8 Best Snapchat Saver Tools to Save Data on Snapchats

Have you given it a thought about how amazing it would be to keep snaps of other users without notifying them about the same? It sounds amazing, and you can actually do this.

There are some Snapchat savers that help you in saving stories and snaps of other users remotely. Some applications are even available free of charge.

In this article, you will get to know about some of the best Snapchat savers that you can use to save snaps of your friends. Let’s move on to the list of best Snapchat savers!

1. MirrorGo Android Recorder

MirrorGo Android Recorder is developed by dr.fone, and is designed especially for Android phones. It lets users mirror their devices’ screens on a big screens such as computers and projectors wirelessly.

This Snapchat saver even allows you to mirror games and videos. It records your devices’ screens and even offers a screenshot feature. This screenshot feature can be used to capture screenshots of pictures, videos, or stories.

It is compatible with Android devices and even those running on the Windows system.

MirrorGo Snapchat Saver

Unique characteristics of MirrorGo Android Recorder:

  • You can play games with this Snapchat saver.
  • It can be used to capture screenshots.
  • It shows every notification on your screen.
  • You can share your secret moves with others using this app.
  • It even records your gameplay.


  • Clear interface
  • No log-out needed
  • Secure and safe application
  • Compatible with most Android phones


  • Paid premium version

Download MirrorGo

2. iOS Screen Recorder

This Snapchat saver is the most secure and easy way to save Snapchat’s stories and snaps. This application is specially designed for iPhone devices and works with all iOS versions including the latest iOS 15.

The best part about iOS Screen Recorder is that it does not tamper with the authenticity of Snapchat accounts. It records each and every activity of your iOS device’s screen.

You can save or edit the recorded video depending on your requirements later on. This Snapchat saver is even helpful to mirror your iOS devices on a big screen like projectors and computers.

Unique characteristics of iOS Screen Recorder:

  • It records games and videos on phones.
  • It mirrors your device’s screen to your systems and projectors wirelessly.
  • Support iPods, iPads, and iPhones even running on iOS 15.
  • It even supports jailbroken iOS devices.

Steps to use this Snapchat saver:

In order to save Snapchat stories and snaps with iOS Screen Recorder, you need to follow some simple steps given below:

1: Download iOS Screen Recorder on your iOS devices like iPad or iPhone. Then, install it.

2: Next, you need to trust the app’s developer so that this Snapchat saver could work on your device. Visit the settings of your phone and then, Device Management. From there, go to iOS Screen Recorder and click on the button “Trust“.

3: On successful installation of the Snapchat saver on your device, run the program and customize settings for recording the screen as per your requirements.

4: Now, click on the button “Next” and iOS Screen Recorder will start to record your device’s screen immediately.

iOS Screen Recorder Snapchat Saver

5: In order to record Snapchat stories, open the application and play stories that you would like to save. After that, click on the red bar present on your screen’s top in order to stop the recording. You will find the recorded file in your gallery.


  • Doesn’t tamper with Snapchat accounts
  • Exceptionally reliable and safe
  • No log-out needed
  • Records stories and snaps


  • Incompatible with Android phones

Download iOS Screen Recorder

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3. Casper Snapchat Saver

Casper’s interface is quite similar to Snapchat. This Snapchat saver records snaps and stories for free. As of now, it is available only for Android phones. It comes with added functions such as new filters, stickers, forward snaps, etc.

It is a great option for those who want to keep snaps without connecting their devices to computers. Just like other Snapchat savers, Casper does not have any authorization from Snapchat Inc.

Casper Snapchat Saver


  • Works with various Android phones
  • FREE Snapchat saver
  • Added features such as forward pics


  • No Snapchat authorization
  • Incompatible with iOS devices

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4. SnapSave

It is one of the oldest Snapchat savers to save pictures and stories. It provides an effective way to save pictures without getting notified. There is no update available for this Snapchat saver for a while but quite effective.

You have to download this application from a third-party source as it is not available on Google Play and App Store. You need to pay $5 so as to use its web-based app.

SnapSave Snapchat Saver


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Works on both iOS and Android devices


  • No Snapchat authorization
  • Paid web-based application

Download SnapSave

5. SnapCrack Snapchat Saver

This Snapchat saver helps you to save stories and snaps with just a single tap. You can even forward snaps to your friends later on. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to use without any tech knowledge.

It comes with a lot of features and that too, for FREE. However, you cannot use it simultaneously with Snapchat.


  • FREE Snapchat saver
  • Supports both Android and iOS devices
  • Enjoy features like doodles and stickers


  • No Snapchat authorization

Download SnapCrack

6. SnapBox Snapchat Saver

It is one of the oldest applications that work perfectly on Android as well as iOS devices. Its graphic interface is quite simple to use. You can keep snaps and stories on your phone with just a single tap.

In order to use this Snapchat saver, you have to log out from your account of Snapchat. It saves snaps directly on your device’s memory.

Snapbox Snapchat Saver


  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • FREE Snapchat saver
  • Save snaps directly on phones


  • Tamper Snapchat account’s authentication
  • Not updated in a while

Download SnapBox

7. SnapKeep Snapchat Saver

It has a user-friendly and clean interface, which makes it one of the best Snapchat savers to keep stories and snaps on Snapchat. You need to download this app on your Android or iOS device, and then, you can readily make use of this app as the default Snapchat.

You will not find any issue with this Snapchat saver as its interface is quite similar to Snapchat. And you can upload pictures with doodles drawn on them from your camera roll. It is not an authentic Snapchat app.

Snapkeep Snapchat Saver


  • FREE Snapchat saver
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Comes with added features


  • No affiliation with Snapchat
  • Continuous use could block your Snapchat account

Download SnapKeep

8. Saver for Snapchat

With the help of this Snapchat saver, you can access Snapchat on your devices with Windows OS. You can save stories and snaps without facing any issues. You can use this free application hassle-free.

And you just have to provide your credentials for Snapchat to log in with this app. Now, save any story or snap within a few clicks with Saver for Snapchat.

Just like other Snapchat savers, it is not safe to use this application for a longer period of time as your account may get blocked.


  • Available for FREE
  • Use Snapchat on Windows PC via Saver for Snapchat


  • Not secure like other Snapchat savers
  • Tamper your Snapchat account’s authenticity

Download Saver for Snapchat


Now, it is not difficult to save stories and snaps of Snapchat with these best Snapchat savers. You can use any of these Snapchat savers to keep hold of your friends’ stories on Snapchat. Before you make out a choice for yourself, do not forget to consider the pros and cons of the above-listed Snapchat savers.

Some of the applications listed above are available free of charge, but those apps could tamper with your account’s authentication. Your Snapchat could be blocked with the continuous use of applications like these. If you do not want to let that happen to your Snapchat account, it is best to pick wisely.

On the other hand, you can go with our finest choices, i.e. MirrorGo Android Recorder and dr.fone iOS Screen Recorder. These two Snapchat savers would not tamper with Snapchat accounts in any way. Download these apps to save snaps remotely!



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