Top Ten Vegan YouTubers in 2022

Why Vegan YouTubers?

Do you like a vegan diet? Yes. It is not really difficult to adopt a vegan diet. For this, you can follow some great vegan YouTubers on YouTube.

These vegan YouTubers are going to help you a lot if you are thinking to go vegan. It is the best way to start the journey.

These vegan YouTubers will serve as inspiring role models. You can watch their videos daily to heat up the day.

By doing so, you can know about their personality and lifestyle. The best part is you can watch all these inspiring videos for free.

So, let us start with our list of the top ten vegan YouTubers. For Mosaic Makers, please click it.

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Top 10 Vegan YouTubers

1. High Carb Hannah

Hannah owns this YouTube channel. She has made a huge difference in her body over a span of two years. She covers the whole transition of her weight loss on her YouTube channel and other social media profiles. Currently, she lives in Arizona with her husband.

YouTube video

On her channel, she posts videos related to weight loss based on healthy plants and simple yet delicious recipes. She likes to click pictures of her meals and other things. She is one of the popular vegan YouTubers who has made vegan diet so popular.

2. Sweet Potato Soul

Jenné is the owner of this YouTube channel. Currently, she lives in NYC. Jenné is a health coach, cooking instructor, and vegan chef. She loves to take amazing pictures of delicious vegan meals cooked by her. She even creates awesome YouTube videos and snapshots from her life.

YouTube video

On her channel, you will find nourishing meals for the body. Along with that, she posts information on her vlogs regarding vegan fashion.

On the other hand, she talks about things like skincare, kitchen tours, supplementation, and healthy weight loss. Definitely, she is one of the great vegan YouTubers on YouTube.

3. Eco-Vegan Gal

Whitney is the face behind the YouTube channel, Eco-Vegan Gal. This channel is best for people who want to know how to take care of their bodies and the earth. Whitney is a vegan for the past 14 years. She belongs to the film industry and in 2014, won the Environmental Activist Award.

YouTube video

On her channel, she talks about books related to self-love, weight loss, self-improvement, and health. The best part is that you can know about everything without ever reading these books.

In addition to it, she shares eco-vegan products, interviews, DIYs, and recipes. So, she deserves to be on the list of great vegan YouTubers.

4. That Vegan Couple

Luca and Natasha are behind the channel That Vegan Couple on YouTube. They have moved together to Thailand from Australia. This couple shares inspiring videos on YouTube sharing their lifestyle and healthy meals. They try to inspire people while cycling upon mountains and volunteering in several countries.

YouTube video

On their channel, they post videos on online activism, yoga, fitness, and lifestyle coaching. They try to answer questions related to health and veganism through their vlogs, have mukbangs, and share recipes.

All videos end with the phrase “Going vegan is not the most we can do. It is the least we can do”. They come up as the well-known vegan YouTubers on our list.

5. Bonny Rebecca

Bonny Rebecca is one of the well-liked vegan YouTubers. She belongs to Australia. Rebecca likes to spread happiness, compassion, and love. Meanwhile, she travels a lot. She wrote a high-carb vegan recipe book to inspire people to be comfortable in a kitchen.

YouTube video

On her channel, Rebecca takes on diverse themes like raw vegan meals, vegan junk foods, travel vlogs, and mukbangs. She also gives workout tips to viewers along with answering their questions.

6. Earthling Ed

This YouTube activist is a part of the famous vegan YouTubers on YouTube. He belongs to the United Kingdom. He confronts and approaches people on the street. And he believes that veganism has changed his perspective on life on various issues.

In addition to it, he thinks that veganism is the perfect way to go back to love and compassion.

YouTube video

On his channel, he speaks to random people on issues like oppression and morality. Apart from that, he posits questions related to veganism such as the destruction of the planet, the circle of life, cruelty behind the wool, etc.

7. Cheap Lazy Vegan

Rose owns the channel Cheap Lazy Vegan on YouTube. She belongs to Canada while currently living in the United Kingdom. She overturned the idea that veganism is just for the rich by coming up with “Cheap Lazy Vegan”.

YouTube video

On her channel, she talks about topics related to veganism such as honey, vegan holidays, morality, etc. In her videos, Rose shows how one can live on vegan food with just £1 per day.

She even shows how to cook delicious vegan foods along with easy and quick recipes. She posts her grocery shopping and special treats in a day. Most people find her videos quite interesting and inspiring. She is definitely one of the great vegan YouTubers out there.

8. Banana Blondie

The 40-year Michelle owns the YouTube channel Banana Blondie. She loves yoga while practicing it for the past 18 years. She eats a diet based on plants from 2012.

Currently, she lives in Miami. She is an entrepreneur where she offers yoga classes and food journals online on the site “Thriving plant-based” along with group coaching.

YouTube video

On her channel, she posts her pictures in yoga postures. Also, she answers questions of the viewers while talking about her day-to-day life. However, she inspires a lot of people through her videos, and that’s what made her one of the popular vegan YouTubers.

9. Happy Healthy Vegan

Anji and Ryan owned this channel Happy Healthy Vegan. This couple is in their 40s and lives in Los Angeles. For the past five years, both of these people are following a vegan diet based on plants. They owned a band by the name “Lovespirals” and featured on “The Doctors”.

YouTube video

On their channel, they talk about topics from fitness to high-carb vegan recipes. Along with that, they post interviews and daily videos on what they eat.

Also, they talk about diverse topics related to veganism and health. Hence, we cannot leave out this couple from our list of the top ten vegan YouTubers.

10. Brianna Jackfruitson

As its name suggests, Brianna owns this YouTube channel. This young lady comes from England. Once struggling with anorexia, she decided to follow a vegan diet to recover. By doing so, she turned her current disorder into orthorexia. In her videos, she has talked about her recovery process in detail. She believes that she has freed herself from restrictive behaviors and thoughts.

On her channel, she likes to share her traveling videos. She loves to carry her camera with her. She discovers awesome vegan meals as well as awesome places in different countries. In her videos, she shares whatever she eats along with making mukbangs, sharing recipes, and taste tests.

Along with that, she loves to talk about topics like weight gain, education, makeup, drama, societal issues, and anxiety. She made her place on this list of the top ten vegan YouTubers due to her awesome humor.


Now, you can see these YouTube videos to get inspiration for veganism. These vegan YouTubers offer the best way to start the path to veganism.

If you really want to become a vegan, see more vegans around you to set up the environment. These channels are surely going to help you in one way or another.

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