How to Set Up Showbox with Chromecast

Streaming TV shows and movies online is something that, over the years, has become incredibly popular across all age groups.

Younger generations typically use their laptops and tablets for streaming whilst older generations choose the easier option of using their smart TV.

However, not everyone is able to afford a subscription or access a streaming platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. For that reason, you might find yourself looking into Showbox with Chromecast.

Showbox is a free streaming platform that provides both movies and TV shows. It is similar to other streaming sites like Popcorn Time and Putlocker. But, as you might already know, these services aren’t legal.

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About Showbox

As a result of Showbox being free and easily accessible, the app is very popular. It is often the first platform to have new box office releases available, and while it isn’t legal, more and more people are starting to use it for their streaming needs.

Now, the Showbox app does have some limitations, just like all streaming apps.

  • Streaming to your smartphone or tablet means you will be watching movies on a small screen
  • Watching movies with a group of friends (or family) is difficult with a smartphone
  • Smartphones have limited battery capacity, so your streaming experience may be cut short

You get the idea – streaming to a smartphone isn’t optimal. Fortunately, there are some ways in which you can continue to access Showbox without streaming it to your smartphone. Our preferred solution is to set up Showbox with Chromecast.

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The simple answer is no, using Showbox for streaming is not legal.

Other platforms including Popcorn Time and various Kodi add-ons are just as illegal, and while every country has different piracy laws, they all prohibit the likes of Showbox. Let’s take the United States of America, for example.

As one of the biggest countries in the world, it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of action taken against piracy. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in particular don’t tolerate customers who illegally access copyright content.

If on the off chance, they detect that you are accessing Showbox with Chromecast, then they will take action. This could be a simple warning (as is usually the case), but if you are issued multiple warnings, then they may take it a step further and report you to the authorities.

This won’t only happen if you use Showbox, that’s how it is with any illegal streaming. However, for unknown reasons, users report that ISPs tend to get more alerts when Showbox is used in comparison to other platforms.

In other words, if you use Showbox carelessly, then you’re more likely to get caught.

Before we go ahead and explain the gist of setting up Showbox with Chromecast, here’s what you need to keep in mind.

  • Anything you access on the internet can be seen by your ISP.
  • Depending on where you live, your ISP may be able to share (or sell) information about your internet activity. This includes sharing information with the relevant authorities.
  • ISPs consider you a customer, nothing else. If you break the law using their broadband, then they will protect themselves before they protect you. This means they will alert the police if it could save them from getting in legal trouble.

So, how do you prevent getting in trouble? Aside from not streaming content illegally, you can use a VPN. This handy piece of software adds an extra barrier to your internet connection so that everything you do online goes through a different IP address.

So, if you are caught using Showbox, your real IP address is protected and you’re much less likely to get into trouble.

Before You Start Using Showbox

Technically there is a PC Showbox solution. However, this is only possible if you use something known as an Android emulator. BlueStacks, the most popular Android emulator, makes this fairly simple.

Another roadblock, which shouldn’t be a surprise, is that Showbox isn’t available on the Google Play Store. Given the illegal streaming aspect of the application, it’s safe to assume that we won’t be able to download it anytime soon either.

So, as with most apps that the Play Store won’t allow, you have to download Showbox through an external website.

To do this though you must change your Android device’s security settings.

#1 – Open the “Settings” application.

#2 – Swipe your screen upwards to scroll down to the bottom of this menu.

#3 – Select the “Apps & Notifications” option.

#4 – Below the heading “Advanced“, check the box next to “Apps from Unknown Sources“.

From now on you will be able to download third-party Android applications to your device. This includes Showbox on Chromecast and any apps that you can’t get from the Google Play Store!

Getting Started with Showbox

With Showbox ready to go on your Android device, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the app’s features and layout.

The minimalist design makes the app easy to navigate and locate your favorite shows and movies. Some other features include:

  • Each movie has a description, trailers, and poster covers
  • All available resolutions are shown to you (e.g., 480, 720, and 1080)
  • Frequently updated to include recent releases

Showbox is great, as proven by the features above. But there are limits to it, primarily that to watch it on your Chromecast you’ll have to take a different approach. The steps above show you how to install Showbox on an Android device. However, this isn’t the same as Chromecast.

In order to access Showbox on Chromecast, you’ll need to use another app alongside Showbox. Since Showbox doesn’t support the Cast protocol (which Chromecast requires), we suggest using AllCast too.

Adding AllCast into the process might seem messy but don’t worry, all this does is provide the extra support for Cast.

How to Setup Up Showbox on Chromecast

Now that you’re aware of everything that you need to know prior to using Showbox, it’s time for us to walk you through Showbox on Chromecast. Doing this gives you the opportunity to watch movies and TV shows on a big screen, rather than on a smartphone.

Of course, as we’ve said before, Showbox isn’t directly available for Chromecast. Therefore, we need to take a slightly different approach.

Follow the steps below to begin.

#1 – On your Android device, open the Google Play Store app and search for “AllCast“.

Download AllCast

#2 – Download and install this application on your device before proceeding.

Install Allcast

#3 – Tap on the AllCast icon to open the app, then browse it and select what you want to stream to Chromecast.

#4 – As you will be watching the movie on a bigger screen than your smartphone screen, we recommend the largest resolution available. Choose the resolution now.

Using Showbox with Chromecast

#5 – Next, tap on the 3 dots. Choose a subtitles option if necessary before tapping on “Android Player“, and then “Other Player…“.

Note: if you notice the movie lagging or taking forever to buffer, there are two things you can try. Either select a different server from the menu, or stream using a lower video resolution/quality.

#6 – Now tap the “Watch Now” option in the Showbox app, and you’ll be taken back to AllCast.

#7 – From the list of players you must now choose your Google Chromecast device.

#8 – Your movie or TV show will now start streaming Showbox with Chromecast!

Showbox with Chromecast

By using this solution, we are utilizing the app known as AllCast. With one simple addition, we are able to make Showbox a multi-platform streaming service. It’s as easy as that!

To Conclude

It’s important to remember that illegal streaming can get you in a lot of trouble if you aren’t careful. We highly recommend taking the extra precaution of a VPN to avoid this.

Nonetheless, with this method, you are able to use Showbox with Chromecast to step up your movie-watching experience and enjoy the latest blockbuster hits on a bigger screen.



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