mirroring S8 to TVs. However, there is no need to own a smart TV that is Wi-Fi enabled for opting for this option.

So, the following steps are what you have to follow for performing this action.

Besides, let’s figure out how to operate an iPhone through your PC by Vysor for iPhone with ease.

Steps for Screen Mirroring Samsung S8:

If you want to perform the screen mirroring Samsung S8, then go through the following instructions. It is very simple to screencast your Samsung device to TVs using this method.

Step 1: Enable Screen Mirroring on TVs

Firstly, you have to open up the menu of your smart TV. Under this menu, look for the option ‘screencasting‘ or ‘mirroring.’

Usually, this option is there under the Network or Display Settings. Once found, switch it on.

Before you do so, you should remember that for screen mirroring Samsung S8, both the TV and the smartphone require to be connected to a similar Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Look for ‘Smart View’

Now, you need to visit ‘Quick Settings‘ on the mobile device using a two-finger-down swipe from the screen’s top. For viewing the icon ‘Smart View‘, you have to swipe to the left.

screen mirroring Samsung S10 Using Smart View
Step 3: Tap on the ‘Smart View.’

Next, a pop-up display having all the present devices will appear on the phone screen. Click on your TV for building up the connection.

Users who do not like the aspect ratio can modify the same under the settings of Smart View. Plus, some smart TVs ask for the PIN to initiate the screen mirroring Samsung S8.

Tip: For preventing the phone screen from switching off, it is best to modify the screen timeout. To perform this, navigate to ‘Settings,’ and then, ‘Display,’ and from there, look for ‘Screen Timeout‘.

Method 2: Employ Wired Mirroring

Screen mirroring Samsung is possible even if you do not own a smart TV. For this, you require a USB-C Samsung to an HDMI adapter and HDMI cable.

For making a connection between the devices, follow some simple steps listed below.

Steps for Screen Mirroring Samsung S7:

To mirror the phone screen to your TV, follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Make a Connection

Initially, you have to connect the adapter’s USB-C end to the Samsung S7 or Samsung S8. After this, plug its other end into the HDMI cable.

Once done, connect the cable to the HDMI input of your TV.

Step 2: Set the Input

Now, choose your TV’s input like the one you have connected in the above step. You are all set if you will be able to see the home screen of your phone on your TV.

Method 3: How to Screen Mirroring Samsung S9 to Mac or Windows PC

It is incredible that Samsung Galaxy S8 or S9 is manufactured for simple screencasting. However, if you like to screen mirror Samsung, then you can try out some popular third-party applications.

Screen mirroring Samsung is very simple. Here, you just need to take the help of the application SideSync.

The following are some steps that will help you in screen mirroring Samsung to your system.

Steps for Screen Mirroring Samsung S10:

For screen mirroring Samsung S7, users can follow the instructions that we have listed here. It is simple to cast your phone to the TV using SideSync. So, let’s begin!

Step 1: Get the Application

In the first place, users have to install SideSync on their Samsung Galaxy S9 or S10 and also on their Mac/PC. Ensure that the computer and phone are sharing the same Wi-Fi connection.

In that case, both the devices get paired up automatically.

Step 2: Select an Action

Next, users can employ their system for browsing their smartphones, sending text messages, making phone calls, and a lot more.

Now, users can easily watch their phone content on their smart TV. Using these methods, one can display photos, videos, and games on a larger screen.

However, there could be some lag between the actions performed on the smartphone and the display on your TV.

Thus, it could be best not to use screencasting while trying out fast-paced gaming options.

We recommend you use the SideSync application if you could not find the Smart View or Screen Mirroring feature on your Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

This application is very simple to operate and offers effective results. So, download this application and screencast your smartphone to a much bigger screen now!


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