iTunes to Samsung Note 8 Transfer | Sync iTunes to Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Samsung recently came with the latest model of the Galaxy series, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. These devices were far better than their predecessors in terms of features. They are termed the phones of the year. Users love to make use of these devices. If one goes by the words of the scientists, music is a great stress buster nowadays. It helps the person to see the positivities of life. It is a great booster for the health of an individual. With the coming up of smartphones, it is not at all difficult to sync iTunes to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or even download Music to Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Data Backup & Restore, transfer Whatsapp from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 8, or transfer data from old Samsung to new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. One can very well say that music is in one’s pocket and can be played any time at any place with great ease and simplicity. All one needs is the earplug, and the music can be played.

How to Sync iTunes to Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Which is Different OS

Current day smartphones make use of different operating systems. Both Android and iOS have their own share and popularity among the users. It is not easy and comfortable to transfer contents from one OS to another or vice versa. When it comes to transferring music, the Android data moving tools are a great help and make the job all the more convenient. Songs from iTunes to Samsung Note 8 transfer can be moved to the computer once the corresponding devices are connected. It is no more a complicated task but within the very reach of the individuals concerned.

What is dr.fone – Best iTunes to Samsung Note 8 Transfer?

dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android) is the Android transferring tool from Wondershare. It helps move all kinds of data without any problems from one OS to another and vice versa as per the need. Its benefits are more than one can even think of. For this kind of transfer, the Samsung Galaxy S8 device and iTunes collection are needed. First, it needs to be connected to the system, easy steps as prescribed by the software must be followed, and songs can be selected. The overall process is quite simple and easy to follow by all.

This tool is one of its kind, which allows all kinds of transfers from one device to another, using multiple platforms. Data can accordingly be transferred from one device to another depending on the user specifications. This tool by the name of dr.fone is applicable in the distinct smartphones manufactured by different companies worldwide. The tool helps in the transfer of data and maintains the backup of the phone’s data on the computer. In fact, it comes with an additional toolbox, which offers several features to the user to manage the phone more conveniently and judiciously.

What is the iTunes to Samsung Note 8 Transfer and what all facilities does it offer?

Key Features of dr.fone toolkit for Android – Sync iTunes to Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

  • Take the backup of all the data on the phone and restoring the same for future use
  • Make the Android phone or tablet the primary device with full controls
  • Manage the various applications in batches
  • Transfer iTunes to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or vice versa
  • Manage the contacts as well as SMS with computer
  • Transfer all kinds of data from one phone to another
  • Make of the motion photos, gif from photos as well as videos
  • Works perfectly on more or less all types of Android devices without a saying

Get dr.fone – Phone Manager (Android)

Part 1. How to Sync iTunes to Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Perform the following steps to sync iTunes to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 safely.

1. Connecting the computer with Samsung Galaxy Note 8

One can definitely and surely try the dr.fone – Phone Manager, which is available for free. The same must download and install on the computer by the user concerned. The icon needs to be clicked for starting the program, as it will display different options, which need to be chosen as per the user’s specific requirements. While the transferring process is in progress, USB cables should be made to avoid any kinds of disturbances in the whole procedure.

dr.fone - Android Transfer

2. Transferring iTunes music to Samsung’s device Galaxy Note 8

Once the said program recognizes the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone, transferring iTunes must be started in full swing by making use of the specific option. Out of the several options displayed on the device, iTunes to Samsung Note 8 transfer is possible with great ease and simplicity. It is just that the application will scan all the iTunes music files.

Once the scan is complete, all the categories of media will get displayed. As a default feature, dr.fone would make the complete selection in the window. The user needs to uncheck all the other boxes manually and select only Music as per the individual preferences. This way, the transfer process would start on its own.

3. Sync iTunes to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for Music Transfer

The tool, dr.fone – iTunes to Samsung Note 8 Transfer, will be responsible for the transfer process, and this way, the music files get transferred from the library of iTunes to Samsung’s device Galaxy S8. The total size of the data matters a lot as based on this, only the time is taken to finish the transfer process is decided upon. The transfer progress will be displayed from time to time to give a clear picture to the parties involved. Any disruption or disturbance of this process must be avoided and kept at bay. Thus it is considered good to put away the system till the process ends on its own. Once the process gets completed, a message stating the same would get displayed. The user needs to click OK and end the process.

Once the same is done, the device can be disconnected from the system, and the songs, which are copied can be played. Duplication of all sorts is avoided in the whole process and benefits from using the software. Once the duplicates are removed, then the contents are transferred to Samsung’s mobile Galaxy Note 8. Thus, the user does not need to concern about copying the same content again and again. It is not at all possible due to the filters applied to the whole process.

Part 2. How to Sync Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with iTunes

dr.fone for AndroidiTunes to Samsung Note 8 Transfer is the best software attainable in the market for all kinds of transfers and thus must be used as and when the need arises. It can beat the tough competitors available in the market because of its unique features. These features make it to a completely different level. A music lover must possess the same in the kitty. It is quite simple to use and ready to understand by one and all.

All these downloads and transfer of data and music must be carried out once the device has been updated with the latest versions, and the current software has been uploaded on the same. Once all this is done, the device must be connected via USB to the computer. If all the steps are followed systematically, then the whole process will be completed in less time and as per the procedure only without disruptions or disturbances in the middle of the same.

The steps on how to transfer music from Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to iTunes are mentioned as below:

  • dr.fone need to be launched as a first step and necessary connection between the devices must be done. Click “Transfer Device Media to Library.”
  • Click “Start” in the new window that pops up.
  • Uncheck the other files excluding the music ones. This is how one can transfer the music from Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to iTunes quite easily.

To sum it up, dr.fone toolkit for Android – iTunes to Samsung Note 8 Transfer is an Android data transferring & managing tool, which helps move all kinds of media from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S8 by following a straightforward process. One can thus sync iTunes to Samsung galaxy note 8 or vice versa and perform multiple operations by just downloading the freely available version. It is just that the user needs to explore on their own and make the best use of the options suiting to the individual requirements and meeting the specifications. Even the backup can be taken in the whole process and this way these Android transferring tools offer unlimited facilities to the user. It is a boon in itself and must be given a try at least once.

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