Top 8 Alternatives to Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast offers a perfect way to stream media on TVs directly & Mirror Android Screen to PC. It has become easier for people to access media on their TVs in this way. This device comes with various incredible features, which have made our lives easier in a certain way. It allows you to use Popcorn time with Chromecast, stream media through YouTube, Netflix, and other mobile devices on TVs effortlessly.

No doubt this device is brilliant, but not all persons can access it. It is really expensive, and hence, not all people can afford Google Chromecast. This makes it necessary to look for a Chromecast alternative. There are numerous alternatives available to Google Chromecast in the market. With so many options out there, one cannot decide the perfect streaming device for oneself.

To resolve this problem, we have come up with some of the best Chromecast alternatives. These alternatives are better than Google Chromecast in one way or the other. So, you can go for these Chromecast alternatives in place of Chromecast. Have a look at these eight great alternatives below! By the way, you can also switch to find out How to Set Up Showbox with Chromecast or how to turn off Chromecast.

1. Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick is perfect for people who love Amazon Prime. Its streaming stick allows users to stream media on their TV sets. In addition to it, Amazon Fire TV Stick enables users to play various games on their TVs. This incredible device allows you to stream hundreds of movies, TV series, and more than 500 games.

Google Chromecast alternative -

Amazon Fire TV Stick supports voice search features while entails numerous popular online streaming services. One can also use this device on computer tablets and even smartphones. All these amazing features make it the best Chromecast alternative.


  • Supports other devices along with TV
  • Provides easier access to countless movies and shows via Amazon Instant Video


  • Costly Product

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2. Apple TV

If you have no idea what an Apple TV is, it works like a setup box. Apple TV is a media player, which is developed by the company Apple Inc. This device works wonders with Apple devices. People with an iOS device can add this powerful tool to their entertainment center. The best part about Apple TV is that it works perfectly with devices from other brands as well.

Apple TV helps users to access high-quality sound and excellent video quality. This device comes with a user-friendly interface while providing direct access to iTunes. With Apple TV, one can directly access most popular applications like YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and NHL Sunday Ticket. So, what can be best than this Chromecast alternative!


  • Siri Remote comprises features like a touchpad, volume controls, and embedded click
  • Easier navigation through apps, keyboard, and TV interface
  • Easier to set up the device
  • Keep smaller file size using demand resources
  • Connect Bluetooth-enabled keyboard or headphones simply


  • Expensive

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3. Samsung Allshare Cast

Samsung Allshare Cast is the best device when it comes to a Chromecast alternative. It allows users to stream audio and videos through external devices such as TV, tablets, and smartphones. On the other hand, the Samsung Allshare Cast gives you access to stream presentations.

Google Chromecast alternative - Samsung Allshar

With this device, you can stream all your PPT files directly on your TV. This amazing feature makes Samsung Allshare Cast a great device for business and personal purposes. It allows you to stream content on your TV via Samsung devices using a Wi-Fi network or HDMI cable.


  • Stream movies, TV series, and audio files
  • View presentations on a bigger screen
  • Easier to connect and set up


  • Supports Samsung devices only

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4. Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick is another great Chromecast alternative. It comes with a friendly interface when it comes to the remote control. Roku Streaming Stick allows users enough flexibility to choose from more than 1000 channels.

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick features online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and many others. This device supports both Android and iOS devices.


  • Free Android and iOS apps
  • Access over 1200 channels
  • Comes with Wi-Fi remote control and HDMI output


  • More expensive than Google Chromecast

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5. Now TV Smart Box

Now TV Smart Box comes from the company Sky. This product comprises all features similar to Google Chromecast and Apple TV. The best part about Now TV Smart Box is that it allows you to subscribe to all TV channels of Sky. It offers both prepaid and postpaid services for TV channels. With NOW TV Smart Box, you can enjoy access to more than 100 TV channels at relatively low prices.

Google Chromecast alternative - Now TV Smart Box

On the other hand, you can access this streaming box with smartphones, gaming consoles, and Mac or Windows PC. It comes with a trial period, which allows you to check its services for free. So, it is not a bad Google Chromecast alternative.


  • Affordable product
  • Comes with 14-day free trial
  • Enjoy 100+ TV channels


  • Requires a subscription Sky TV plan

6. WD TV Live

WD TV Live is also another Google Chromecast alternative. Western Digital has developed this setup box. With this streaming box, users can stream pictures, movies, videos, and TV shows. One can even stream shows and movies with the help of Netflix.

WD TV Live

WD TV Live allows you to convert a smartphone into a remote control device. This device even allows you to stream all your favorite shows live on the TV wirelessly. You can even play video and audio files stored on your mobile via this device.


  • Plays stored video and audio files wirelessly
  • Offers app-based remote for Android or iOS
  • Supports all file formats
  • Comes with a remote


  • Expensive than Google Chromecast

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7. Cheapcast

Cheapcast is the ultimate Google Chromecast alternative. It is not a device but an application for Android devices. This application is not available for other operating systems as of now. You can easily stream YouTube videos on TV sets along with media files stored on your device.

Google Chromecast alternative - Cheapcast

To use Cheapcast, you need to install this application on your smartphone or tablet. Get this application for free from any internet browser. Now, connect your device to the Smart TV using an HDMI cable. After that, you can easily stream all files and videos on your TV effectively.


  • Comes in a free application form for Android devices
  • Easier installation and setup process
  • Streams local media files
  • Streams YouTube videos on TVs using an HDMI cable


  • No official application on Google Play

8. Matchstick

This device is the best Google Chromecast alternative out there. Kickstarter launched this device for the first time. It is a really popular and well-known device when it comes to TV streaming devices. To stream TV, you need to attach this gadget to your TV. This device is based on HDMI that can be used with the help of an application called Fling.


Matchstick allows users to stream the content from their mobile devices directly on their TV. When the streaming process is going on, you are free to use your phone or tablet without interrupting the entire process. The best part about this Chromecast alternative is that it is way much cheaper than Google Chromecast. So, enjoy TV services at a reasonable cost.


  • Inexpensive device
  • Offers control with the application Fling


  • New product with not many customer reviews yet

Here ends our list of the topmost Google Chromecast alternatives. Some of these devices are cheaper than Google Chromecast, while others fall under the same price range. The cheapest Chromecast alternative is definitely the Cheapcast application. You can download this application for free on your Android devices. You can opt for a perfect streaming device depending on your needs and requirements. All of these devices come with their own unique features. Undoubtedly, there are various other gadgets available in the market when it comes to a Chromecast alternative. You can perform thorough research yourself and decide accordingly. Hoping that this article will help you a bit to figure out the best Google Chromecast alternative in a better way!

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