Full Guide for Tinder Smart Photos & How to Take Tinder Smart Photos

Are you wondering what the Tinder Smart Photos feature is? If so, this is just the article you should read on. In fact, you can consider this article as a guide to Tinder Smart Photos. It also comprises of vital instructions on how to get more matches through Tinder Smart Photos. For Tinder Hacks and how to use Tinder without Facebook issues, please click to know more.

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An introduction to Tinder Smart Photos

The idea behind the concept of Tinder Smart Photos is simple. After activating Tinder Smart Photos, the app will rotate your primary photo automatically. After that, the app will record the number of right/left swipes received by each photo. Depending on the number of swipes, the photos will then be organized automatically (considering the popularity). Well, in theory, your best photo would be placed as the primary photo in Tinder as per this concept.

Initially, Tinder launched a testing phase to measure the success of the concept of Tinder Smart Photos. During this period, there was about a twelve percent increase in the matches. If you are interested in the Tinder hack app, just switch to it.

How to switch on Tinder Smart Photos feature?

Using Tinder Smart Photos is a pretty simple task. Even if you are a beginner, enabling it is a walk in the park. Well, let’s see how to switch this feature on.

Switch On Tinder Smart Photos Feature
  • Launch the Tinder app and to go the icon labeled “Profile” located at the top left-hand corner
  • Go to the option “Edit Info”
  • Then, scroll down the screen and select the option “Photo Options”
  • Toggle the switch beside “Smart Photos” to turn it on
  • To disable it, just toggle the switch off

The functionality of Tinder Smart Photos

Tinder Smart Photos utilizes a special algorithm that determines the right swipe rate of the photos. This algorithm is capable of counting the right swipes made out of total swipes. Each photo’s SSR (Swipe Right Rate) will be determined through this option.

Tinder Smart Photos

The main job of this algorithm is to define the photos that are on explore mode and exploit mode. As per the explore mode, the photos will be tested, and the best-performing photos will be determined. The exploit mode ensures that you get the most popular photo and then put it in the first position. Through this method, the app will determine your most suitable photo to be placed as the first picture. The algorithm also considered the number of impressions of the photos (all of them). The most popular photos will then be pushed to the front end of the interface as time goes on. The sequence of the photos will be determined depending on this algorithm. The primary spot of your Tinder account will be reserved for the photo that has the largest number of right-swaps.

Nevertheless, if there is a requirement for a swap determining the data, Tinder will do that as well. That means it will change the photo automatically. You will be notified about this next time you launch the Tinder app. In addition to that, you will also see the changes taken place on the login page.

Does “Tinder Smart Photos” option actually work?

It is true that there are a couple of flaws associated with Smart Photos. For instance, not all Tinder users swipe right on their favorite photos. Instead, they just go to the last one and swipe it.

Well, if someone goes through all the photos before swiping, they will reach the last photo. Then, if they need to right-swipe the favorite photo, they have to go back all the way. Then only they have the option of swiping the photo right. Otherwise, the app will not be able to collect the information accurately and rate the pictures. If you are a novice to Tinder, you might be wondering if this process takes time. The truth is that it doesn’t! In fact, this is a matter of swiping the photo towards the right or left, depending on the requirement.

There is another possible issue associated with Tinder Smart Photos. That is a lack of data. The lineup is created with limited data if the profile hasn’t engaged an inconsiderable amount of actions. If you live in an area with less population, you may have to consider an option like Photofeeler. But don’t misunderstand that we suggest you to avoid using the Smart Photos feature. We are trying to emphasize the fact that Smart Photos is not that accurate.

In addition to that, we should mention another drawback associated with Tinder Smart Photos. This feature ranks your photos regardless if they are good or bad. If you have a really awful photo lineup, you can still get a couple of right swipes. Then, the photo that got the “greatest” number of right swipes will be ranked automatically as the “best” photo. Perhaps, that can be the awful photo in your lineup. That is because the automated system doesn’t necessarily determine the appearance of the photo by looking at it. Instead, it considers the number of right-swipes. So, your match rate will not be that accurate.

So, if you need to get an accurate placing on Tinder, you should do it with better photos only. Be sure that you upload photos that have a better appearance. Just like with any other social media app, try to use your best-captured photo on Tinder as well. After creating a lineup of photos, you can let Smart Photos to decide the best option out of the rest. If you wonder how to make your photos look more attractive, read the following paragraph of our article.

Practical ways to increase the appearance of your photos

Here are the practical ways for you to try to boost your appearance.

1) Increase the contrast

According to studies, Tinder images that have more contrast tend to be preferred by viewers. Tinder users show more interest in right swiping the high-contrast photos as opposed to the others. You can do this experiment by yourself. Have a look at the others’ photos, and you’ll see that the ones you like are high in contrast. By increasing the contrast, you necessarily make the respective photo highlighted against the background instead of blending with it.

2) The photos must be simplified

When we look at a photo, we start to prefer photos that are not complicated. That is because our brain likes more simplified images over complicated ones. In many studies, the photos that the other tinder users preferred looked more simplified. The brain has less work to do when we look at a simple picture. So, the brain prefers it. In a nutshell, simple photos are the best to be used in Tinder. So, make sure that you take photos that are easy on the eye, clear, and easily identifiable. If the photo is taken from a high-quality camera, the overall quality is better.

3) Crop the image properly

It is true that you need to include at least one full-body picture in your photo lineup. But we suggest that your primary photo should be exposing yourself. This is when a properly cropped photo should be used. Make sure that you crop the photo to expose your upper body properly.

Well, the photos that are cropped in that way will be perfectly compatible with the simplicity requirement. However, we have noticed that traditional headshots have gained a better rating. In order to increase the chances of getting connected with another party, use a photo that shows your eyes. Seeing your eyes make others believe in you and feel like connecting with you without hesitation.

You should know that eye contact is exceptionally important when it comes to establishing connections. If you can make your eyes perfectly visible in the picture, you can easily build new connections.

Some more tips to consider

Here are some more important tips you should consider when taking photos for Tinder Smart Photos.

Offer photos as a mix of smart and casual appearance

You can use one image in a casual dress and another one in your smart outfit. The preferences of people differ drastically. We should be smart enough to address both of those categories. If you have two photos (one in casual and the other one is smart), you can grab the attention of both categories.

Choose to smile carefully

If you are a man, smiling doesn’t matter a lot when you take a photograph for Tinder. However, if you are a woman, men will love to see your smile. As a man, all you have to pose with a straight look with perfect eye contact will do the trick. Also, if you can use a flirty look, that would be really great. However, it is up to you to decide whether or not you look good in a smile. If you look good in a smile, choose a photo with a smile.

So, those are the tips you should consider when setting up your Tinder Smart Photos. We hope this information will help you in finding the best partner.